After a great debate this week on women in IT, where we discuss bias and perspective, we were treated to Chicken Don.  Of course we were.

I am forced to consider how I would react to this appearing near the White House during the Obama administration and a hypothetical Hillary administration.  It would depend on the depiction, of course, but a jug-eared caricature of Obama would be a harmless protest.  A monkey with a banana in one hand and fingering itself with the other I would consider racist.  Hillary, I don’t think I would care either way.  So, with that said, I consider this a harmless protest and from the reports, he got the necessary permits to erect Chicken Don.  I will note that it is in quite bad taste if you consider that his wife and kid live there too.  I would probably think about it more if they were actually there right now.  I always felt bad for the Obama girls and I feel the same way about Barron Trump.  He didn’t ask for that shit but he sure as hell is going to wallow in it.

Dat chicken doh.  With a golden poop pompadour on top.  Damn.  I know we can have fun with a chicken/barnyard theme.

  1. Cry Fowl – Play songs about birds.  This can be chickens, ducks, geese, and those little chippee things outside my window.
  2. Beasts of Burden – Play songs about barnyard animals.
  3. On the Farm – These things are on a farm, right?  Play farm songs, songs about farmy things.

Zurvan – Snake Farm

Santino – Chickens in the Pen

Thrill – Fable of the Brown Ape

WestVirginiaRebel – Damn Rooster

Grendel – Cluck Old Hen





  1. Hey, spootyjim. I just finished up “Stan Against Evil”. Thanks for recommending it!

    There is another season starting up in November and I’m looking forward to it.

    Let’s go Down on the Farm.

  2. I can’t fall in love with a wheatfield
    I can’t fall in love with a barn
    When everything smells like horse shit
    Down here on the farm

    LMAO, Thanks, I actually know little of this album at all and I had given up on GnR after Use Your Illusion. After this the band seemed to disappear.

  3. Stan Against Evil really was a hidden gem. I get why Bravo only committed to 6 episodes, but it really rushed things so that we didn’t get nearly as much character development and growth as we should have. Our household is also greatly anticipating more Stan in our lives.

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