Congratulations to everyone for surviving the End of the World on September 23rd.  The good news is that you’re not dead.  The bad news is that the United States is getting more insane with each passing day with no relief in sight.

Biggest story going on right now is the President of the United States remaining locked in a vicious war of words and escalating threats with violent, anti-American forces.  That’s right.  I’m talking about Trump’s comments aimed at kneeling players in the NFL and his revocation of Stephen Curry’s invitation to the White House.  The athletes involved have responded in kind.

As I’ve said before, I have absolutely no use for professional sports so it’s not like I am going to do anything differently regardless of anthem protests or what the president says about them.  It does bother me that my tax dollars are used to build and improve upon stadiums that these assholes use to protest against me and what I believe in.  On that basis, I guess I do have a dog on this fight.

What I will also say is that I’d have a lot more respect for NFL owners if they would directly punish players for kneeling during protests instead of cowardly refusing to sign Kaepernick while pretending like it’s not the reason why they won’t sign him.  Don’t be a pussy.  If you don’t want to sign him because he’s bad for business, say so.  The fans will reward you for it.  Trump is correct on that point, NFL team owners.

This was pure “campaign speech” Trump.  He got on stage and started just rambling about something and took a position the audience wanted to hear.  Not sure why he had to make it about football, but that’s how he does it.

What I did find interesting is that it’s probably the first time in modern political history that a sitting president called for a boycott of a particular American business.  I can’t think of another example of this happening.  I expect it will be effective, as far as the NFL is concerned.   Football fans are largely white and conservative.  This particular demographic has money to spend.  The NFL will feel their absence.

NBA players bitching about the president won’t affect them at all.  I don’t think NBA fans are especially known for being pro-Trump or especially patriotic (allow me to duck and cover before the angry basketball fans start throwing Air Jordans at me).  Point is that the NBA doesn’t have much to lose by fighting with Trump or supporting these idiotic protests.

Interestingly, a MLB player took a knee during the national anthem for the first time last night.  I’ll be curious to see how that plays out.  Maxwell is the son of a US Army serviceman, so it’s going to be hard to make the “unpatriotic” or “disrespectful to the troops” label stick.  He’s most likely doing it as a “fuck you” to Trump.  That might play well in Oakland, but it’s not a wise career move for a first year rookie.  You know what though?  the picture of him doing it is weird.  He still has his hat off and over his heart.  He’s not looking down with his fist up in the “black power” position.  It’s sort of a half-assed protest poise.  What am I supposed to infer from it?  It looks more like he’s worshipping the anthem instead of protesting it. Is he trying to look more reverent?

The problem that NFL players, ESPN, Hollywood, and the rest of the entertainment industry has is that the more they talk about politics, the fewer Americans watch.  They’re losing their influence the more they try to use it.  The NFL is declining even as movie box office sales and television ratings do.  It doesn’t matter one whit how much ESPN tries to rally around the players if Americans are cutting cable and don’t hear it because they don’t want to.  You have a right to speak your mind in America, sort of.  You have absolutely no right to be taken seriously.  If your job description is “throws and catches a ball”, I really don’t care what you think.  If your job is earnestly discussing other people throwing and catching balls, you’re a complete joke to me.

Speaking of Hollywood, James Woods wants you to leave Dolly Parton alone.  Honestly, I was surprised to see Dolly Parton on stage between bitter leftist scrunt Lilly Tomlin and known traitor Jane Fonda when they went at Trump.  Did Parton know that they were going to do that?  I am in the “no, I don’t think so” camp.  It sucks though.  A 9 to 5 reunion should have been a cool moment in the Emmy’s, but of course they had to screw it up with partisan politics instead of talking about the awareness that the movie brought to women’s issues in the workplace (sexual harassment, unequal pay, child care, etc) and the work that remains to be done instead of more mindless bashing of the president.  Will they ever learn?  Nope.

Hollywood and professional sports getting immersed in politics is merely annoying.  When the intelligence and security apparatus, or “Deep State” gets involved, it’s just terrifying.  Sharyl Attkinson explained the pattern of apparent abuses that the NSA has been engaging in and how the Trump campaign was just one of its many targets.

