Many news stories about Trump lately have been of the _______ is Trump’s _______ variety.  As in “Russiagate is Trump’s Watergate” or “Maria is Trump’s Katrina” or most recently and ironically “Niger is Trump’s Benghazi”.  The last one, in particular is hilarious because the same people making that comparison didn’t think Benghazi merited any sort of explanation from the presidential administration at the time it happened.  Who was that anyway?  Bush?  Who remembers?  Anyway, one of the “Blank is Trump’s Blank” narratives is disintegrating before our very eyes.  A cynical person might call it pretty damn funny.

I’ve been following the Uranium One story with great interest.  Not so much because I think it will have a great deal of merit.  That’s still murky.  Instead, I’m looking at it from the angle of how badly it compromises Mueller’s objectivity.  This is a matter that deserves investigation for any influence the Russians may have had on the Clinton side of the house and neither Mueller nor Rosenstein (who was involved at the time) can be counted upon to investigate themselves.

Add to this the new allegations, courtesy of the Washington Post (based on anonymous sources, appropriate to add as ever), that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for the famous Steele Dossier with its, um, showers of bad intelligence and it’s obvious that there’s a larger scandal at work beyond whether Putin paid for a few thousands of dollars worth of Facebook ads.

As a reminder, the Fusion GPS Anthology of Trump Tales was used by the Obama Administration (partly, though we don’t know for sure how much) to justify FISA warrants against the Trump campaign.  It can’t be emphasized enough: the Obama Administration used fake information paid for by the Clinton’s to justify spying on the Trump campaign and then allowed that information to be, um, oh gosh, leaked.  This doesn’t look good.  I don’t care what you think of Trump, Clinton, or Obama.  This looks bad and Congress is going to start digging.

James Comey, the former FBI Director whose agency used the Steele Dossier to pursue Carter Page and others on Team Trump is Mueller’s star witness in any obstruction charge against the Trump Administration (which I still say is doubtful).  Does anyone believe that he has any credibility left, with his handling of the Clinton Email Investigation and other matters?

Somebody asked me on here, back when Mueller was first appointed special counsel, how I would rationalize it if Trump fired Mueller.  I said that it would depend on the circumstances, but I didn’t believe he could do it.  Only Rosenstein can.  Well, circumstances have changed.  A conflict of interest on Mueller’s part is a justification for his removal and I think there is now sufficient reason to believe that one exists.  I confess that it never occurred to me that Mueller’s integrity would be called into question when he was first appointed, but it has come to piss pass.  I’m sufficiently convinced that he’s unfit.

Mueller must step down and we need someone who is untouched by any Clinton or Obama scandal to handle an expanded investigation into both Uranium One and the Steele Dossier along with the original mandate, if that’s even still necessary.

If Trump directed Rosenstein to fire Mueller tomorrow, I’d approve of it.  I’d also approve of it if Rosenstein refused and was fired by Trump so Trump could have Sessions his new Deputy AG fire Mueller. It wouldn’t necessarily end the Trump-Russia Collusion investigation or witch hunt or whatever you want to call it either.  Rosenstein could even appoint a different special counsel, if he can move fast enough again.  That doesn’t let him off the hook for the Uranium One investigation and he may even have to recuse himself, I don’t know.

The point is that I think Trump would be within reason to call for Mueller to go and ensure that all Russian collusion and attempts by other foreign intelligence entities to interfere in the 2016 election is fully and fairly pursued.  No matter what Mueller comes out with when–and if ever–his investigation ends, the findings will have no legitimacy.  Mueller is too deeply enmeshed in what he’s supposed to be investigating.  There is sufficient reason to doubt his ability to finish it.

I sincerely hope that Mueller has the good sense, honor, and grace to do what Comey would not after the election: resign.  If he values his reputation and the preservation of the work he and his team have put into the special investigation thus far, he should go willingly.


  1. Matt Drudge is running at least five “Hillary did it!” stories on his front page right now. CNN is running right at the top the headline that the trump campaign paid for the dnc emails. Here I read a pretty loaded post asking me the equivalent of “have you stopped beating your wife yet?” conclusary opinion if I’d rather throw mueller out on his ass now or later.

