Anybody see episode 4 yet?  The one that was released after the HBO hack?  I have not, but I hear there’s some major shit going down this week.

More I won’t say.  If you’ve managed to avoid spoilers, good for you.  Good for you.  Like Bran, I have seen the future and cannot close my third eye.

Seriously, the Lannisters are feeling the heat.  Did I say too much?


  1. Oh yes, i have, piss poor quality video, so ill have to watch the show sometime Monday again.

    One thing is really annoying me here now, i knew that they were gonna compress the time frame in this season, and its getting annoying, events that should take weeks to playout are occurring within one or 2 cuts.

  2. Okay, my knowledge of GoT is 0 and I haven’t really followed these threads, so keep that in mind. I presume the show is entirely based on the books, so aren’t the plot lines fully known? The way you’ve presented the posts is based on speculation and anticipation. Am I missing something?

  3. The show is running ahead of the books and it diverges from them in places. The last two books probably won’t ever be finished.

  4. Never. That dude gets winded going up a flight of stairs.

    I feel bad for the readers out there.

    That goes for Dark Tower, as well. I have a feeling that my wife and I are going to have vastly different feelings upon exiting the theater.

  5. Yes! My wife was hitting me because I was rooting for him to slay the dragon. I just love the guy!!

    We also knew Jaime would find a way out of it–he has much to resolve with his sister.

    It was a really epic scene and so very fun with those two characters in it!

  6. I have nothing against Dany nor do I want to see Cersei win. But Jamie is simply the most interesting character in the series to me. Seeing him mow down Dany as he’d killed her father would’ve been insanely awesome.

  7. Anybody want to bet against my belief that the Scorpion bolt was poisoned and Drogon is going down next episode?

  8. I am in the distinct minority in that I really want a dragon to go down. I would love it if Bronn were the only man in Westeros to have slain a dragon.

  9. I doubt it’s poisoned. However, he will probably be out of action for awhile. Having her best dragon sidelined is going to hamper Dany, I’m sure.

  10. Don’t forget that the Scorpion was made by Qyburn. After the fist-pumping success on Sunday and the vague “Oh, look, Drogon looks fine. I’m sure it’ll be fine. PLEASE BE FINE, DROGON!” ending, it sets up episode 5 for the heartbreak.

    Can beer be shipped? I really want to bet somebody on this. 🙂

  11. It can be, but has to be on the down low. I have a colleague who does it often. Need to learn his methods.

    Hey, tell mashav, I said “hi”. I miss her insights and hope I didn’t drive her off by being either too boring or pro-Trump.

  12. I was disappointed with the Scorpion as the Dragon ex Machina.

    Cersei: How are we going to fight a massive dragon?
    Qyburn : I’ve been working for years on this idea, and it’s a beauty my queen……
    Cersei: Tell me more…..
    Qyburn : Well you know crossbows? Like that but bigger. And only one of them. We’ve had all the blacksmiths in the city working on it for months.
    Cersei: All the blacksmiths? But it’s made of wood?
    Qyburn : Yes, we retrained them.
    Cersei : So who’s making weapons for the huge war thats definitely going to happen
    Qyburn : But we have a big crossbow.
    Cersei : I’ll be honest I was expecting something a bit more creative. How about something to do with wildfire? Or magic? Magic exists you know. Or giants? they’re cool.
    Qyburn: Did I mention the big crossbow has a big crossbow bolt?
    Cersei : Ah, here we go. Is it a special bolt? Tipped with some crazy magic potion?
    Qyburn : No, but it is made of wood.
    Cersei: What if it gets burned?
    Qyburn : Then we go to plan B. A disabled man runs towards it really fast and tries to stab it with a long spear.

  13. yeah Bron on The Scorpion going after the dragon was very cool, but damm , seeing charters you like on different sides…

  14. my money is on one dragon dies at some point and being turned by the Night King, to a what? white Flyer? dragon Zombie? ..

  15. A couple of notes on this:

    When it comes to tactics that rely on secret weapons, Cersei is an idiot. Her original plan for the defense of King’s Landing before the Battle of Blackwater was to load the wildfire onto capapults and shoot it at Stannis’s forces.

    Bronn pointed out that this was stupid because somebody on the other side would inevitably hit one of their catapults with their own catapults and set the city on fire. That’s when Tyrion decided to use the fire ship.

    Second thing, when the first Targaeryan king conquered Westeros, one of his dragons was killed by a spear in Dorne. Yes, a spear. The Targaeryans never did conquer Dorne.

    So yeah, it was sensible to believe that a strong ballistic weapon would work at bringing down a dragon. What’s baffling is that they didn’t build 100 of them, tip the arrows with poison (like Kevin suggested), or make them flammable (like you suggested).

    Overall, I have to say that this whole idea was plausible to me as a plot device given both Cersei’s previous dumbass deployments of superweapons and Westerosi history at dragon fighting.

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