Regarding one of the most well-known Deep State alumni, Valerie Plame Wilson (accidentally?) came out as an anti-Semite this week by retweeting an article about how Jews cause all American wars or something.  Ah, this one is tough.  I’m not a fan of Wilson’s by any means, but I also don’t believe that “retweets equal endorsements”.  She ended up backing off an apologizing, but I’m going to say that I read the article she referred to and I don’t find fault with it.  Yes, it’s edgelord to talk shit about Jews and paint them as a subversive force in society, but I happen to agree with the central thrust of the original article that conservative America’s unabashed support for Israel is probably more trouble than its worth.

You know what’s really subversive though?  When Americans start enthusiastically spreading North Korean propaganda because they hate the current president.

I witnessed a lot of liberals having a laugh about this and I have to say, cheering on a guy who is vowing to nuke your country is a bad look.  I don’t recommend it.

Rocket Man and the Dotard are both mouthy guys, of course.  Unfortunately, they can’t settle it with a fistfight.  I think that a trial by combat between a septuagenarian and obese little boy would be interesting though.  Still, Politico wonders if the name-calling is working to Rocket Man’s advantage.

That’s what I’ve been following this week.  Anybody have anything to share or discuss?  Hopefully something non-political?

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apparently there was some dram in teh New Zealand election
to close to call?

as for the kneeling thing, what ever… the more the media hypes it the more ppl will turn away from the NFL, if they do not get a handle on it. Trump, will just eat up the attention, negative or positive.

Falcons/Lions handled it well. The players and owners stood arm in arm for the anthem. It was a very moving display of solidarity.

Here’s to a great game, Atlanta!

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

You really are letting your disdain for all things athletic show through here. The sport is down, not out, and the reasons have very little to do with whether jingoistic hillbillies think the anthem is sufficiently blown for their approval. Besides, if no one cared why would the fucking president be poop tweeting athletes directly? As predicted the entire day will be filled with high profile athletes, coaches, fans, etc taking knees now because it’s a stare down with our idiot president. There just shouldn’t be anymore anthem before the games. There’s nothing heroic or overtly patriotic about guys playing… Read more »


Nobody cares what celebrities and athletes think outside of the media bubble. I say catch your ball, sing your songs, report the news and leave the activism to your personal time.


The NZ election – we’ll not know for a while. National (right) did slightly better than expected and Labour (left) did a little worse than expected (but Waaaaaay better than we thought they’d do a month ago) There’s still about 15% of the vote to come in (foreign ballots, and people who registered on the same day etc) – which’ll probably favour to Labour, but not by a huge amount. National (right) have 58 seats Labour (left) have 45 seats To form a Government you need 61 seats, so we’re looking at a coalition, and some deals are going to… Read more »

On the NFL #takeaknee stuff – I’ll admit I find it a bit baffling to me. We only do national anthems for international games, and if you’re playing then you’ve already sort of pledged your patriotism. The tabloid press sometimes throws a shit fit over people not singing the national anthem with sufficient passion and vigour – I guess that’s the same thing. But in these situations, you are literally representing your country. What happens if a player isn’t American? Are they still expected to pretend they’re an American patriot? If you’re required to salute the flag, or lose your… Read more »


These self-important NFL failures should take a page from the fastest man alive.

Bottom line – Anyone who claims these guys should have the right to do and say what they want on the field representing their employer should re-examine their thoughts on James Damore.

It’s a funny cultural difference isn’t it. The only real time (in sport) where you get the national anthem, is in an international game. And the convention is that one set of fans stands, and sings their heart out – while the other side sits quietly and lets them. In fact, standing for someone elses anthem would probably be seen as disrespectful. Shut up and wait your turn buddy, you don’t know what it’s like to be an Englishman! Stop singing about our Queen! As a lib, you might be surprised that I actually agree with you. I’m all for… Read more »

Wait wait wait, you “don’t find fault” with this garbage? Nobody has mentioned Israel in this conference and we all know it’s American Jews with all their money and power who are supporting every war in the Middle East for Netanyahu? .. But what makes the war engine run is provided by American Jews who have taken upon themselves the onerous task of starting a war with a country that does not conceivably threaten the United States. They have been very successful at faking the Iranian threat, … Is anyone providing an alternative viewpoint to eternal and uncritical support for… Read more »

