Forgive me while I channel my grandparents.

Kid Rock, The Rock and Caitlyn Jenner have announced possible candidacies for high office in the USA. Cait and The Rock, not being musicians, are mentioned here for context only. There used to be things that you just didn’t do if you desired an elected office beyond the local level. I support a relaxing of a few standards like inhaling and an amicable divorce but once one has become a complete spectacle, public office really should be off the table. I like my musicians crazy and my politicians serious. Call me old fashioned but that seems like the natural order. Historically, when politicians are crazy people don’t fare so well.

I have seen Kid Rock in concert; he is an extraordinary entertainer. I did not like him back then but he was a mid-day performer at Music Midtown in 1999. I was there to see The Marvelous 3, a band that I had followed since I saw them in dives in Atlanta as The Floyds. Kid Rock came on and his performance left an impression on me that lasts to this day. He can totally put on a show even if you don’t really like the music.

Mitch McConnell probably hopes that Kid Rock doesn’t win a Senate seat but really in his mind, any warm body is all they need as long as it has the proper letter affixed to the name. This is the thinking now on both sides of the aisle. Hanging on to the pretense of representation and separation of powers is creating a huge cognitive dissonance amongst the people. We aren’t sending someone to represent the district or state, we are sending someone to represent the party affiliation of the winner of the election. We then expect our representative to represent us when what they really do is wander around DC bootlicking so they can get cushy offices or committee assignments that allow them to grandstand on CSPAN.

Where/when did this start? I have some ideas but they are just that and I think that we can explore it together. What is this warm body thing about? Why do we put up with this? Is it because much of GenX got their heads clocked too many times in the mosh pits of the 80’s and 90’s? We spent our youths searching out the strange, found it, and now it is infecting how we look at everything. Are we too jaded and nihilistic? Are we just looking to be entertained? Do we just want to see Kid Rock in the Senate grilling a bank CEO about abusive foreclosure? A long lost part of me says “oh hell yes”!  Thrill, weren’t we supposed to be “pragmatic”?

The state of American politics is prompting me to lose faith in my fellow Americans and our way of government. Change my mind!

  • Wrong, pfluffy – Musicians change all the time! Let’s see if we can find musicians that put out music that sucked until they got better. This is a pair of songs – yep, one that sucks and one that is a major improvement.
  • Get in the Pit and Try to Love Someone– Some people should never go anywhere near Capitol Hill even though “anyone can run for office if they meet these very flimsy requirements”. Don’t get me wrong; I love crazy entertainers and their crazy fans. Post songs by crazy musicians and their fans that love it in mosh pits getting Doc Martens to the face.  Anything by Kid Rock.  I am adding Linkin Park here for Chester.
  • You’ve Got a Point, pfluff – Songs by musicians that have delved into politics and vice versa. Usually, they do one better than the other. This doesn’t have to be limited to the US and can include activists and not just elected officials.

spootyjim – Pick a Side Motherfuckers Modern day mosh pit AKA “Wall of Death”.  Not your Dad’s mosh pit.

Santino – Y Kant Tori Read vs Tori Amos .  Up to you which one is better but there is a BIG difference.

Thrill – Just look at all of those future agents of change grinding it out in the mosh pit .

westvirginiarebel – The original renegades of funk have always had a political side to their music.  Hopefully, they stick to music and the odd ranting.  I am sure Tom Morello is a smart guy, but he would be a distraction in office.

Zurvan – Here is our thread starter in 1999 doing what he does best and should just continue doing.  This one features a giant seething crowd along with the pit.  I snipped the picture of his awesome drummer for the title picture.

Kevinmkr – Joe Scarborough’s music is way to 80’s pop for me but he does have some talent.  I just don’t think he would have made a good living at it.

RIP Chester Bennington of Linkin Park ; play your favorite Linkin Park songs.  My husband and I have been fans since “One Step Closer”.  I was putting the finishing touches on this post when he saw the notice.  2017 claims another great talent.

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There were 2 holy shit moments, one Joe Scarborough released a song?!?! and that abomination of Tori Amos pop song. Good choices!!

Bad –
Good –

Some Irish activists.

Linkin Park –

Kevin Krzyzanski

“The Marvelous 3, a band that I had followed since I saw them in dives in Atlanta as The Floyds.” I’ve seen Butch Walker twice in crazy small clubs. Probably over a decade ago now but he was fantastic. The two acts that I always bring up when comparing “bad” and “good” are Nada Surf: Popular – Hi-Speed Soul – The Flaming Lips: She Don’t Use Jelly – (I’d love to use Buggin’ or The Gash for the “good” but I’ll sell out and go with the obvious… Do You Realize? – Fun fact — I… Read more »


What do we expect with these celebrities thinking of running for office when we have Trump, and Al Franken in federal office? Give me a break. We have gone from idolizing people with any sort of intelligence, and patriots to worshiping idiots who wouldn’t pass a high school civics exam. Of course people will vote for them, they’re famous. What else is needed? We’ve reached the point where you don’t even need any sort of talent or qualification to be famous. We have an entire family who are famous for being famous. It’s ridiculous. A couple of my favorite #2’s:… Read more »


I don’t really see a category that You’re Gonna Go Far Kid by the Offspring fits neatly into, but the lyrics really encapsulate the thoughts and attitudes of the majority of politicians these days.

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