As we await whatever “the storm” is, let’s share and discuss some of the events this week that we missed while I was absorbed with spinning Las Vegas conspiracy theories.  I mean, how can I not be? There are so many unanswered questions.  Put more correctly, there are so few answers that have been given to us.  Every day that passes that we remain in the dark about basic details of the case that the investigation should have gleaned by now, such as Paddock’s motives and potential accomplices, the more my cynicism and distrust of the FBI is validated.

The suspect’s family is the damnedest that ever lived.  We’ve learned that much, at least.  The patriarch was apparently a genuis-level supervillain.  One of his sons is now among the most prolific mass murderers in American history.  Another is reportedly a fugitive drug dealer.  Then there’s poor Eric “Comped Thousand Dollar Sushi” Paddock, who is a sort of walking meme generator.  As I watch him try to come to terms with what could have led his brother to murder innocent concertgoers, I am driven to wonder: “What in the hell is he on, is it available in pill form, and do you need a prescription?”

Some of you may have seen the full video of Eric Paddock’s second interview.  It’s half an hour long but there’s never a dull moment.  If that’s too much for your attention span, here’s a good summary video below.  I’ll warn you now that if you laugh even one time, you’re a bad person.  You know what?  Don’t even watch it.   I don’t trust you to respect the seriousness of it.  I mean it.  Some of you guys are dark.  I know how you do.

Never in the history of post-crisis media interviews has there been a performance with this level of exceptional weirdness.  It’s downright magical how all of the reporters just let him run wild with almost no interruptions.  Were I a journalism professor, I’d definitely use this interview as a teaching aid.

All joking aside, he needs to get in touch with a psychiatric specialist.  He looks like he’s having a breakdown and self-medicating with something.  There has been enough grief and pain among that family and many, many others this week.

While we’re on the subject of getting comped, Ashley Judd and some other women have come forward with sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood big-shot Harvey Weinstein.  He in turn is seeking damages against the New York Times for publishing the story.  Corrupt Fake News vs Exploitative Degenerate Hollywood.  It’s almost like a Hunger Games scenario with the Westboro Church versus the Kardashians.  The joy is in watching the bedlam regardless of who prevails.

I know it’s politically incorrect to point this out but…

(waits for readers to assume crash positions)

…Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comment on the Access Hollywood tape has been proven accurate by the Weinstein revelation.  What he said, regardless of how awful it sounded, was absolutely true.  Think about it.

“You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

And when you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

“Whatever you want,” says another voice, apparently Bush’s.

“Grab them by the pussy,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

Weinstein, like Trump, was surrounded by beautiful starlets who were desperate to make it big in that world.  Getting used sexually by gross old men with wealth and influence and keeping it quiet about it is simply a toll to be paid for women who want to advance their careers in Hollywood. Good on these women for coming forward, I say.  It’s brave.  Even late-night comedy, which loves to tell us how courageous and edgy it is, has cowardly avoided the subject.

Hopefully, somebody will similarly name some names on Hollywood’s pedophilia problem that Corey Feldman opened the door a crack about a few years ago.  Crashing the whole rotten enterprise looks better and better all the time.

CNN has published a story on Russian Facebook ads which suggests that Putin’s trolls in Vladivostok possessed a deeper understanding of the “in-play” electoral votes in two critical swing states than the Clinton campaign did with all of its advanced data mining techniques.

Facebook has declined to release the ads, most likely because Mueller is still investigating it.

Hate groups associated with anti-Italian sentiments are planning a campaign of vandalism on Monday.  Eventually, all of the statues that anger them will be removed.  Doubtless they’ll be completely satisfied once that occurs and there will be no need for further destruction or violence.  Of course.

A man crashed into some pedestrians in London.  No link to terrorism has been reported, but he was arrested for dangerous driving.  I don’t think this one was an ISIS attack, but it does appear to me that as they are being exterminated in Iraq, they’re activating every single nutjob they can in the West.  Don’t be mislead into thinking that just because they’re almost done over there that we’re not going to keep seeing them over here.  According to the Dabiq Prophecy, they’re supposed to lose the battle for Syria to win the war.  The deaths they cause are the goal and they basically are doing it for the evulz.  Then “profit”, I think.  Or was it that the “Prophet” comes back?  I haven’t read up on it in awhile.  Either way, don’t get cocky.

