Hurricanes, Floods, Fires and Tigers on I-75 …  Who the hell is playing Jumanji?,  Facebook Meme

It has been a wild and wooly few weeks in the South.  We had two back to back hurricanes, with Houston and much of Florida under water and Georgia was closed for two days as Harvey and Irma blew through .  My mom in south Georgia just got power back yesterday.  A friend of mine in Coco Beach said that alligators were hitting her condo.  Baby sea turtles are showing up all over the place in Florida.  And in the midst of it all a tiger was shot and killed on a public interstate in Atlanta because some dipshit lost track of it.

Here’s a headline for you – ‘For first time in 300 years, there’s not a single living person on the island of Barbuda’.  I had never even heard of Barbuda until last week.

Eight elderly people died in a Florida oven.

The wild wild west was not spared the chaos. One of our friends is battling forest fires in the Northeast and an 8.1 earthquake hit Mexico alongside a hurricane of it’s own.  I have family in LA and I think about them every time there is an earthquake.

This week’s themes are:

  1. Wild Animals and Tropical Thunder – Wild animals either where they are supposed to be or not.  Tropical themes.  The Caribbean Islands were decimated by Irma. Let’s play a song for them.
  2. Natural Disasters – Floods, Hurricanes, Fires, Wind, Mudslides, Earthquakes and other acts of God.  The elements kicking our asses.
  3. Chaos  My Hair is on Fire! – Chaos, either hyped or real.  Irma was hype in some places and devastating in others.  Harvey was downplayed until almost all of Houston was under water.

Here’s your playlist:

Grendel – Tupelo

Zurvan – Island Girl

Kevinmkr – Firestarter

Spootyjim – Pandemonium

Thrill – Cities In Dust

Westvirginiarebel – Rock Lobster

Santino – Nautical Disaster

JudgeDredd – California Earthquake

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Dust in the Wind – Kansas immediately comes to mind.

Low hanging fruit here. I have a wild animal one on the tip of my tongue, but can’t think of it this early.

Los Angeles is Burning –


Nautical Disaster

Very impressive!! I’ll go with another Tragically Hip song for #2 –

Some Duran Duran for #1 –

Some Beach Boys for #1 –

Not sure if this fist into any category, but it seems appropriate –


One more song that I think fits the theme. Do you know where you are?

For the looter scum:

Hyena –

Yes! I found a good ‘un.

Tortoise and the Tourist –

Can we take a moment and acknowledge that pfluffy put together a kickass dedication list this week? For her:

Perfect Storm –


Very impressive!! I’ll go with another Tragically Hip song for #2 –

Ha! YouTube won’t let us Yankees watch this. Never saw that before!


Heh, that 2 weeks in a row. YouTube “New Orleans Is Sinking”

With another hurricane on the way, we can do it again!


This fits a #3 I think – We Didn’t Start The Fire I’d love to see him update it for the last 30 years.

Considering all the bullshit that media, and liberals are spewing about global warming at the moment (these were the first two major hurricanes to hit the US in over a decade, but you would think it’s turned into a weekly occurrence listening to some of these people) – a contextually required #2/#3 – Little Lies.

“Weather is different from climate”. Except when you can advance your argument by pointing to a weather event that proves climate change. Then weather isn’t different from climate.

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