Football was prominent in the news this week and we had a pretty good discussion right here on RVS. Between the knee thing, too many commercials and brain damage, football is having a bit of trouble lately.  It is my hope that this too shall pass after the bandwaggoning on both sides of the protests subsides.  Everyone has taken their corners and begun lashing out. It was the football discussion here that got me thinking on this.  I mentioned in that thread that I really have limited who I will discuss politics with.  It seems that people can’t separate the person from the politics anymore.  I got to thinking about a conversation I had with my brother over the weekend.

One of the few conservatives in my family that I still discuss politics with is my brother.  We can still discuss things without it becoming a cage match even if it becomes slightly contentious and frustrating; we can also make each other laugh harder than anyone else.  I have known him for five decades so I pretty much know most of what he will say, but he will surprise me on occasion.  I did NOT push him down the stairs when he was two.  The other day we got around to talking about stereotypes, which I don’t believe in and he thinks have a basis in fact; that didn’t go so well.  We also talked about Japanese maples and welching on bets, two things that we feel solidly the same about except that I like the weeping kind of Japanese maple and he prefers the upright tree.

We finally got around to talking about the NFL thing, of course.  I love the game, have since I was a kid. My brother has a pair of Falcons season tickets and will not be boycotting the games because stupid.  Surprise surprise, he is anti-knee and I don’t really care if they kneel or not.  I don’t feel that I have a dog in that particular fight.  I stand and all for the anthem at football games, but I confess that I am usually thinking about when I can take another sip of beer and if anyone would see it if I just grabbed one right then. Gotta maintain that buzz. Never, in my entire history have I sung it outside of an in-person game or event so the folks pointing out that I am probably stocking the party tub while the anthem is playing in the living room are spot-on.

My brother and I really never saw it the same way and I really didn’t expect to.  We just like to bounce ideas off each other for some reason even though we rarely agree on most issues.  Still, it is always comforting to talk to him and I can be awfully sentimental sometimes.  Then, of course, there are always those glorious moments when we crack each other up over a mere glance, quite often at someone else’s expense.

Here are your categories:

  1. Sports and Apple Pie – Sports are as American as apple pie.  Is apple pie real American or did we steal that?  Play songs about sports and Americana.
  2. Protests vs Patriotism – It shouldn’t be this way, but it seems like it is one or the other at this moment in time.  This could be peaceful or violent protest and pro- and anti- patriotism.
  3. The National Anthem – What do you do while it is on at home?  Do you have favorite versions of it?  Do you have any songs you would rather have as the National Anthem? Play them for us!

Here is your playlist:

And your dedications for this week:

Santino –  Eat My Goal

Grendel – All American Girl

WestVirginiaRebel – Drinkin’ Town With A Football Problem

Thrill – Backlash Blues

Kevinmkr – Pride

Spootyjim – Holy Wars

Zurvan – American Pie

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The National Anthem by Radiohead –

Anthem by Deep Purple –

Raise Your Fist by Rancid –

Fight the Power by Public Enemy –

Uprising by Muse –


Uprising by Muse –

Man, how did I miss that one?!!?

More of a song about a protest –

Hopefully I’m not triggering any red flags at work (probably NSFW)

A weird revolution song


American Idiot about sums it up. It’s probably a 1, 2, and 3.

Living in America

Suite Madame Blue


Canadians singing the Star Spangled Banner –

A couple of Oh, Canadas too!

My all time favourite!! –

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the featured photo on this post is amazing?


Can we take a moment to acknowledge the featured photo on this post is amazing?

Is that your yard?

Because with one exception you haven’t been seeing this BS in baseball:

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