The Republican’s tax cut health care bill ran into trouble this week.  It turns out that Republicans really do want access to health care, just not health care with Obama’s taint on it.  Fair enough, I have never been a giant fan of the ACA and it did not keep premiums from rising as it was supposed to.  Democrats are starting to come to grips with that.  It also turns out that healthy people don’t think that they need insurance, that is until they do.  I usually don’t say much about the health care debates, as I generally have always had good insurance and have always been well taken care of.  I don’t pretend to know what it is like to worry about it.  Just a word to the wise: combining tax cut for the rich and severe cuts to Medicaid in the same piece of legislation is likely to raise eyebrows.

The main thing in my (and I suspect most) family concerns pre-existing conditions and several folks that look like candidates for a nursing home in the pretty near future.  Everyone is on high alert in that I do not have the resources to take care of all of them and alleged steep Medicaid cuts are concerning.  I love everyone but I have a kid that hits college age in four years and he is first in line.  Just telling it like it is.  If we are returning to the good old days lets get real about what that means.

*Depart soapbox*

It is really too bad that I was almost finished with this before the Trump tweetstorm over bleeding facelifts.  Narcissistic tweets, bleeding faces and botched surgery would make a nice topic but with my the nation’s short attention span next week is way late.  Wait, it totally fits!  Most of that event fits into my music categories.

So, did Mika Brzezinski have a facelift?  Maybe, but if you are vain enough to have one you are definitely not going to appear in public bleeding, swollen and bruised from one.  They are pretty much mutually exclusive.

Here’s your playlist.

Let’s mine our playlists for songs about sickness or that make us sick:

  1. Down With the Sickness – Songs about illness and disease even unto death.
  2. Sick in the Head – Because mental illness coverage still sucks and crazy people roam free.  Songs about mental illness, psychopaths, narcissists, hypochondriacs and songs by the same.  This would also include suicide and euthanasia, murder/suicide, and sicko dungeon stuff.  Bonus if you can find songs about social media psychos.
  3. Dude, Just Go Home – You know that guy (0r gal) that comes into work hawking snot all over everyone’s keyboard?  Yea him; he’s in the office and your entire family has pneumonia now.  Songs about fatigue, hangovers, infecting people with nasty bodily fluids.  If your recent surgery is bleeding or oozing, dude, just go home.

Thrill – Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

spootyjim – Twisted Sister – Captain Howdy

Grendel –  Nirvana – I Hate Myself and I Want to Die

Santino –  Alice in Chains – Dirt

westvirginiarebel – David Bromberg – I Like to Sleep Late in the Morning

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Well I’ll go with #1’s namesake (apologies to spootyjim for possibly taking that one from you) –

American Pshycho –

Basket Case –

A tribute to Syd Barrett –


I’m feeling nostalgic, so let’s go old school today. I’ll lump these under Sick in the Head because I’m feeling particularly lazy this morning.

Sweating Bullets – Megadeth
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Live – Metallica
Paranoid – Black Sabbath

For Dude, Just Go Home: My Own Worst Enemy – Lit


#2 – Everybody Hurts

#2 – Unwell

#2 – A song that is a bit special to me – The World I Know


Ok. Let’s try to get back into the swing of this here with some downers….

Glynis – (a waaaay underrated song by the Pumpkins about a fellow Chicago musician who succumbed to AIDS)

What Sarah Said – (for the people dealing with someone else’s illness or death)

Casimir Pulaski Day – (geez…I’m really a bummer…make me stop)

Down With Disease – (just in case I’ve thoroughly depressed everyone with the previous three)

Jigsaw Girl – (nobody does psychopath like the Toadies)



Crazy –

You’re not welcome anymore –

Some good ‘ol boys flipping their middle finger at Neil, You ain’t welcome here –

And I’m back! Had a blast in Branson, MO and ready to get back to rock.

How about an ingenious cover of a classic with Body Count?



Had a blast in Branson, MO and ready to get back to rock.

I heard Branson isn’t as good as this…

Especially comical since Branson is right next to Springfield (MO)!

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