You didn’t at all address the highly-inflammatory and clearly anti-semitic language of the piece. Comparing Jews to rats, calling the democratically-elected Netanyahu government a regime of kleptocratic racists, suggesting that the threat of Iranian missiles & nukes are “made up”, and calling for a ban on Jews serving in any middle eastern policy role — this is extremely offensive rhetoric that should negate any consideration of the column’s viewpoint. Plame was rightly excoriated for retweeting it. Is discussing possible pro-Israel bias among policymakers beyond the pale? No. Is it wrong to question our policy towards Iran? Again, no. Is it… Read more »

Hopefully something non-political? Last night at a family dinner at a decent restaurant, my husband’s aunt handed us all a nice letter outlining her plan for us all to spend Christmas in Paris on her. We were all pretty speechless for a minute as we internalized such generosity. One of the conditions is “no politics” during the trip. Fortunately, these are all people that I ceased political discussions with on our last family trip to SC. They were screaming at us in a seafood restaurant. That is totally not cool and my policy for discussing politics immediately changed to “one… Read more »

3. American Jews who are agitating for military action against Iran to protect Jews in Israel from Iranian attack are doing it because they favor their religion over America’s security interests. Why is it that only the third statement is considered hate speech and the author a bad person who should lose his job for writing it (as well as anyone who retweets it)? As stated, that question isn’t “hate speech” at all but that wasn’t the tone of the article. I quoted a lot of the nasty bits, which you dismissed by restating the author’s statements in a more… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

What I find the most amusing about your point of view, and the point of view (I assume) of others like you is that you’re violently opposed to celebrities/athletes preening their political positions on tv.

You VOTED for a FUCKING REALITY TV CELEBRITY!! He’s the most loudmouth idiot politicizing celebrity there is and you and the yokels not only voted for him, but celebrate him (a city slicker billionaire celebrity) as the champion of the proletariat.

You deserve all the fallout and attention this is getting, because you voted for this very exchange.

Well, Alabama may be where the Trump Effect doesn’t work-or maybe it does, depending on your POV.

Also, snowflakes protest against Jeff Sessions for defending free speech:

Wasn’t Strange Leading in the polls?

also, if these NFL knee benders, put half as much effort into stopping domestic violence among their own club as they put into pissing on Trump/The Anthem/Cops or what ever, they might have a positive influence for once.


If Heaven seem a little “dude-heavy” from here on out, it’s only because all of the ladies are concentrated in one location.

I don’t think the kneeling protests are going to last much longer.

I don’t either. The goal was to raise awareness and that goal has been accomplished. I think that over time it will diminish.

Obviously I didn’t mean awareness of white male boomers with money. We are all well aware of them. They do have us all talking and that is what they wanted. I am of the mind that the nation’s ADD will kick in and people will wonder what the fuss was all about.

In Atlanta the stands are full of black people alongside the rednecks and rich boomers. That may not be everywhere, but it is not a white man’s sport exclusively.


Here’s my take: A year ago, I was rolling my eyes over Kap. He was a guy who I initially respected when he first debuted because he found immediate success and seemed like a humble man. However, once the success grew, so did his ego. Kissing his biceps became his signature move. I stopped caring about him and started rooting against him. Total WWF heel. This was before the anthem thing. However, when the anthem thing began, I quickly wrote it off as a self-focused gesture from an egotist. He kept saying that he was starting a discussion and I… Read more »


Kap did have a stated goal. He wanted to start a discussion about the death of black citizens at the hands of police officers. What he didn’t have, as you pointed out, was any kind of solution. Any kind of metric to gauge if things have improved. So, he didn’t choose those as his goals. He took the easiest route possible — “hey, everybody, start talking about this.” –people start talking– “My work is done here.” However, I think his message has gotten lost — it’s now become a discussion about patriotism/anthem/etc. That particular discussion is pretty pointless, unfortunately. But… Read more »


I say the reason is that they’re trying to show how much they “care” about injustice or whatever. That’s all “virtue signalling” is. I totally get that. I’m just of the opinion that you’re putting more of that on the NFL than need be. The teams, themselves, decided how they wanted to “protest” (if at all). If the locker room for the Chargers decided one thing, it had no bearing on the locker room for the Cowboys. It was not NFL mandated. Where you’re nailing it, however, is that they are usually pretty stringent on everybody staying in line. With… Read more »

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