    The only thing I completely trust is that there isn’t one word that comes out of trump’s mouth (or administration lickspittles, employed directly or Pom Pom waving fanbois) that is true. Not one.

    With that in mind I’ll let you take a stab at what you think I’m going to say.

  2. Muller wont go anywhere. This is all slimy clickbait, right wing tinfoil conspiracy garbage distracting from the noble duty of tracking down whatever impeachable crime that Trump committed, or can be accused of.

    If the Obama team really did use the Steele dossier, which was funded by DNC/Clinton to jsutify the FISA warrant………………… people need to go to jail for a LONG LONG time./.

  3. With that in mind I’ll let you take a stab at what you think I’m going to say.

    Well, NeverTrumpers gonna NeverTrump.

    Look, when Trump fired Comey and then fumbled the reason for doing it, I said that a special prosecutor was inevitable and probably necessary. When Rosenstein appointed Mueller, I said that it was Trump’s fault it shook out that way and expressed confidence in Mueller’s sterling, bipartisan reputation.

    Your argument that this was just a “loaded” post with an inevitable conclusion based on a blind adoration of Trump is bullshit. It has taken a lot for my opinion of Mueller’s ability to conduct this investigation to shift and it has been based on the information I’ve seen. This is decidedly different than, say, a person who made up his mind about Trump a long time ago and feels only one way about every single issue involving Trump every single time no matter what it is.

    I’m really curious to know what you Mueller-lovers think is going to be the outcome of his Very Special Russia Investigation now. Really, how do you think this is going to end? Let’s consider the possibilities.

    1. Your fantasy comes true and Mueller finds that Trump committed an impeachable offense.

    The immediate problem is that the Republican base already thinks that the entire investigation is a sham built on deception. I mean, the most critical, preliminary investigatory work was outsourced by the FBI to two contractors who were hired by the DNC.

    Who said that the Russians hacked the DNC? Why, it was Crowdstrike, a DNC contractor! Did they make it up? Who knows? The FBI couldn’t possibly know for sure, because they never got to check the server. The word of a DNC contractor is good enough!

    Who provided the investigative leads that led to the FBI obtaining FISA warrants against the Trump campaign? Oh, it was another DNC contractor! Fusion GPS. Sure, a lot of the information was untrue and fabricated, but there’s no reason to think that the Democratic Party couldn’t perform an investigation on the FBI’s behalf or anything, much less during an election.

    Any attempt to impeach Trump is over before it begins. The GOP base will (rightly) see the investigation as the result of a corrupt “Deep State” led by a thoroughly compromised FBI. Trump will say that it’s “the Swamp” striking back. ‘Memba when Trump ran against the Swamp last year and won? I ‘memba. He will survive any impeachment attempt.

    “But what about 2018?” What about it? He can look forward to an energized base. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Pelosi promises to take impeachment off the table if the Democrats retake the House majority after 2018. She did the same with Bush because she knew it would help keep Republicans from feeling like they had to turn out to vote to protect him. I can easily see her doing it again since Trump would be a lame duck anyway.

    Trump is going to be your president until at least January 2021. Open your heart and let the truth in. Mueller isn’t going to fix this for you. Congress can’t act when half the country believes that Mueller’s investigation was fraudulent and that he personally was too vested in protecting the Clinton’s and the Obama Administration to protect himself from any fallout over Uranium One.

    2. Mueller ends up prosecuting Flynn, Manafort, and maybe a couple of others for something or other but finds that Trump had nothing to do with any Russia collusion.

    Who gives a shit? It changes nothing anywhere. I still think this is the most likely outcome, but under what make-believe dream world rules does this change the fact that Trump is going to be Making America Great Again until the end of his term?

    3. Mueller prosecutes some low-level people on both sides of the aisle for an assortment of crimes that were discovered during the investigation.

