I don’t have much to say or predict this week, but I’ll be fully satisfied as long as we get to see the Hound kicking ass and calling people “cunts” at every turn.

It’s been too long.

Spoilers, speculation, and all else welcome.

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Horribly written episode. The absence of GRRM has never been more obvious.

I may come back to list the reasons if anybody on here doesn’t agree with me.

Well now I have to wonder if the Night King will share one of his spears with Cersei.

Everybody on the good side seems to be making bad or impulsive decisions these days. Also-either the writers are as sloppy as alleged, or the Hound ain’t too bright.

Arya needs to start getting over her anger issues. Sister bonding-good. Sister threatening-bad.



Jon saved after making a stupid decision yet again.
Perhaps he took the approach that some of the White Walkers are fine people and there are many sides, many sides?


I’ll start with my premise — GoT has gone Hollywood now that GRRM isn’t more involved with the flesh of the story.

Exhibit A: North of the wall, ice should be several feet thick and capable of bearing the weight of our group of heroes.



That’s another big one. Geez. My wife and I were about to walk out of the room. She even predicted the manner in which he’d emerge from the water. I’m not bitching about the main skeletal plot line, mind you. But I’m getting tired of the piss poor job that the writers have done at filling in the gaps. It’s wooden and “deus ex machina”-y and filled with all sorts of typical Hollywood tropes which I’ve gotten comfortable not having to deal with in GoT. The Arya/Sansa feud seems like daytime soap opera crap, too. I’m not denying that they… Read more »


That about sums it up.

you forgot Dany flying to the rescue in clothing not fit for arctic gales. or knowing exactly where they were just in time.,..

the interplay with Big red and Hound was funny…

Where did they get those damn chains anyway?


I’ll be playing to the crowd, not the fringe 😉

The chains are not as difficult to place in the story as the other things. Over time many objects could be collected by Others, giants, etc. and stored somewhere. The show rightly doesn’t show them retrieving them from some dank cave or hole in the ground. The timeline for getting Danaerys up to Jon and Co. is quite a stretch. I am choosing to ignore it for now. I don’t mind filling in the blanks most of the time but usually it isn’t that hard to do. For the timeline to work, all of those guys would have been dead… Read more »


She was the coolest character in the show and now she’s just an asshole.


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