Here we find ourselves once again capping off another wild week in Trumplandia.  It wouldn’t have been complete without at least one gaffe by the President.  In this case, he revealed that he’s been talking to himself about the hurricane impact on the US Virgin Islands and agrees that he is doing a heckuva job.

This was a lost opportunity.  If only the (performs quick Internet search) governor of the Virgin Islands had complained about the federal response to the islands.  Then Trump could have denounced the “President of the US Virgin Islands” in a devastating tweet without realizing that he’s the President of the US Virgin Islands.  Then some troll could say, “Hey, the President of the Virgin Islands just criticized you!  Better hit him again!”   Let Trump chase his tail for a few weeks, insulting himself and then responding.

Somehow, I feel like this is the logical course that all of this trash talk will follow.  Trump is sort of like Bowerick Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged from the Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy.  You know, the character who flies all over the universe to personally insult every single person who lives in it across time and space, one at a time.  When he’s finally burned Rosie O’Donnell, the GOP, the Democrats, the mayor of San Juan, Rex Tillerson, Kim Jong Un, NBC, CNN, the New York Times, and everyone else he can possibly insult in the span of eight years, he’ll at long last take on his one and only worthy opponent and destroy what’s left of Creation in an epic storm.

On the subject of epic storms, the Justice Department is reportedly sending more federal assistance to Puerto Rico in the form of some FBI agents to investigate why it is that aid isn’t reaching the island’s residents.  Being that it’s the FBI, I imagine that they’ll first deny that they’ve found any link between the devastation and the hurricane.  Then they’ll release a timeline of events showing that the countryside was flooded three weeks before the hurricane came through.  Finally, they’ll be informed by a contract company hired by Mayor Cruz that the supplies were diverted by Russian hackers.  They’ll accept that as the conclusion and head home.  Honestly, Trump should just send the entire FBI to Puerto Rico to drive supply trucks for a few weeks.  It would be more productive than anything else they’ve done recently.

The FBI/LVMPD investigation into the Las Vegas shooting remains a complete clown orgy of disgusting absurdity.  It has played out like this over the past couple of weeks…

FBI/LVMPD: “Jesus Campos, a casino security guard, ran up to the floor as Paddock was firing on the crowd.  Paddock started shooting at Campos and then killed himself, saving untold numbers of lives!”

A week later…

FBI/LVMPD: “Alright, what actually happened is that Jesus Campos went to the suspect’s floor to check on an open door alarm.  While he was up there, Paddock started shooting at him for no apparent reason.  Then Paddock hung around for six minutes, also for no reason, while nobody called the police.  There wasn’t any reason for waiting six minutes either, but it’s pretty clear that the slow response was entirely the hotel’s fault.  But that’s what we’ve learned from our exhaustive and totally professional investigation after ten days.”

MGM: “No, assholes.  We took the extraordinary investigatory step of actually interviewing our employees and they said that Paddock opened fire on the crowd within a minute of firing on Campos”

The next day…

FBI/LVMPD: “Yes, MGM is right.  Even though there were two hotel employees on the floor for us to interview, we half-assed it and didn’t get any of the facts right.  Our bad!  But we’re still totally going to investigate it right from now on and figure out why Paddock did this.”

ISIS: “We told you.  We did it.”

FBI: “Who are you again?”

ISIS: “You don’t remember?  Garland, Texas?  We sent a couple of our guys to shoot up an event and you had a couple of your guys–”


Next week:

FBI/LVMPD/MGM: “Who is this Jesus Campos person everyone keeps asking about?”

Jesus Campos, being a national hero for whatever the hell it was the FBI and LVMPD are saying that he did according to this week’s version of events, disappeared.  He even skipped out on an interview with Sean Hannity along with a few other news outlets.  Not since Carmen Sandiego has a Hispanic been so elusive and mysterious.

