No, I’m not talking about a beached Chris Christie.  This week’s theme deals with obsession, which has been a major driver of the big news items this week.

Whether it’s CNN’s obsession with bringing down the Trump Administration or the North Koreans building nuclear-tipped ICBM’s to start a war they can’t win or me working on a vacation day because I just know I can get that Visio chart looking right if I give it a couple of more hours, it’s very human to single-mindedly pursue our desires.  When we try to grab more than we can handle and forget what really matters along the way, it’s also very dangerous and harmful.

CNN may one day break the story that could end Trump, but what will it amount to when nobody is watching because they long ago proved that they can’t be trusted?  What happens when the corrupt and mighty are no longer held to account because the mob would rather lynch the tribunes for their own excesses?

Similarly, it doesn’t do me much good if I get ahead on my work when my wife gets pissed at me for sitting around the house and doing work on a fine summer day.

Let’s have some fun and forget for awhile that the obsessive megalomania and outsized egos of the gluttonous and powerful is dragging us all along for a ruinous voyage to hell that will maybe, just maybe, bring them even greater wealth and power.  Or destroy us all and everything we love.  Or all of that, I don’t know.

Such dramatic overreaches and unhealthy desires always make for great stories…and songs!  Here are the week’s themes:

  1. Appetite for Destruction – Songs about wanting it in the worst way.
  2. “All are born with halters round their necks; but it is only when caught in the swift, sudden turn of death, that mortals realize the silent, subtle, ever-present perils of life”. –  This is about being in over your head and painfully aware of it.
  3. Figurative But Sort Of Literal White Whales – I’m thinking about some songs and videos either about, featuring, or performed by fat Caucasians.

OCD Bonus: Whoever posts the most theme-relevant songs in the thread by 10 PM Eastern US time on Saturday gets to decide what we write for next week’s theme.  Pro tip: Check the playlist before you post! You’d be surprised how often these great minds think alike.

And now for the dedications, for which you have doubtlessly been craving without respite since last week.

Grendel: Don’t get sucked down.  Surprisingly good audio quality on this one and it’s a #2.

Santino: This one’s a #1 and thanks to Sam Kinison’s cameo, it qualifies as a #3 too.

kevinmkr: You get the first of the two’s.

Zurvan: This isn’t my favorite version of this song, but I couldn’t find the one I wanted.  I looked for it for, like, half an hour before I realized the irony of obsessively search-raping YouTube for a song about obsession and decided you’re just going to have to stick with this one.

spootyjim: This is just hot, I don’t give a fuck. I could leave her on repeat all morning.

pfluffy: My favorite by this band and also the most boner-iffic.

westvirginiarebel: Great and underappreciated song from a fantastic album.  And it’s a #2.

Want a dedication next week?  Share a song in the comments.  All are welcome to participate.

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I looked for it for, like, half an hour before I realized the irony of obsessively search-raping YouTube for a song about obsession


A couple of songs for #1

#2 –

#3 –


Appetite for destruction: Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge

As a fat white guy I feel kinda guilty about contributing to the White Whale category, but even so:
Pissed Off and Mad About It – Texas Hippie Coalition
Hook – Blues Traveler, although John Popper lost an astounding amount of weight over the years.


Not exactly a ‘white’ whale, but Brother Iz was a big feller. Probably one of my favorite covers to listen to when I’m feeling mellow. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole


The definitive White Whale song – Who’s Fat?.

FYI, your Star Trek video above misses my favorite part of that scene – where he actually quotes Moby Dick.

A pretty creepy #1 if you just read the lyrics.

Wanting it in the worst way – – speaking of obsession, the first half of IWPYH is near perfection in music. I have been known to put this song on repeat over and over. Beware that there is not another comparable Death Cab song, this is a fluke.

In over his head –

White Whale –


I almost played this last week — glad I saved it! It makes a great #1 this week.

Tyler –

I’m performing some reconstructive surgery on #3 to include songs by and about whales.

Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe –
Mariner’s Revenge Song – (this one’s specifically for you, Thrill)

Another guy in over his head and knows damn well he has been cheated ..

I love me some Texas Hippy coalition…


Awesome selection! Which reminds me…


Woohoo! I’d like to thank the Academy, and thanks to my mother and father for having me. And I couldn’t have done this without the love and support of …

How in depth do I need to go? Do you want an overall theme with some sub categories with witty bylines?


Nice 😉

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