Did anyone in the US take the time to watch the eclipse this week?  I did.  It was a bit mundane, only because it was so short.  Still, it was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m glad I took a couple of moments out of my day to appreciate it.

I’m traveling on business this week, so I’ll need to keep it brief.  Let’s jump right in to the week’s categories:

  1. Mooninites Unite: Songs about all natural satellites.  Feel free to include moons of other planets in the known universe.  Or even fictitious ones.
  2. Throw Some Shade:  Insults, criticisms, and otherwise stealing one’s sunshine.
  3. Singularity: Songs about rare events.  Getting lucky.  That one perfect moment.

I dedicate to you the sun, the moon, and these probable copyright violations.

zoomwsu: Here’s a safe choice.

pfluffy: Something popular from the 90’s.  The 1790’s, that is.

spootyjim: Lots of good metal aligns with this theme, but I’m going with the apex band.

westvirginiarebel: Possibly my favorite among the dedications.

Santino: A song with “moon” in the title!

Zurvan: The only song in the dedications without “moon” in the title!

Grendel: A song with “moon” in the title and from the shittiest artist in the dedications!

CMNZ: A song with “moon” in the title and from the best artist in the dedications!

Judge Dredd, pro se: A song with “moon” in the title and from a rapper!


  1. We had clear skies and totality where I was. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

    Also, I heard Total Eclipse of the Heart at least five times that day.

  2. yeah i did the eclipse thing, me and a buddy drove down t o Columbia Missouri.. ……wow. totality.. mindblowing

  3. Crapola, sorry I thought I might have stopped the first post before it sent but clearly not (I’d repeated the same link). Feel free to delete first one, and this.

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