It’s now no longer a felony in California for HIV-infected people to have sex with people without telling them.  Honestly, I haven’t fully examined this new law or the reason for it so I haven’t formed an opinion on it.  Anybody feel strongly as to whether it’s a bad or neutral one?  I don’t see how it’s good, but it’s hardly the worst recent idea to come out of California.

The NFL is continuing its shitshow of decline.  I don’t have much love for the players, but I’m increasingly under the opinion that the fans are worse.  When they’re not bitching about how outraged they are over the kneeling displays while still paying to attend games, they’re apparently shouting racist insults at players.  Really now, Chiefs Nation.  If you hate black people that much, go watch hockey where you don’t have to see them or make them wealthy.  Then they’ll have to get part-time jobs at Taco Bell.

The Las Vegas Massacre is an unbelievable story of horror, conspiracy, and some nihilistic dark humor (courtesy of Eric Paddock).  If that’s your bag, you might check out What the Hell Did I Just Read by David Wong.  It’s the third book in the John Dies at the End series.  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’m a huge fan of both that series and Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits (soon to be a Netflix series) by the same author.  Check them out.

What news have you been following in between trips to Publix to purchase that $8.99 spicy tuna roll sushi you love so much, you plebeians?

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Donald Trump has apparently decided that late night comics are too unfair to him. I can’t stand some of them either, but somebody needs to remind him that he’s not running for office anymore. In some good news for social conservatives, Trump got rid of the Obamacare mandate that required employers to provide abortion coverage for their employees. Is Rex Tillerson on the way out? Maybe, maybe not. For you science geeks: These guys won the Nobel Prize for physics. Kip Thorne in particular is well known for his wormhole theories that have influenced science fiction writers for many years.… Read more »

WA? Rusty Venture finally got off his dead ass and won a nobel prize! .. That calm before the storm thing. I think that was trump fucking with Lil Kim. he wasnt speaking to reporters he was speaking to kim, knowing that they are watching everything he says. As for isis, seeing them break is heartwarming, the change in strategy has helped a lot it seems. apparently, Paddock had a rape fetish. oh and there are stories going around that he visted many a mosque while in the mideast. SNL decides to not mention hollywood sexual nasty Harvey Weinstein. Tiki… Read more »


Nothing you can say will convince me that this wasn’t a staged stunt at taxpayer expense:

I just love how Trump can’t let Pence get the super-douche credit it. I’M THE SUPER-DOUCHE, NOT YOU!

I’ve got an update from the NZ Election because I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats. It at least should reassure you that all countries politics are equally nutty. Special votes were counted this weekend (that’s overseas and late registrations) which meant that National Lost 2 seats and Labour and the Greens both gained one. That doesn’t really change much. For either side to form a Government, they’re going to need to form a coalition with NZ First. So that means that a dude called Winston Peters basically gets to choose who the next prime minister… Read more »

On the Dove ad… I’m not so sure. Maybe this was a royal screw up, but Unilever do have a very specific marketing strategy. Both Dove and Axe/Lynx (both Unilever marketing) run campaigns that consistently try to ‘trigger’ people into giving their message a larger reach. The idea is that Axe runs a ‘sexist’ ad that gets feminists all in a tizzy, and its target demographic (not feminists) dig in and support the brand all the more. Equally Dove run squishy, we’re all equal, you’re a snowflake, love everyone type ads, and conservatives take the piss. This makes their target… Read more »


The Pence stunt apparently cost at least $250K (on the basis that a C32 (AF2) costs $42,936/hour, and Pence flew 2.5 hours from Vegas to Indianapolis and then back to LA). This administration sure knows how to spend money.

If you were planning a mass murder, and had stashed dozens of guns and a shit tonne of ammo in your room, would you let a hooker, have your room key card while you were gone?
“A charger was found that does not match any of the cell phones that belonged to Stephen Paddock,” NBC reports. Also, “garage records show that during a period when Paddock’s car left the hotel garage, one of his key cards was used to get into his room.”
hmm… kinda odd

You know its good thing Australia has tough gun laws, to prevent this exact thing from occurring.
Grand theft auto, for REAL in Oz..

