I’m sure everyone has heard some of the good bits from President Trump’s excellent UN speech today. Depending on your international outlook and maybe how you feel about Trump, I can imagine that you were either horrified or cheering while listening to some of the best soundbites.

Here’s the whole thing, if you want it. It’s about 40 minutes long.

This speech was comparable to Trump’s Warsaw speech in terms of how it expressed an American president’s international agenda.  The Warsaw speech was more of a wake-up call for Western civilization.  This one was more about America’s role in the world under his Administration and how it will interact with all nations and cultures.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I enjoyed the speech, particularly when Trump called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man“.  I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh as hard as I do but I think it’s a hilarious insult and what I need to break the anxiety I experience over the oncoming world war.  I can’t imagine how North Korea’s propaganda machine is going to handle that.

Every single idea that Trump put forth is what I agree with in terms of American foreign policy.  Summary?  “America is doing what’s best for itself.  Don’t ask us for handouts, do straighten out your own countries, don’t screw your country up with socialism, and stop sending us poor people.  We won’t try to make you adopt our ways, but we will kill you if you fuck with us.”  That sound about right for those of you who’ve heard or read the speech?

Nationalism was celebrated.  Globalization was dismissed.  America was praised.  Spreading democracy was rejected.  Radical Islamic terrorism condemned.  Climate change…didn’t come up.  Most importantly, Trump correctly spoke to what I consider to be our most dangerous and rapidly-growing threat: nuclear proliferation, specifically by rogue regimes.

The UN has been put on notice that the Trump Administration is willing to go to war and actively preparing for it with a massive military expansion.  I didn’t see a “go it alone” attitude that George W Bush was frequently accused of (unfairly).  Trump expressed a desire to see the UN succeed and observed that if the UN fails, there will be death and suffering.  We will not retreat from the world but we are not going to do all the work alone and waste our blood and treasure either.

Trump has offered to make the US an equal but unique partner in world peace.  It’s different from presidents who either saw the US as something special or simply as a reflection of the world.  A world policeman and leader for the former or a country that upheld some notion of “universal values” with regard to the latter.  The President of the United States is firm and unmistakable that we are not going to be either of those things as long as he has anything to say about it.  He has stated what he considers to be his responsibilities and will see to them.  Can the UN and its member nations do the same?

What were your impressions?  Doesn’t matter if you’ve gone through the whole speech or not.  Is there anything you thought was significant?

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i didn’t hear much of it, what i did hear a lot of was the media on the left going ape shit, memes spread on FB and twitter, pretty much denouncing everything he said, though i did hear there was some small applause for his comments on Iran. As for his “rocket man” Tweet, i thought it was kind of cute, but in now way deserved the kind of reaction the anti trump types dumped on it. I sear to god hes trolling them half the time. As for the Destroy North Korea, hmm i am hoping that the rhetoric… Read more »

The usual suspects on the left went nuts but overall it sounded like the sort of speech Reagan might have given. Here, Trump played to his strengths as a straight talker. I just wish we saw more of this side of Trump and less of the Tweeting, feuding side.

Id have to say Trump simply on word choice. Whomever, is writing these for Trump need a raise and needs to do it full time. Talking Directly to the Citizens of Iran, around their masters, is a good move, but will not fall on their ears given the stranglehold on media the regime has. A bit of advice, Donald, Refer to the people of Iran as Persian, for the most part they get a kick out of it being refereed to by a old name that signified a very mighty empire that had world wide influence, and a significant part… Read more »

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