The theories surrounding Campos are as varied as you can imagine.  Depending on who you ask he either was an accomplice of Paddock’s, or he killed Paddock and did all of the killing himself, or he was killed for knowing too much and there’s no Jesus Campos to be found anymore.  I don’t go that far.  My own thought is that MGM is going to get bankrupted by lawsuits when it comes out that they enabled Paddock to get the weapons to his room using the service elevator (escorted by a security officer, no less) and the less Campos says publicly, the better.  Indeed, the first lawsuit has already been filed.

Hey, isn’t it remarkable that MGM is about to get sued into oblivion and they got the FBI and LVMPD to change their official timeline of the shooting so that it altered specific details that would have been extremely devastating to their defense?  I could understand making these errors within the first few days after an incident, but two weeks?  Ah, well.  I’m sure the dipshit conspiracy nuts won’t make a big deal about all of the incons…


Well, I’m not ready to call Campos an accomplice.  I think MGM and law enforcement are pressuring him to shut up.  Not sure why, but it’s definitely nefarious.

How about some appreciation for Laura Loomer, by the way?  I’ve never paid much attention to her before, but she deserves a great deal of credit for her work on this story.  As far as I know, she’s the first to report that Campos has armed guards protecting his house.  The family has gone so far as to put up “No Media” signs at the house to get rid of her and the LVMPD has barred her from attending press conferences.

Speaking of people sticking their noses in places they don’t belong, the Trump Administration took some consequential steps in prioritizing Israel’s interests over the USA’s this week.  First, he withdrew the United States from UNESCO because it’s mean to Israel or something.  Next, he took steps to end the Iran nuclear weapons deal that Obama put in place to keep that country from developing nuclear weapons.

The only beneficiary of these policies is Israel, not the United States.  UNESCO, I don’t really care about.  Iran, on the other hand, I would argue isn’t really our problem.  For the remainder of this century, I think we’re going to see a balance of power struggle between Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran to determine who will hold sway over the region.  None of them should win and we should be doing everything we can to maintain a stalemate rather than bringing ourselves into direct conflict with Iran to “help” anyone.

Obamacare, already clinging to the edge of the cliff, now has Trump stomping on its fingers.  His latest EO will hasten the collapse and force Congress to act, sooner or later.  We’ve argued in the past about Obama’s standing among US Presidents.  I rate him “mediocre”, not because I didn’t like him or his politics, but because he accomplished so little of significance during his two terms.  His largest legislative accomplishment, Obamacare, destroyed his party at all levels of government.  Through his second term, he could do little but sign Executive Orders with no permanence or lasting legacy.  All of it is already being erased by his successor, much like an ancient pharoah’s name might be from monuments the day after the funeral.

Thanks for all the links, Russia!  

Not since Pokemon Go has so much Russian propaganda been distributed so shamelessly and subversively as this post.  I look forward to meeting Bob Mueller later.  Will probably happen at about the same time the Trump Administration starts enforcing those sanctions.

An excellent piece in War is Boring discusses the folly of using the failed lessons of counterinsurgencies in foreign wars in domestic policing.

In California, you can bang a tranny and give him/her HIV as long as you don’t misgender him/her.  Giving someone a terminal disease is now pretty much the same thing as hurting someone’s feelings.  Can we get the doom going yet?  I can’t handle much more.

Speaking of the Gotterdammerung in California, the Weinstein scandal keeps expanding like a sinkhole, threatening to swallow all of Hollywood.  Here’s something that didn’t age well:

If you don’t understand why so many of us on the Right are enjoying this scandal so much, it’s because we’ve known all along that Hollywood is rotten and exploitative and yet has always seen fit to lecture us about Social Justice without living by its own rules.  Hollywood will survive this under a couple of qualifications.  First, that the sacrifice of Weinstein calms the waters.  Second, that no victims of casting couch pedophilia come forward and start naming names.  This can still be contained while being the best, most original, and most entertaining story to come out of Hollywood in 20 years.

That’s not to minimize the awfulness of the wildfires, which have already cost 38 lives and millions of dollars in destroyed homes.  This includes the old home of cartoonist Charles Schulz.

The state of America:

Anyway, that should be enough to get us started on some good discussion.  What do you want to share?

