Hot off the heels of the latest Vatican scandal involving Cardinal George Pell and his alleged historic sex abuse, comes the claim that Vatican police broke up a gay orgy. Now what is notable is that the flat where the supposed orgy took place is very close to the Vatican itself, and that it belonged to the secretary of Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio.  The same official who is in charge of dealing with sex abuse cases in the Church.

Speaking of things getting hot (well maybe not so much) Greenland and its ice cap has been the focus of fears that is it melting very fast and could end badly for us all. However, more research has shown that all in the media is not exactly how it seems.  Greenland is experiencing a pretty cold summer and is packing on the ice.

The Russians hacked the election, hacked the DNC, and gave Trump the presidency according to the Democrat party.  The proof?  The DNC server that was hacked into. One would think that the DNC would be bending over backwards to help the FBI and CIA expose how the Russians undermined the nation’s elections. One would think so, however, the DNC will not allow them to look at it while insisting that the report from a private firm, CrowdStrike, is good enough for them.

Venezuela is teetering on the brink. Last week Captain Oscar Pérez, a former intelligence service officer, took to the skies above the Interior Ministry and Supreme court in a helicopter to drop grenades and fire off a few rounds in a violent protest of the current regime in Caracas. He made his escape and soon reappeared in a video vowing to fight on.  Citizens have become so enraged, that protesters have broken into the National Assembly and attacked lawmakers. How much longer can this regime stay in power with the daily riot, and direct attacks on government officials? Is it going the way of Syria or the way of Italy?

Ahh, another G20 Summit and you know what happens when world leaders gather. The politically active Left does what the politically active left does so well: they protest. And when I say “protest” I mean it is another round of hooliganism, rioting, theft, and destruction of private property all in the name of Freedom, Liberty, Fighting Fascism,  standing against the oppressors, that keep them down in chains… or something like that.

Well, it is 7 years late but finally, as promised by Obama and Biden, we have reached Recovery Summer.  The economy has sprung back with a impressive unexpected growth in jobs last month. Further evidence that Obama and his gang knew what they were doing all along.

While President Trump’s announcement of the resurrection of the National Space council was fraught with his own style of weird comments, it did set the stage for a new national policy and goal for off-planet activities. One of the hopes is that it will set the national goal of establishing permanent settlements off-planet and set the stage for resources mining of the moon, asteroids, and comets. Thereby allowing for a true colonization effort to begin.

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