I had a good theme picked out for this week, but I’m going to have to shelve it until next time.  All week I’ve been immersed in Las Vegas news and it’s put me in a dark place.  It was already bad, but then this happened last night.

President Donald Trump issued an unprompted, cryptic message Thursday after meeting with military officials at the White House, saying about the gathering, “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

“We have the world’s great military leaders in this room,” Trump said to reporters after uttering his remark during a photo-op in the Cabinet Room of the White House.

Pressed on what he meant, the president said, “You’ll find out.”

Well, FML.  Reading that made me cold.  That’s probably the single most terrifying and ominous thing ever uttered by a sitting US president.  Even Bush’s “Axis of Evil” and “wanted dead or alive” talk came across as corny.  When Trump makes these sorts of statements, it’s menacing.  Hopefully whoever he’s trying to scare the bejeezus out of is as paranoid as I am right now.

He’s right though, both in word and tone.  I’ve had this sense for a long time that we’re in a sort of fog.  We’re at peace, more or less, but it’s a tense and unhappy peace.  The world is on edge.  I don’t know if it’s on the edge, but it’s definitely on edge.

The creeping gloom and bad omens are definitely affecting my filter for interpreting the news.  I’ve always closely followed news, politics, and war.  I’m not that old, but I’ve never seen anything like the times we’re in now.  I know history and none of the times I can compare this to as parallels are enviable ones.  It’s a gradual build but a “quickening” as Art Bell used to call it.

It’s not just me either.  Even Mrs Thrill, who is my more rational and normal half and generally avoids thinking about unpleasant topics going on in the world, has been insisting that we build up our emergency supplies and evaluate our disaster plans (yeah, we’re that kind of family).  It feels like the ride is getting bumpy and it’s because the wheels are falling off the cart.

I don’t know exactly what’s coming.  But it is coming.  You can either praise Trump for seeing it and preparing us for it or you can damn him for accelerating it, I don’t care, but something’s happening and it’s bigger than he is.

Alright.  Now that I’ve fucked up your Friday with the darkness in my mind, let’s get started.  I could certainly find a distraction and pull myself out of it, but I’ve decided to ride it and see where it goes.  Let’s get into the categories for this week’s music thread.

  1. Dark Side of the Moon: I want the most downbeat music that communicates dread or despair.  The worst you can find.  I’m not simply looking for sad songs.  They have to have that “doomy” sound.  Or a “gloomy” one.  Know what I’m talking about?  I have a couple of good examples in the dedications.  Artists known for heroin use are a rich source of this sort of music.
  2. Anger Rising: Let’s capture the tone that something is building up. I want music with powerful crescendos or with lyrics that explicitly describe something bad bubbling up.
  3. For Whom the Bell Tolls: Songs with bells.  Yep.  That simple.  I’ll bet you can’t name three off the top of your head outside of classical music.  Good luck with that, melonfarmers.

The tune of impending doom is playing.  Can you hear it?  I say we play along.

pfluffy: You get the Namer for #2.  Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell.

Santino: This band is extremely good at the #1’s and #2’s.  Here’s a favorite of mine that’s a surefire #2: Mudshovel by Staind

WVR: This is the best example of a #1 with that “doomy” sound.  Please find more of these, guys.  This is where I am today.  Black Sabbath.

Zurvan: Okay, I have to ask: are you feeling okay today?  Reason I’m asking is because this song is very haunting and it requires a trigger warning for even our stoutest friends on the blog.  A very “gloomy” #1.  How to Disappear Completely by Radiohead.  I couldn’t even listen all the way through when I was adding it.  It’s too dangerous.

Grendel: Another #1. More aggressive than the last two, but the “doomy” sound I crave is there.  Solitaire Unraveling by Mushroomhead.

spootyim didn’t join us last week, but I’m sure he’s got something I’m looking for.  Therefore I’m calling him out with a perfect one that’s got a #1 doom tone and a #2 crescendo.  Go Into the Water by Dethklok.

This week’s featured image is “Storm Thunder” from VioletBreezeStock.

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You want powerful crescendo, you get powerful crescendo!


Another #2 and ultimate encore song (and the #1 reason for my sore neck the day after)


Jerry does gloomy well (for Thrill and pfluffy)


Some bells



I just wasn’t feeling last week’s topic since my indifference to all forms of sportsball is legendary. This is kind of rough for me, since most of the “gloomy” music I listen to is gloomy because of personal associations.

Bad Moon Rising – Mourning Ritual
For Whom the Bell Tolls – Apocalyptica, just because I can. Plus it sounds super sinister.

You get the Namer for #2. Anger Rising by Jerry Cantrell. Thank you for that, Thrill, such a classic Cantrell riff. That is one of my favorite of his solo efforts. Jerry does gloomy well (for Thrill and pfluffy) Yes, he does, Santino! Let’s keep the gloom going! This is the first song you are greeted with on Dirt and it sets the tone for the whole album, which IMO is better than the sum of its pieces/parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTuD8k3JvxQ Here is a Dark Side of the Moon from Nick Cave after the falling death of his son a couple years… Read more »


Sorry for being late to the party. Been traveling.

Probably the greatest #1 I can think of – Something I Can Never Have. I spent many a teenage night full of angst listening to that one after my dad passed away. Not a healthy thing to do. NIN’s Hurt was another but I saw Grendel already did a cover of that.

#2….oooohhh #2. I’ve got an entire playlist just called “Angry”.

Love the Way You Lie – Eminem

I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin

#3 – In Honor of Christmas coming…Carol of the Bells – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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