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“To Kill a Mockingbird” is the latest victim of the Comfort Police:

Thanks for reminding me, WVR. I placed “Mississippi Goddamn” in the DJ thread as a DejaVu. My son is reading this in Lit right now. This is really just another example of us trying to keep kids young and yet wondering why they are so immature.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

You forgot to mention that my prediction has come true and the anthem has been removed from football. The NFL has also tucked themselves into the closet like good cucks and won’t be placating the minuscule army of spit dribbling goons that equate kneeling for the anthem to treason (unless they happen to be in line to piss during the anthem which is totally ok). The apprentice president looks like he’s also going to move on suffering yet another miserable loss at his own hands. (To think, Pence master plan at the colts game last week was to prompt a… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I never said anything of the sort. I never said that Mike Thomas was going to make the players sympathetic to the welfare queens in the midwest. I posted that video to show you that your boy-king boomer Trump made (yet again) the precisely wrong move to end the anthem kneeling theater that was becoming the hallmark of the 2017 NFL season. Dumb fuck thought that he could make a bunch of juiced up millionaire jocks shut up with his mighty twitter fingers and all it did was make the NFL networks, and him look like the weakling cucks they… Read more »

Trump’s problem is that he says the outrageous stuff before the sane side of him takes over. I suspect this is why you have Rex Tillerson being more cautious on the Iran deal, for example. It might make his base happy, but doesn’t make for good or coherent policy.

BTW notice how there were none of these NFL protests when Bush was in office? And to the left he was Hitler too for most of his presidency. I guess it’s just fashionable now, and sad, especially when you see this stuff at the high and grade school level.

then there is Trump Gutting Obama care
there by killing millions of Americans for his own ego..

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

That truly is an amazing development because he will 100 percent win that case. The owners kept him out of the league for his protest and I will be happy that they have to open their wallets and pay him for nothing.

If you don’t understand why so many of us on the Right are enjoying this scandal so much, it’s because we’ve known all along that Hollywood is rotten and exploitative and yet has always seen fit to lecture us about Social Justice without living by its own rules. And the left loves a Right Wing scandal because the left lectures us on morality. Hypocrisy is a feature of the powerful, not a bug. There was an absolutely great question on a podcast I listen to which I hope every single journalist asked every single powerful person out there. It was… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

That’s the more constructive debate, anyway. The reaction to the Weinstein thing perfectly encapsulates how a monster like him can be a day walker for so long. He, like most of the wealthy elite operate in the middle of the divisiveness. They donate to both sides of the aisle and have absolutely zero political agenda other than attaching their personal agendas to popular issues. Bills like citizens united have nothing to do with citizens, nor was it ever intended to unite anyone. The attorney that took that case to the Supreme Court, dan backer, openly admitted in an interview that… Read more »


They donate to both sides of the aisle and have absolutely zero political agenda other than attaching their personal agendas to popular issues.

That’s horseshit. Look at the list of political donations Weinstein made. Almost universally to people with (D) after their name. Harvey actually helped pay for Clinton’s defense during the Lewinsky scandal. Not to mention the $250k he donated to the Clinton foundation. If you think these Hollywood asshats don’t have a liberal agenda, you’re amazingly more dumb than I already thought.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I feel for the guy because I don’t think going to the scene of a crime should be a violation of the first amendment. No doubt that the casino will be renting that room out as soon as humanly possible, no matter how drenched in blood it is to anyone that wants a nihilistic experience of the murders first hand. Otoh, I’ve heard of people being banned from casinos for much less. Filming camera locations, acting suspicious and even simply hovering around a casino pit or being too friendly with dealers can all get you banned. It’s not exactly of… Read more »

Also it seems a lot of people are now crawling out of the woodwork making claims against others. Harvey is a creep and a thug, and deserves to be put away, but this is the downside of a legitimate scandal.

