I have a few comments on the preview.

First, someone should explain to Dany how the line of succession works.  She was not “born to rule”.  Rhaegar was.  After his death, Viserys was.  And then Drogo was, but he died too.  Dany has done some great work to make herself a contender, but when you’re born the third child after two older brothers, you aren’t “born” to do anything but marry a lord from another house.  Under different circumstances in which Robert’s Rebellion didn’t happen, she probably would have married Loras Tyrell or maybe even Robb Stark.

Cersei’s probably flying as high as she’s going to be right now.  She’s got some valuable prisoners, an early victory, and a highly motivated suitor.  As I said last week, keep an eye on Jaime.  He’s not going to like it, but he’ll go along to a point.

Naive Bastard King is on his way to meet Refugee Queen.  Will he bend the knee?  I am leaning toward “yes”, but it will be disastrous for his position.  The North isn’t going to tolerate that and might decide that they prefer the Idiot Queen over the Refugee Queen and Naive Bastard King.  Then they’ll want to attack Bitch Queen.  It’ll make for a great show until Undead King shows up.

Leave a comment.  Spoilers, predictions, and insane theories welcome.


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Dany making a claim to the throne might rankle some others, too…she’s still a guest in their house, basically. Her best bet would be a marriage that would unite her line with the Stark’s. The writers should take a look at how marriages were used in Europe to create alliances.

Didn’t Dany really disrespect Jon? Also RIP to the old lady with the sharp wit and sharper tongue.

Meanwhile, at our own Game of Thrones:

Just Finished with episode 3 . To bad about Olenna, she had a great charm about her, but just as deadly and mean as the sand snake bitches. The reveal at the end that she was behind Joffreys poisoning, well done, gulp down the poison slap jamie in the face, watch him walk away after he gave you a easy out. I tsil want to know how the Unsullied fleet managed to get around Dorne with out being jumped bythe Greyjoy fleet when the loyalist Greyjoys fleet and donrish fleets get jumped by greyjoy. oh well. and putting the Unsullied… Read more »

and oh what was that line between Varays and Melisandre? that part about having to die in a foreign land?

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

All hail euron greyjoy. By any account the biggest prick in the game of thrones universe since Ramsey, and by his pwn multitudinous accounts he HAS the biggest prick in the game of thrones universe.

I expected Dany to continue her power tripping but it was a little disappointing. She and Jon are very alike and in similar situations. Both of them are where they are because of magic and the fantastic. Why is it hard to believe Jon when there are fucking DRAGONS flying around? Tyrion does seem to have at least a nagging suspicion that Jon is right. Maybe Dany believes it but doesn’t care. At least she acknowledged that “in perpetuity” isn’t quite fair. She is also letting him mine the dragon glass, but only to keep him preoccupied. My prediction given… Read more »

This episode really highlighted the increased pace this season. Things are moving so fast, it’s pushing the limits of believability, as evidenced by the warp speed of Jon in getting to Dragonstone, the Lannister army, Greyjoy & Unsullied fleets. On balance I think it’s good for the show, as nobody wanted to wait around for three episodes of important characters in transit, but everything is feeling a bit rushed. Hats off to Lady Olenna, who was one of the highlights of this series, and who went out in glorious fashion. I already feel sorry for Jaime, but felt it worse… Read more »

zoom, I have been giving pretty broad license when it comes to traveling around. This season is condensed and it shows. Even I rolled my eyes a bit as Jon rolled up on Dragonstone. Yes, Dany was an asshole to Jon, the only person that would genuinely be interested in helping her. He can’t have much love for Cersei. Dorne maintained a semi-kingdom so I don’t know why Jon can’t remain KITN whilst still being loyal to Dany. No need for her to be prickly about it when she is on the pseudo throne on Dragonstone. When she is on… Read more »

Well, yes Jon had no reason to ever believe that he would be KITN and had no real training for it. He did receive training for Commander of the Night’s Watch but that is it. It is easy to poke fun at some of his missteps but he is really doing the best that he can at the moment. I suspect that he will get better.

Yes, I do think that he will win her over. Good point about Rhaegar.

yeah , which gives some credence to the theory that Varays is, not exactly human . One character once said something about tossing Varayes into the sea to down, he replied something to the effect of. “you would be disappointed with the results.”

Kevin Krzyzanski

I am left wondering why this is supposed to be someone I am rooting for

Is she, though? I’m starting to think that’s the point. Fewer flashes of the breaker of chains and more flashes of the mother of dragons. She’s going to end up being awful, I can feel it.

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