This is it!  The season 7 finale.

Look, I know some of you guys have expressed concerns about how shitty some of the writing has been this season.  Yes, the absence of GRRM is obvious.  Still, I am more forgiving.  Remember: I’m a book guy. I’m most interested in seeing where the story goes, and the story is still very much Martin’s.

Tonight?  I’m very excited about where we stand and am pleased at the direction the story is heading.  Dany and Jon have allied against the Walkers.  Now it remains to be seen whether Cersei will join in.  I mean, that really was the whole point of this season: getting the 7 kingdoms + Dany to see the true threat coming from the North.  Season 8, I imagine, will focus on defeating that threat, but the plot objectives of this season are being met.

For that, I’m satisfied and can overlook some of the stupid plot contrivances we’ve seen in the past few episodes (the travel time compression, the Walkers having giant chains for no reason, Jon not dying of hypothermia, etc).  Let’s finish this up.

Spoilers welcome!  Beware.


  1. anyone want to make a bet on whom, tries to screw the meeting up first?

    And good old Sam, will he put 2 and 2 together and realize that jon is the targaryen heir? and waht the deal with his father sword, they would not had made it so important in the show if there wast not some plot point it is critical to.

  2. What was their plan for the wall before they got a dragon?

    Disppointed we didn’t get to see more of that incest action.

  3. Best I can figure is that the Night King can predict the future too. He must have known that dragons were coming back and that he’d get an opportunity to take one.

    Of course, that also means he must have predicted that he’d win. Or he’d lose but it would be fun. Or something.

  4. It felt good to see justice done. In a way, Littlefinger’s death was more satisfying than Walder’s because there was that public reckoning. Littlefinger was confronted by all of his accumulated misdeeds and found himself completely disowned, even by the men of the Vale.

    Whole scene was a rare example of proper and true justice in Westeros. Stannis would’ve smiled approvingly.

  5. Loved watching Arya just stepped up and slit his throat like that was what she was born to do. I am glad the brat is back in its cage. When I read the books her’s my favorite story arc.

    Am I the only one that loves frosty Bran? “You held a knife to his throat”. That one statement damned LF.

  6. Since we’re not going to have any new episodes of GoT for a couple of years, maybe we should look at some other shows to follow. Anybody have any suggestions?

  7. This was also a unique example of me saying “YEAH, SANSA!” She’s earned the title “Lady of Winterfell” by putting things right, both within her family and bringing justice to one of the assholes who unleashed all of the trouble in Westeros in the first place. I’m hoping this is a lasting change to her character, now that she’s finally free of everyone who has manipulated her and her own delusions.

  8. I hadn’t heard of “Taboo”. That might be interesting since I’m into the time period, big time.

    There’s also Stranger Things 2, but there’s no way in hell I’d be able to draw it out week to week. My wife is determined to binge watch it on the first week.

  9. Yeah definitely Peaky Blinders. Other dramas I’ve really enjoyed the last few years include The Leftovers, Rectify, and Fargo (two of those shows have the awesome Carrie Coon). Comedies: You’re the Worst, Catastrophe

  10. The Night King is a Stark, Bran, in the future or a prior stark. Teh flip side of a greenseer or whatever.

  11. He is somehow connected to the Starks, and knows the train of events, like Bran does. also he has that seems emotionless state that Bran is developing.

    then again, maybe GRR never thought it out That far.

  12. my wife hates scary shows. she got hooked about midway through the 2nd eps, when i was watching it. She made be go back and watch the first eps then the next 5 in one night. i got 3 hour of sleep that night. , next day after we got done with dinner we watched the rest……. Great show. i fully expect o loose a entire nights sleep, maybe even miss a day of work because of the next season..

  13. You don’t think so? I get the impression GRRM always had the end in mind. There are a lot of things set up from the very beginning that become relevant later. There’s definitely a difference between GRRM’s vision and the lazy writing of B&B.

  14. I have to say, i did like the meeting of the Hound, and Bernnie… that was pretty good. civil…

    damm Little finger, id assume hes have his own way out of even that one. tisk i figured he would get to sit on the iron throne, right before he died…

    Damm Bronn,

    I the Queen idiot, pissed here self a…

    Tyrion has the biggest balls in all Westros.. that was a good scene , him confronting his sister.

  15. Have to say: that episode was excellent. I loved all of the interactions between the characters. All it was missing was an Arya/Hound reunion. But there’s always Season 8.

  16. LOL, finally, the other Iron islander, kept kneeing him in the back up and pounded and grounded him good.
    but one thing i thought Ramsey only took his dick….?

  17. So I’m at a crossroads here over which death I’ve celebrated more joyously, Ramsay or littlefinger. Saying I enjoyed them both the same is cliche so I’m going with little finger by a hair. Ramsey’s death was a little anti-climactic in the end, I’d have hoped for more torture. Littlefinger’s was short and sweet but it was delicious to see the look on littlefinger’s face when he realized that for all of his conspiring, the starks had lasso conspired against him.

  18. Pour one out for Littlefinger. I am sad to see him go. He was a player.

    I loved how quickly the tables turned in the great hall, but I didn’t like how he went. I don’t think Arya’s slicing of his throat was the best way to do it.

  19. Same knife he held to Ned’s throat. It was a good death, much better than Catelyn got having to witness the horror first.

  20. He was my dark horse. The guy that nobody actually thought would take the throne which made it all the most plausible that he could.

  21. There was a YouTuber who predicted that Littlefinger was screwed because he was letting his feelings for Sansa get in the way of his plans. He was too open with her and should have known when Bran was hinting he was on to him and Arya came back as a great fighter that it was time to change sides. Couldn’t leave Sansa though.

    The lack of passion is what makes Varys a superior player of the GoT than LF, so the YouTuber said.

  22. I’m still betting on Dany going bad.

    I’m trying to iron out how news of her illegitimacy will drive her towards that path and that,ultimately, it will be up to Jon to defeat her and use her dragons to save the North.

  23. Yea, I said after Bran made it clear that he knows things that LF should have left WF. He thought the KotV would keep him safe. They hate him. It was a major miscalculation.

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