My son went back to school on Monday; his first day of high school.  In July.  Is this the same all over?  Kids should be spending summer being kids.  The pool is open for another six weeks and will be largely empty.  Who is manning the rides at Six Flags?  Then, to compensate for the early return to school he gets a week in September (after the pool closes) and one in February (uhhh).  I remember summer seeming to last forever.  We spent almost all of it outside because that was the only place where there was anything at all to do.

I knew it was coming but it still caught me off-guard and I had to take a day from work last week to get things situated with orientation, appointments, etc.  The days of grabbing a binder and some pens from the Walgreens and a few pairs of jeans are over.  That was “back to school” for me and only if my binder from the previous year wasn’t completely in two pieces (if my mom had known about duct tape back then the two-piece notebook would have been fine).  The day that my Mom would buy the teacher cleaning supplies and dry erase markers (chalk back then) would be a cold one in hell indeed.  Thank God that one never came up.

Yet, there I was last Friday morning walking my son’s freshman school schedule and meeting his teachers so that he didn’t have to wander the halls aimlessly his first day of high school.  They do some things better today and that is one of them.  As a rite of passage, wandering the halls of a huge building whilst the upperclassmen taunt you and worse sucks.  The other thing I did was get his school supplies.  I buy them for the whole year right now because they are never cheaper than for back to school.  Every year there is a list of crap to get, but this year was relatively light.  All of this stuff is impossible for my son to keep organized but dammit, he has it and he will drag it all around with him all year because apparently freshman lockers are in the “Science Building”, meaning nowhere near any of his other classes.

Over all I am relieved that he is doing well and this week is going smoothly for him, I just wish it was in about three weeks so that he could enjoy summer just a bit longer before heading to high school.  To be continued when he gets his learner’s permit in a couple of months.  Truly scary times.

  1. (non) Endless Summer – Songs related to any aspect of school or being young and carefree.
  2. Christmas in July – July, god dammit.   What in the world is the matter with them?  Songs about hot, summer weather or going to the beach/pool, which is what we should be doing right now.
  3. You’re Not You’re Fucking Khakis – Fight Club was prescient.  Songs about consumerism; buying too much crap is becoming the American way and it has made it’s way all the way down to the elementary school level.

Santino – Maggie May is such a cool back to school song and there is a mandolin solo!  I tried to learn it but never got close, LOL.

Thrill – Evenflow was the first Pearl Jam song I ever heard but Jeremy always stuck with me as my favorite from Ten.

westvirginiarebel – In the Summertime is probably my favorite song about Summer.  Of course, I grew up in the 70’s so …

Zurvan – Summer Nights – Another 70’s memory lane song.  I saw Grease in the theater when it came out and I loved it.  I don’t know what I would think of it if I saw it for the first time today, but it is such a great high school movie.  Always fun to see John Travolta at the start of his career.

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Grease! Nice! Summer only lasts two months here in Arizona – my son goes back to school next week, but many schools started this past week. Then kids get a much longer winter break at Christmas (three weeks) as well as a Fall break (week), and some other days off. The reason for that here is probably because who the hell wants to be outside in 115 degrees? In summer most neighborhoods look like ghost towns around here. #1 – We Are Young (woohoo, thanks for the buttons back!) #2 – Here Comes the Sun #3 – My absolute favorite… Read more »


In Ontario, we always start the first Minday after Labour Day. Been that way since i was a kid. The kids go just past the third week of June.

My nephew and neice in Atlanta dont start for another couple of weeks, but they’re jn private school.

Forever Young –

When We Were Young –

Money, Money, Money –

“‘Cause people believe that they’re gonna get away for the summah!”

“Money’s on the lookout for number one.”

What do you get when you combine Duran Duran with Robert Palmer? You get burned up in the glory, bitch.

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