Today was World Mental Health Awareness Day and I’m celebrating by entertaining the possibility that I’ve lost my mind.  On the last open thread, spootyjim and I were discussing John Dies at the End.  There’s a particular scene in which a character who has had some strange recent experiences calls a priest and asks what it must be like to be crazy.  The priest replies that perhaps crazy people feel normal and think it’s really that the world is going crazy around them.  That’s how I’ve felt this week.

Case in point, the Las Vegas Massacre investigation.  Is there anyone out there who still believes that the official version of events is true (whatever it is this week) or that the investigation will ever reveal the whole truth?  The revelation that the “hero” security officer was shot before the rampage even started and then calmly sat around for twenty minutes before meeting the cops defies explanation by itself.  That the FBI and police got it so wrong all last week leads me to believe that somebody’s story changed in a big way…and yet they’re apparently not focusing the investigation on that person.  This isn’t how this is supposed to go.  In the final act, I have no doubt that ISIS will release the proof and demonstrate to the world that they’re more credible than the FBI.  The world is that insane.

I’m not the type to call every single bad thing that happens a “false flag”.  In fact, there aren’t any mass casualty events I consider to be fake.  But no aspect of this story makes sense.  Here I am feeling like I’m objectively evaluating the information, and yet the information is covered in crazy.  I don’t believe the authorities and don’t feel the least bit bad about it.

With crises all over the world, the president is locked into a battle of wills with the NFL over standing for the national anthem.  I guess, maybe, it’s good that he’s winning.  But everyone has lost their minds over the issue–and they’ve lost perspective.  For example, Jemele Hill hates Trump and disagrees with him on the anthem protests.  So she adopted Trump’s position that the NFL should be boycotted.  Whoah.  The irony.  For that, she got suspended, meaning that ESPN, the NFL, and Hill are pretty much just eating each other at this point.

Oh, and Hollywood is so fucking insane, that even Terry Crews isn’t safe from getting groped by slimy studio perverts.

It feels to me like everything is flying apart in the world.  I keep stepping back and saying to myself, “You’re way too absorbed in the news warp.  Disconnect for a bit.”   But then the news finds me again and drops more crazy on my head.  It’s been keeping me in this perpetual state of dumbfounded disbelief since about last Wednesday.

To be clear, I’m not depressed or suffering anxiety attacks or anything like that.  I feel fine.  Getting plenty of exercise, maintaining a proper diet, not on any medications and all.  My sleep schedule is shit, but that’s not unusual.  We did our dark music DJ thread and I got the negativity out of my system, as intended.  But what’s been dogging me since the timeline change in Vegas is the sense that the floor is starting to drop from under reality.  The Matrix is glitching and things are just different now from how they were, when things weren’t crazy.  Is that true though?  Was it ever never crazy?

I guess what I’m looking for is some validation.  Is the world going crazy around us or am I just focusing too much on a few stupid things like an obsessed nut?  There’s no way I’m the only person who sees the absurdity in everything going on.  What I do wonder is whether others are convinced that we’re in some sort of cuckoo-land where no rules can apply and anything can happen next and probably will.  And by “anything”, I mean “not anything good”.  We’re going off the rails on a crazy train.

How is your grip on reality these days?  Is it you or “them” who’s losing it?  Do you find yourself getting frustrated, angry, or depressed?  Or are you laughing it off and going with the flow as always?  Because I think you’re crazy if you’re not seeing what I am.

Let’s check up on each other.


  1. I guess fortunately for me with work, family, and play I don’t find much time to immerse myself in the news like I used to when I was younger. It certainly helps that this blog is up and running and I agree with 99.9999999% of what you write, so basically you do all the thinking for me. In general I’m not a paranoid person and if something doesn’t make sense I’ll usually chalk it up to incompetence. I do have the rare anxiety attacks, but that’s usually due to personal issues and not big picture, Holy shit the world is fucked stuff. So I’m in a good spot, but it probably has a lot due to with naivete and bliss.

  2. I agree with 99.9999999% of what you write

    Well, I hope for BOTH our sakes that I’m not going completely crackers over here.

  3. At one point i thought i was loosing it, then i realized that i was just letting it all get to me, things that i could not control, so i managed to just ignore most of it, then the election came.. oh boy i thought it could not get much crazier, and then Trump got elected….i managed to laugh off a lot of this crap much to the aghast of some ppl, but many of these events, i just shrug my shoulders and say , “yeah, so?”

    Then i take a step back, and lok at all this crap.. and wonder, are we truly living in the Crazy Years, or the run up to it, at some point its all got to give, and snap back, wheels within wheels, cycles with in cycles.

