It has been 20 years since China took control of Honk Kong from The United Kingdom, at the time many feared that China would crack down on the  city and impose its strict style of authoritarianism on the city. While China did not  impose  massive restriction they did impose lots of controls, that for 20 years have chaffed at the culture in HK that took root under British rule. Recent protests against the government  on the anniversary of the turn over highlight  that division. 

Looks like the tide is turning and the residents of Portland want to keep Portland weird, not violent.

For some time, it has been concluded that the orbital eccentricities of the Tans Neptune objects and Kupier belt objects were due to a fairly massive body orbiting way out  in the solar system. Now it seems that data indicates a  2nd, body closer in that maybe out there. Why is this a issue.. well fellow traveler, any significant   sized mass orbiting in the Kupier belt will  dislodge the smaller bodies, which in turn would fall down the well, and posse a possible  impact threat to Earth.  Bada BOOM! ..

Mitch McConnel on the Trumpcare/ObamacareLite bill, got these works  have to really hurt saying it.

The majority leader, in a nod to Trump’s famed campaign promise, added: “It’s not easy making America great again, is it?” 

I have only seen one movie on this list, and i can resoundingly say that the new Transformers movie is crap, over long, over blown, over CGi’ed. and a convoluted plot.


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I’ve only seen Pirates. I said as we left “Depp phoned it in”. It really was awful and I was disappointed since my son has always loved Pirates. When he was little my husband went to China for a couple weeks and I took him to see the one with Davy Jones. He loved the original so much I didn’t even think about it. Davy Jones scared the shit out of him. He was five. Good memories. Several of the recent shows on the solar system have implied an unknown large planet looming out there somewhere that is responsible for… Read more »


Tim Siedell‏@badbanana
“The definition of optimism is deciding to put a post-credits scene after Transformers 5.”

Ugh. It’s never going to end, is it?

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