For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Mark 13:22

Joel Osteen. Yea, him. I have been trying to sort out his actions during the disastrous flood in Houston.

Let me start with this – I am not a fan of the so-called prosperity gospel. It is not really biblically sound and multi-millionaire preachers should start practicing stuffing a camel through a needle just to gauge the difficulty. I have never tried it, but it looks pretty damn difficult.

For preachers, using Osteen as an example, there is something about a guy taking huge amounts parishioner money and buying a 40-room mansion that grates on my nerves. When he then dithers about opening his megabucks cathedral to flood victims it bothers me even more. When during the same disaster a furniture store owner opens his showrooms and warehouses immediately to allow flood victims to soil his inventory rest their weary heads, I have made up my mind. Osteen is an asshole. He needs a Jimmy Swaggart moment. I am quite forgiving of people that mean it.

I blink my eyes and lo what is this? The Westboro Baptist Church is pondering whether Hurricane Harvey, a Cat 4 hurricane that has killed and displaced people, just didn’t like the former gay mayor and witchcraft too much. Yes, witchcraft and the not mayor. Those crazy kids.

Please let me know of any actual kooky left-wing crap you find about Houston. I believe that the climate is changing but let me know if anyone actually says something goofy in your opinion. I didn’t see any but I didn’t dig too far. (Well there that isn’t entirely true –  “God Exists!” reads the caption in French. “He Drowned All The Neo-Nazis of Texas.” ) All of the above are front page on Google so in depth it is not. Still, Osteen is an asshole. He finally opened his church five days after the hurricane landed. Why the wait? Amongst other equally stupid reasons, because “Houston didn’t ask us to.”

Let’s talk about preachers and parishioners, angels and demons.

  1. Head Like a Hole – Not so good preachers; good ones gone bad or bad ones gone good or just bad. This can also be snake oil, grifters and anyone else out to get sucker’s money.
  2. Some of that Old-time Gospel Music – I love that shit. Pour it on.
  3. Angels and Demons – Songs about the devil and demons, angels and do-gooders.

Here is your playlist;

And here are your dedications:

Grendel – Lynard Skynard Kick back with beer and some Skynard.  Has the makings of a fine Friday night!
Santino – Alice in Chains I am not sure of the intention of Jerry Cantrell when he wrote this but I always interpreted it in a religious sense.
Zurvan – Dusty Springfield Ok, who doesn’t remember this from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack?
Hal_10000 – Nine Inch Nails you get the thread starter 🙂
CMNZ – Valerie Broussard still working on your music preferences.  You seem to have diverse taste, so enjoy.
spootyjim – Son of Dave This one is fun, I hope you like it.  Some kind of polka/ska blend maybe?
Thrill- Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band As you can see I am still stuck in the South from a couple of weeks ago.
WestVirginiaRebel – The Dead South Same as above.  I love southern music. Bonus: Banjo!

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Head Like a Hole: Opiate by Tool

Gospel: We went to a show in Branson this past summer and the band performed this one. I was amazed by how deep it was. Would they Love Him Down in Shreveport

The original, non-shitty, and post-Katrina non-U2/Green Day cover of this excellent song: Saints Are Coming by The Skids


I’ll start with my favourite Chris De Burgh song for #3 –

How about some Christian Rock as a 2b (and an apropos song) – Jars of Clay

Soundgarden for #1 –


The song itself doesn’t fit today’s theme, but the video is pure #3


Make that #1 (not #3)

I appreciate you complimenting my Tool.

Here’s more. Flood.

Anyone who becomes rich through a career in religion or politics is a goddamn crook, to paraphrase President Truman.

Let’s get your hearts pounding. VOLUME UP FOR THIS ONE: Megalomaniac


This may not be a song, but it still cracks me the hell up.

#1 – the defining rap smackdown on “mega-pastors”.

I think this might be a #1…not sure. Either way, a good song.

#3 – Evil Angel – Breaking Benjamin

#3 – Angel – Aerosmith


Two thumbs up!!!!


I cry when angeks deserve to die

Awwww. That was a good one.

I have nothing angelic immediately on hand, but here’s something stormy.

oh god, most of ya already picked ones i loved or would have thought of.. PFluffy! LOVE LOVE teh dead South and Rev. Peyton… great stuff.

Something to believe in

Tenacious D “Beelzeboss”

Devil went down to Georgia Primus

Angel in the morning Juice newton
The Rock cried out no hiding place, Babylon 5 version

love that song.

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