This week really should have been a good one for President Trump.  ISIS lost Raqqa, the Dow Jones hit yet another new high, and a new Russia Collusion story emerged which may serve to undermine the one against him.

But the media…and Trump…couldn’t have that.  Instead, he managed to get sucked into a fight over whether or not he was expected to call the families of the Special Forces soldiers who were killed in Niger.  Once he was pressured to call, he appears to have pissed off the family of one of the soldiers, in a conversation overheard by Frederica “The Mad Hatter” Wilson.  She promptly told the media and Trump ended up effectively calling Wilson and the dead soldier’s family liars.  In the final act, he sent his Chief of Staff, General Kelly, out to defend him since one of his sons was killed in action and he didn’t get a phone call from then-President Obama.  At this time, the same people who were pissed at Trump for fighting with a Gold Star Family are now fighting with a Gold Star Family by condemning Kelly.  Everybody is an asshole.

Really, I tried to avoid this story because it’s so dumb.  No, Trump doesn’t have to reach out to Gold Star Families.  In fact, when he visited the father of the SEAL who got killed in the Yemen raid, the guy made it really clear that he did not want to speak to Trump.

It’s pretty much a no-win situation for Trump.  If he calls, he’s bound to get in touch with a family member who hates him and will end up in this sort of situation and if he doesn’t he’s just a callous guy who doesn’t really care about the troops as much as he says he does.  I’d suggest just keeping it low-risk with a letter sent after a respectful interval of time.

Fun trivia fact I haven’t seen discussed very much.  Congresswoman Wilson was a key figure who pushed hard for the US intervention in Niger in the first place.  I don’t have a criticism.  Just thought it was interesting.

Trump has ordered the release of additional documents related to the JFK assassination.   I wonder why a President who is consistently opposed to the goals and agenda of shadowy and unaccountable bureaucrats in the intelligence agencies would be so interested in the JFK assassination?  Just another mystery, I guess.

Who’s up for some Millennial Hate?  They seem to be embracing pseudoscience and sorcery, have no idea what they actually stand for, and are destined to live in a van down by the river.  I derive no joy from mocking what is shaping up to be the Stupidest Generation, believe me.  We need them to shape up and eventually be fit to lead this country, but jeez.  Hard to see how they’ll solve the major problems facing society when they can’t figure out which restroom to use, as someone more clever than me observed somewhere.

Speaking of transgenderism, we were treated to Playboy featuring its first transgender Playmate of the Month.  This came as a shock to everybody who was too young or too out of it to remember Tula.  Some people have claimed that Hefner is rolling in his grave, but they’re wrong.  He was cremated.  Also, it is often forgotten that even though feminists hated him, he was in reality a very progressive guy who even experimented with the gay stuff back in the 70’s.

Playboy is redefining our collective ideal of female beauty beyond just skinny women with fake tits.  Now a woman can be beautiful if she’s skinny with fake tits…and was born with a dick.  Still unresolved is the great question of our time: are traps gay?

RedLetterMedia gave a re:View of Re-Animator and From Beyond.

Trump’s latest Executive Order, quietly signed on Friday, might mean that the president is expecting some deep shit around the corner and you should all be frightened.

Cheer up.  Here’s Batdad.

Not sure I want to know everything going on there, but it’s South Park-tier humor.

What have you found interesting this week?

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The Houston Astros are going to the effing World Series after beating the effing Yankees.

We live in weird times…

I keep seeing reputable science pages posting this over and over that the EM-Drive, actually produces some thrust and no one is exactly sure why. Something on the quantum level… please let this be real! Lava tubes on the moon are found to be real, thanks to surveying done by Japans Kaguya lunar orbiter. they might have discovered a cave entrance on the lunar surface. This has major implication as to building a lunar settlement, preformed shelter, with built in radiation shielding. Given that the cave is on shadow from the sun it might also harbor a shit tonne, of… Read more »

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