As part of RVS’s ongoing mission to promote civil discussion among diverse viewpoints and encourage the growth of those Web outlets that champion it,  I’m pleased to introduce Sarah Press and her new YouTube channel “Rationally Centered“.

I’ve been following Sarah for a few weeks on Gab, where she has the distinction of being possibly the only Jewish feminist user on the entire site.  If you don’t know anything about Gab, you should know that this would be the equivalent of a white NBA player waving a Confederate flag on the court during the national anthem.  Yet each day, she puts forward her arguments and defends her positions intelligently and fairly against all comers.  I think she’s quite impressive!  Moreover, her commitment to her beliefs and willingness to debate objectively represents everything that we stand for here at RVS.

To be clear,  I don’t agree with her on everything or necessarily even that much.  It’s no secret around here that I am enormously critical of feminism in its present form.  However, I respect Sarah’s points made in her debut post “It’s time for a 4th wave feminism” in which she rightfully calls out the failings of Intersectional Feminism and its  intolerance for independent viewpoints among its adherents, its bizarre fondness for anti-Zionism, and its harmful anti-men views(!).

Learning that there is a self-described feminist out there who understands the criticisms men like me have about modern feminism while providing a thoughtful new take gives me a sense of hope.  Rational voices such as hers can do much to focus feminism back on its role in improving the lot of all women–and men by extension–without the harmful and destructive tribal politics that dominate so much of the public discourse these days.  I sincerely hope that many people listen to her and consider the new direction she offers both women and men who are concerned about equality between the sexes.

Please take a few moments out of your busy life and check out Sarah’s channel.  Give her a “like”, leave a comment, and subscribe to her channel if you want to see another smart and articulate voice of the sane and rational succeed.

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Feminists either ignore or defend Sharia law. That pretty much says all you need to know about modern feminism.

Also RIP Monty Hall, the game show host’s game show host.

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