Yes, that’s the controversy. That TRUMP was doing it. Hang on – I need to unpack exactly what you are saying here. Are you saying that the controversy was only because it was Trump? That if it was someone else, say the head of a Hollywood studio, or a news anchor, that got publicly exposed as using their power and influence to sexually abuse women – there wouldn’t be outrage and they wouldn’t lose their job? Harvey gets canned: Absolutely nobody in Hollywood or the media wanted to acknowledge that what he was describing is the NORM.… Read more »

Trump should be held accountable if he sexually harassed any woman

In what way should he be held accountable?

I’m well-fed and loaded with quality German beer.

What ‘s your Oktoberfest tipple?


More drunk Thrill! Although this isn’t as good as drunk wedding Thrill was.

Were you drinking any heffeweissen or sours? Those are my faves (I may have imbibed myself)


I don’t have anything of note to add to the coconversation except to agree on the John Dies series. I read both books when they were being published as weekly blog posts, and the printed books are on my list of books that need to be re-read every few years. I even really liked the movie, considering what they were able to achieve with a tiny budget. I’ve been waiting for What the Hell Did I Just Read release since I heard about it this spring, but sadly it dropped on the same day as the Monster Hunter International anthology… Read more »

Southern Comfort, lemonade, and Sprite My sister-in-law introduced me to the “Southern Comfort Cooler” years ago when I first married Dave. It is a summery drink and it has SoCo, orange juice and Sprite. I have never made it as a punch but I have made a large batch of SoCo and OJ in a flask and just added the Sprite as I pour drinks. It is only drinkable fizzy for some reason. I am likely going to do just that this weekend as we send off my niece to her new job in Paris this weekend. Sangria would likely… Read more »


I’ve actually had discussions with friends about JDATE and I pointed out that the first two books would have made much more sense if they’d have been released as a trilogy with two story arcs per book. I love the shit out of the series because John is basically all of my friends from school mashed together with an 8-ball of cocaine mixed in. I can overlook most of the bouncing around since the soy sauce causes them to become unstuck in timetim.e. I had a friend do the movie, then the book. I warned him how much was cut… Read more »

So it looks like California is burning again…Twitter has shut down a campaign video by Marsha Blackburn:

Also Happy Columbus Day. Screw the protesters, if it hadn’t been him it would have soon been somebody else, there were a lot of people looking for Western routes to Asia, and why don’t these people complain about the Vikings who were much bigger pillagers and conquerors than those who came after them?

It is my opinion, that Columbus was not necessarily looking for route to India, Columbus was one of the best if not the best navigator of his time. He studied at the most prestigious school of navigation. He would have know about the Viking expeditions west, and of the Irish seafarers fishing on that general area. There have been claims that a few years prior to the voyage in 1492 he visited Iceland and possibly Greenland.

WTF? the guard was shot before the shooting began? the hotel did not report tahtthe guard had been shot? ? there was no alert??

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

On Harvey Weinstein: he looks like the kind of potato that can only get laid under threat of rape. I’m glad this has come out. Like the Cosby situation I wish it had come out sooner. I don’t know what compelled so many people to keep this under wraps for so long, but better late than never. Now someone should extend the same courtesy to trump. On Paddock: a security guard was shot at a full six minutes before he started the rampage. That almost makes the whole thing even more depressing because it’s now mired in incompetence. The second… Read more »

People who are sowing this divisiveness and deepening our partisan wounds deserve to be shamed and bankrupted for the effort.

Could you apply that logic to Trump?

Judge Dredd, Pro Sr

Is he being divisive or fighting divisiveness on the subject of the NFL protests? His viewpoint is the very divisiveness that the players are rallying behind. What you have is a group of billionaires preserving a nest egg they’ve made for themselves taking government money, not spreading it to the players, and demanding obedience instead of reaching out to discuss what the rift is. Trump, has callously taken the viewpoint that he feels the players are objects to entertain him, and he says to dance, they by god better dance until he says not to. He cares nothing about the… Read more »

Is he being divisive

I asked @VP Pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country. I am proud of him and @SecondLady Karen


Could you apply that logic to Trump?

You beat me to the obvious. Bizarro world ain’t it. You don’t like divisiveness and chaos, so you vote for the guy that is an absolute master of both.
It really does like a case of giving up and so wanting the watch the world burn.

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