    Today i saw a late post by a friend of mine, some silly ass meme about Columbus staling land or some shit, i simply post a question mark in reply, and holy fucking hell the Cristo haters come out of the wood work telling me that i dont understand and need to get my self educated……. wow,.,,
    Social media has made everyone bit more of a asshole i think, the anonymity and distance are great insulators. It allows for even greater numbers in online mods to go even fuller tilting at windmills.

    bah humbug… heh, my sanity is questionable, but as my boss likes to ask “So which Harley is here today? ” I often reply to that with ” we are taking a vote, at the moment. I’ll let you know when we are done counting, unless there is a coup.”

  4. Cali is still burning, but the Boy Scouts will now admit girls. Reality can take a hike.

    I can’t say I blame the girls for not wanting to join the Girl Scouts. Selling cookies is bullshit.

  5. Seriously, is anyone NOT a conspiracy theorist on this case anymore?

    It’s easily explainable. you see…. um… Campos was just trying to…..and there was a simple misunderstanding by……the two cameras were pointed away from the man while ISIS well known for their honesty…. um…. something something racism, thereby being Trumps fault.

  6. It’s easily explainable. you see…. um… Campos was just trying to…..and there was a simple misunderstanding by……the two cameras were pointed away from the man while ISIS well known for their honesty…. um…. something something racism, thereby being Trumps fault.



  8. I suspect the world has always walked the razor’s edge of insanity – it’s just that for the majority of human history the masses were too busy starving to death or being pressed into the king’s armies to pay a whole lot of attention to it. With so many tv/cable/radio stations vomiting forth into the aether 24/7 their desperation for ratings and ad dollar has them showcasing nonstop crazy because that shit sells.

    I rarely watch broadcast T.V., and damn little cable T.V. as well. I used to listen to the radio all night long at work, but I got tired of listening to the Fox updates every 15 minutes. Switching to audiobooks/podcasts may have literally saved my sanity. Celebrities are now just walking freakshows, and if I never hear anything else about the Kult of Kardashian I’ll be just fine.

    A little off topic, but have you guys considered doing a thread that’s book specific? I go through 5-7 books a week on average, and I’m always looking to broaden my horizons. I surely can’t be the only one.

  9. Although there’s still a chance the ‘President of the Virgin Islands’ could step in and talk him off the ledge.

  10. A little off topic, but have you guys considered doing a thread that’s book specific?

    I love the idea, but I only read about as many books in a year as you do in a week. The last book I read was “Shattered” and that was back in April.

    I’ve been sitting on “An Inconvenient Deception” since I bought it two weeks ago, I still need to buy and read JDATE3, and next month I’ll buy Scott Adams’s “Winning Bigly”.

    But sure, we can give it a try if you guys will chime in.

  11. Thrill – your all caps comment triggered me. It was overly aggressive.

    Well, I admit I have a quirky sense of humor, but what’s wrong with having a quirky sense of humor? Some people watch movies where they butcher little kids. That’s just the kind of guy I am. I have always been able to do anything I wanted, and I DID. But it’s fun to hang out with me. You’ll eat thousands of dollars worth of sushi. THOUSANDS. I mean, not everyone works at Taco Bell. Sorry if that offends anyone. But I’ll probably still ask you to go get me a sandwich and you’ll just do it because that’s how I am. Maybe when I die and they do the autopsy, they’ll find a tumor or something. Or the bug from Men in Black is wearing a Thrill suit. Either way, I’m not into funerals. I’m into being alive. But if having everybody line up and spit on my grave will make anyone feel better, go ahead, but just know that I’m into partying with people who are alive. I’ll fly to Japan and eat thousands of dollars of sushi if I want to. Comped. I can do that as easily as you might go to the grocery store. If someone is my friend, I’ll spend a lot of money on them. Of course, I don’t have any friends, but that’s besides the point. Or it is. And that’s why I’m so aggressive.

  12. Thrill, very few people go through books like me. I spend 10-12 hours a night in a truck making deliveries across a 500 mile swath of countryside so the burn rate on audiobooks is prodigious. When I’m not in my truck I’m usually reading something on my Kindle. I’m always in the middle of 2-3 books in some format at any given time.

    Grendel, have you tried the Frontlines series by Marko Kloos? It’s a really good series, and up to 5 books now. I also recently finished Her Brother’s Keeper by Mike Kupari and liked it a lot too. It’s basically a western/heist novel set in space. I imagine it’d appeal to fans of Firefly, but since I’ve never seen it I can’t swear to it.

  13. I spend 10-12 hours a night in a truck making deliveries across a 500 mile swath of countryside so the burn rate on audiobooks is prodigious

    Oh, yeah. When I had car-centric jobs that was my lifeblood. Worse thing I ever did was listen to “Those Who Trespass” as read aloud by the author, Bill O’Reilly. Not a bad book, but listening to O’Reilly describe a steamy sex scene in the book in his normal “The FACTOR” voice made it impossible for me to take him seriously ever again.

  14. If you read this blog each week and don’t get angry and laugh at least one time each, I failed. It’s supposed to be a joyride of highs and lows!

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