Tonight, we find out the fate of Cuck Knight and Chief Merc Gigantiballs after last week’s exciting cliffhanger.

SJW Queen has a wounded dragon and a heap of Lannister prisoners to either turn or burn.  Apparently, some in her inner circle, such as Bald Bannon, are worried that she’s going to far and has to have some sense talked into her.  I don’t see why.  She tried waging a clean campaign that would minimize casualties and got absolutely nothing for it but some humiliating defeats.  The Lannisters notoriously don’t play fair.  Why should Dany?

Worse still for Bitch Queen is that she now has nothing with which to pay the Iron Banksters.  It took a few episodes, but the Lannisters are right back in the weeds–and the weeds are on fire.

Meanwhile, Idiot Queen and Hit-Girl are stuck with Sleazy Scheme Master.  For how much longer will they tolerate his presence?  Who will betray whom first?

Oh, yeah, and Brooding King is still worried about Zombie Frosty.  Odd that an army that doesn’t have to eat or sleep takes so goddamn long to get anywhere.

Let’s discuss it here.  Spoilers welcome.

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The Lannisters have been victims of their own over-confidence…unfortunately the same may happen to Mad Dragon Queen (she hasn’t actually been the SJW type in a while…)

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Little finger reverse trolling Anya stark tonight was brilliant.

the only 2 people that have touched her dragons are Tyrion and Jon Snow….. they smell the Taygarian blood in them

and id have to say Danny is getting a bit full or her self, and verging as bad as cerscie.

oh my cersci is preggers again! and Jon leads the magnificent 7 north of the wall, whos not coming back?


Ha! I said the same thing to my wife tonight (we were a day late). She’s not really interested in rumor or speculation and actually laughed at me when I followed up the “Tyrion might be a Targaryon, which is why Tywin hated him so much” rumor with the “but others think Cersei and Jamie might be Targaryons which is why Tywin resented his only son, Tyrion, so much” rumor.

I’m starting to believe it, though.




I feel that the Hound needs to come back, right? Arya doesn’t even know that he had survived.


The Jamie pendulum, which has slowly been starting to creep away from Cersei, seemed as if it was about to swing back full force in the opposite direction. Her comment at the end put a halt to it, halfway.

They better not kill Bronn off that quick……….

yes its gonna be nice to see hound and Bernnie meet back up too.

yes that was very sweet, i got to admire little finger…

burning the Tarlys that way , wow… just like daddy


Exactly. Either Dany is heading down the dark path or GRRM is setting us up for the biggest head-fake of the series.


I thought he’d have another go with the Sand Snake, as well.

I hated that story line, in general. But there were a few things that were intriguing, In fact, I’m far more interested in what’s currently going on in that cell than I ever was with what was going on in Dorne.

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