A reader brought this story up in the comments section of the Great Googly Moogly post.

A man from El Salvador in the U.S. illegally who sued San Francisco after police turned him over to immigration authorities in violation of the city’s sanctuary law is set to be awarded $190,000, his attorney said Thursday.

My stance on this might seem surprising.  I think the illegal alien is fully entitled to the award and I wish him well.  He was living in a city that had promised not to cooperate with federal efforts to deport him and then one of its police officers did so anyway.  You see San Francisco, in its city government’s tremendous wisdom, puts an exceptionally high value on people living there illegally.  If they would prefer to spend the taxpayer dollars of citizens to smooth over a harm to an illegal alien, so what?

This isn’t anything to be upset over, you anti-illegal immigration guys.  I’m all for municipalities that willingly choose to undermine the law against the interests of their own law-abiding citizens being forced to bear the cost of their dumb choices and having it publicly noted when it blows up on them.

They might as well just have taxpayers payout a fortune to every single illegal alien living in that city, if the smug satisfaction of being a sanctuary city is that meaningful to them.

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Well, if it makes the anti-immigrant crowd feel better 190k is minimum wage in San francisci if you consider expenses. Besides, Apple has more liquid asset than the fed. I’m sure it’s just a drop in the bucket, although 190k seems to be an odd number to arrive at.


How loosely are those laws defined? Because I could be there in 2 days as a squatter.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

This touches upon something that is yet another California loophole you can get paid for. If you find an abandoned building in San Francisco squat in it. Have your mail sent to that address. Voila! You’ve now established residence there and whoever owns the place has to turn the power and water on for you, and they have to go through eviction process to kick you out.

What happens 90 percent of the time is the owners will pay you to sign a declaration to vacate and yes it works. Happy hunting! 😉

I guess the good news is that if they lose their federal funding San Fran Whacko won’t be able to pay rapists and murderers anymore.

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