So my favorite cat died last month.  Took me a while with all of the recent business travel I’ve been doing to get a proper DJ thread dedicated to her, but I didn’t want it to go unremarked.

Sneekers was a great little friend.  Great attitude, incredibly soft and cuddly, and could make the loudest purr you ever heard.  It wasn’t a tragic loss or a sudden one.  She was 15 and had led a fine, long cat life.  In the end, she had become sick and was ready to go.  It’s just sad because my wife got her a few years before we even met.  She had been there as Mrs Thrill and I fell in love, married, and had kids.  And got a dog.  Then a couple of other dogs.  Sneekers leaving us represented the end of an era.

Mrs Thrill was so upset, she went out and got a new cat the next day.  Yeah.  Rapid grieving process, right?  As much as I loved Sneekers, this new cat is the shit.  What?  You think the cat would care if we died first?  Please.  Have you ever met a cat?

Let’s pay tribute to the cats, our second-best friends who warm our hearts and crap in boxes.

This week’s categories:

  1. Meow: Songs about cats.  Or those that mention them.  Or can in any way be associated with cats.
  2. Pussy Whipping: Post songs that identify personality characteristics typical of cats, according to your view.
  3. Cat Power: Just in case you saw the title and were excited because you thought this was a thread dedicated to her, here you go!  Any cat-related artist is fair here.

This weeks dedications!

pfluffy: Starting off strong with Stray Cat Strut.

westvirginiarebel: Some Elton John with Honky Cat

Santino: Some Arctic Monkeys.

Grendel: Grab ’em by the Puss.

spootyjim: Heeeere pretty Kittie…(NSFW, possibly)

Zurvan: Laziest things on Earth: Mellow cats and Sunday Mornings.

Seriously, I miss that cat.  She was the best.


  1. Ha! I almost went for Pussy Riot. However, I have to keep those shill dollars from Daddy Putin coming so I couldn’t risk it.

  2. Ha, pfluffy! I love it! That whole day was hilarious — the idea was to slowly release more and more obvious hints until the Mrs broke the news in the afternoon. However, nobody seemed to be picking up on it. So, by 1pm, I was hitting people over the head. 🙂

    It was a lot of fun. Humorously, a lot of people saw my wife’s post before they saw any of mine, creating a bit of confusion.

  3. Yeah, I never got the sense that they were simply a manufactured “girl band” like the Go-Go’s of metal or anything like that. They were genuinely a group of talented young artists with a unique sound when they appeared. I used to listen to “Spit” (I think that’s their first album) a lot back when it came out, but they sort of dropped off my radar.

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