Pardon my long absence this weekend.  I’ve been recovering from a marvelous birthday bender.  Speaking of debauchery, GoT is on tonight.

Strategically, it looks like Dany holds all the cards.  She has three dragons, a huge army, and the best advisors.  Unlike the Northerners, she isn’t pre-occupied with a zombie invasion (yet) and unlike Cersei, she hasn’t alienated absolutely everybody.  Obviously, that’s going to have to change if there’s going to be any tension or drama this season.  Watching her spend each episode effortlessly “liberating” Westeros with her three dragons would be dull, honestly.

Nonetheless, she has all of the initiative coming into this episode.  Cersei’s forces are in disarray.  Jon is dealing with the White Walkers.

A prediction that I’m making now is that all of the real drama is going to revolve around the Number 2’s in each faction.  Whatever Euron is going to bring Cersei as a gift just might be important enough to win her over (*cough*dragon*cough*).  That’s going to leave Jaime sidelined and I absolutely cannot predict what he might do.  He has nowhere to go.  Everyone wants him dead in the North and it’s hard to imagine that Dany would welcome the guy who killed her dad.  If he is going to stay with Cersei to the end, he’ll assuredly be the greatest tragic hero in the entire story.

Jon should watch Sansa closely.  She clearly has her own ideas about how things should be done and she just happens to be one of the few characters who has spent a lot of time around all of the series’s worst villains and learned a lot from them.  I think people are going to hate her by the time this ends, but we’ll see.

Then there’s Tyrion.  He’s intimately connected to the Number 2’s in both of the other factions.  One is his brother and the other is his ex-wife.  I have a hard time imagining that he’ll stand aside and let Dany kill Jaime, especially since Jaime saved his life.  “Something something, pays his debts”.  On the plus side, when Jon and/or Sansa come to Dany for dragonglass or some other assistance against the White Walkers, Tyrion should be able to help with those negotiations, since he’s on great terms with both of them.

And then there are the two wild cards: Arya and Littlefinger.  We might see Arya kill Cersei while wearing Jaime’s face.  Or maybe her time spent with the soldiers and listening to them tell stories about the families they miss will send her back to Winterfell.

As for Littlefinger, no Stark should trust him, of course.  Sansa isn’t going to marry him, so I think he’ll set his sights on marrying Dany.  But what does he have to offer her?  That’s the only thing I can’t figure out.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up as the King when all is said and done, sorry to say.

Discuss the episode and any other theories in the comments.  Spoilers welcome.

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I was a bit bewildered by the last scene. Everything moved so fast, with burning embers floating everywhere in the scene that it wasn’t clear to me who died and who didn’t. Did all the snakes die? What was Ellaria’s fate? Near as I can tell, the snakes are dead, while Ellaria and Asha are gifts to the bitch queen (with Reek….I mean Theon left floating…..maybe he’ll wash up on Dragonstone??). Regardless, I think the ship fighting scene was terrible. Asha is supposedly a seasoned fleet leader but she got the jump on her while attempting to get lady-jumped? The… Read more »

Littlefinger is coming across as the kind of guy who’s not as smart as he thinks he is. Jon Snow’s reaction was therefore not quite as satisfying as it might have been in earlier seasons.

Jon is in a bad position. It is a risk to leave Winterfell with Sansa given that LF skulks around backed by the Vale army. He HAS to go though because he needs 1) dragonglass and 2) dragons to defeat the Night’s King. The problem is, Dany is powertripping and will insist he bend the knee. Jon may do so because he doesn’t really give a fuck about being KITN, but he may alientate his newly minted bannermen. I think he is right to go, but it may cost him. I too was confused by the Greyjoy battle, but I… Read more »

I had largely forgotten about Sansa and Tyrion’s marriage! I hope the writers didn’t either because that is an interesting wrinkle in all of this!

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