    This might be a good, “Here, I found some crimes, now everybody shut up” scenario. The only real value of this outcome would be to Mueller himself since he would have retained his reputation as a bipartisan straight-shooter and justified the whole purpose of being appointed since he put some people and jail and all. But the public would still be wondering what Russia had to do with anything and both sides would be suspicious of the outcome.

    4. Mueller completes the investigation and prosecutes nobody but exposes the amount of influence Russia has on the political establishment. On BOTH sides.

    This is the narrative that Tucker Carlson is building right now and which we may be hearing more about from that confidential FBI informant. Personally, I like this one and would like for it to come true, mostly because the schadenfreude would give me an orgasm.

    Democrats would hate it and it would probably take less than 12 hours for them to start speculating that Trump had somehow blackmailed Mueller over Uranium One or something. They’ll also start asking questions about why Mueller visited with Trump shortly before he was appointed Special Counsel by Rosenstein. They’ll lose their minds.

    Most importantly though, we could start examining the amount of foreign involvement in our elections and DO something about it without any partisan rancor. It would be the best outcome for our country and it makes so much sense that Mueller would do this, that I’m convinced it won’t happen because nothing sane or right happens anymore.

    There’s also a possibility that Mueller could end up only prosecuting some Democrats for something, but that’s just unlikely. So fuck it.

    So there you go. Under your best case scenario (which I presume is #1), Trump is still your Glorious Leader and he has an enraged, fully energized base. Even better, he might be able to appoint a special counsel of his own and turn him loose on Obama and Clinton and you won’t be able to say dick about it.

    Or maybe you like #4? In that case, you wasted almost a year of your life dreaming of yet another failed attempt to keep Trump from being your president and found out that your dear Hillary Clinton was actually a tool of the Russians herself. I, unfortunately, will have died after ejaculating non-stop for 18 hours.

  4. Here’s even more fun. The non-partisan Campaign Legal Center has filed an FEC complaint against the DNC and HRC’s campaign over its payments to Fusion GPS.

    CLC filed a complaint with the FEC alleging the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign committee violated campaign finance law. They failed to accurately disclose the purpose and recipient of payments for the dossier of research alleging connections between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia, effectively hiding these payments from public scrutiny, contrary to the requirements of federal law.

    No wonder Fusion GPS fought so hard to keep this information secret. They knew it was illegal.

  5. Trump/Russia in regards to an actual crime being committed by Trump is rapidly approaching Birther status in my mind.

    (Yes, I know Trump was a Birther)

  6. The Birther comparison is significant though. Here’s my theory.

    To Democrats, Obama was a great man. His conduct was exemplary in his personal and public life. No scandals at all occurred during his Administration (yes, yes, I know, but I’m telling you what they think).

    Since the Republicans couldn’t pin any actual scandals on Obama because he was so squeaky clean, they just made them up. Birtherism? Total crap. He’s got a birth certificate. Benghazi? Shut up. There was no stand down order.

    Even though Democrats knew those scandals were fake, the constant noise from talk radio, Faux News, and Fake News websites undermined his presidency and stopped him from achieving all that he was destined to.

    Well, that brings us to today. Democrats still don’t entirely understand why Trump won and they want him to not be “won” so they’re trying to do what they think Republicans did to Obama that worked even though it was racist.

    “Obama had to deal with constant bullshit scandals? Okay, then we’ll keep hitting Trump with constant bullshit scandals!”

    Similarly, the Resistance is supposed to be a response to the Tea Party. They didn’t really understand the Tea Party either but, “If Obama had to deal with a radical group of protesters then we’ll send out our own radical group of protesters!”

    As you and I both know though, the only thing that Birtherism and Trump/Russia have in common is that both were conspiracy theories hatched by Hillary Clinton loyalists to excuse her defeats. First to Obama and then to Trump. And that’s all it was.

  7. One more question. Is the Uranium One and Steele Dossier revelations hitting at once “the storm” Trump was talking about a couple of weeks ago?

  8. naw, but we just got a 3rd carrier group with in strike range of North Korea today…………..

    my prediction, nothing will happen this back and forth will go on and on, and no one will get prosecuted for anything.

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