disconnected from mainstream America,

Search for the #metoo hashtag, and you’ll see that this isn’t a Hollywood problem or a Washington problem. It’s not even just an American problem.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I know the idea that this weenie jihad some of twitter is engaging in seems like heavy petting. It is a little more complex than drunken jingoistic hillbillies not getting muh flag respected. There’s the cord cutting (after the nfl signed major deals with cable companies to exclusively air on cable), the season ticket to stream the games is bullshit (due to conflicts with regional cable I can’t get my own fucking local games on season ticket unless I spoof my vpn to Canada), the players union has reduced practice time to nothing (so the players are essentially practicing during… Read more »


Is there a graph of declining viewership which at least correlates to flag and anthem related treason? Because if it was already declining, well then Australia/guns.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

There isn’t any real numbers on how hillbillies directly correlate to the woes of the nfl because there aren’t any. As a matter of fact the people complaining the most about the flag aren’t even a factor in this market at all. The nfl just wants to avoid any bad press because they’re losing in so many other places that are tangible. The companies that are directly suffering from the consequences, otoh, should not surprise anyone. They are companies like Harley Davidson that openly courted Donald trump’s insular economic plan but the backlash from trump support has made sales decline… Read more »


Fan poll taken in June of 2017. National anthem protests were the top reason that NFL fans watched fewer games last season, according to a new survey released by J.D. Power. The pollster said it asked more than 9,200 people who attended either one football, basketball or hockey game whether they tuned into fewer games and why. Twenty-six percent of those who watched fewer games last season said that national anthem protests, some of which were led by Colin Kaepernick, were the reason. After that, 24 percent of those surveyed who said they watched fewer games said they did so… Read more »


New story out today about Russian collusion and a 2016 presidential candidate:

That’s fascinating when you think about Obama’s quip to Romney during the 2012 Election Debate. He had to have known all this was going on, but still chose to bury it, and even make a joke about it during the election.


So, uhh…apparently this happened.

Florida man kills mom’s friend for pursuing his imaginary girlfriend

Brian Disario, 30, of Port Richey, allegedly shot and killed his mother’s friend, David Armstrong, 56, because he believed the man was flirting with his girlfriend — who did not exist — FOX13 reported.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Thrill if you want to declare victory for this I have to insist that you at least know a little about the game at this point. Not only are those Monday night ratings, not Sunday ratings, but it is THE FUCKING COLTS vs. THE FUCKING TITANS. By all means do victory dances with the voices as much as you want but Monday night football, by design was meant to be tempered enough as to not cannibalize Sunday football, and Thursday night football was meant to not cannibalize Monday OR Sunday night football. They usually don’t feature the most major games… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Zurvan, I’ll grant you this one response and raise you an ironic source, but if you cry one more time that someone is being mean to you and you’re gonna take your ball and go home I’m just going to avoid it all together. Here you go: “Some high-profile surveys blamed Colin Kaepernick and other pre-game protesters. And there is no question that many Americans are personally offended by pre-game demonstrations. But this explanation is unsatisfying, for two reasons. First, Kaepernick isn’t on any NFL team in 2017, and Week 1 viewership this year was even lower than 2016,… Read more »


Zurvan, I’ll grant you this one response and raise you an ironic source, but if you cry one more time that someone is being mean to you and you’re gonna take your ball and go home I’m just going to avoid it all together. Despite multiple polls stating the exact opposite of your claims, you just keep rolling with your idiotic rantings that directly contradict all evidence to the contrary, and post one measily op-ed that you think somehow supersedes actual polls telling us why people have stopped watching. It would be fascinating to watch if it wasn’t so sad.… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

That’s very interwsting. There’s an article there with many inroads for debate, from cord cutting to age demos to political tenor. You predictably ignored them all, declared the Atlantic “fake news” , clinging to polls cited in the odious liberal cesspool called espn (because that Jd powers poll on ESPN couldn’t possibly be clickbait—from the lavar ball network lmao) because muh flag bias confirmed! You instead slam the gas pedal to the floor and double down on the decision to drive head first into the black circle on the wall, insisting like wile e. Coyote that this is in fact… Read more »


Man your stupidity is impressive. Seriously.


That story is way more fun in Pidgin

They’re on the motherfucker:

Im don order say make dem do proper investigation to find people wey dey accuse and kill dia fellow country people on top vampire matter.

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