I can’t keep track of all of the scandals going on right now.  I guess the summary is that absolutely everybody who is rich, famous, and powerful in 2017 America is engaging in inappropriate sexual relationships or illicitly serving the interests of a foreign power or both.  Really, I think that at last count Bob Mueller has something 12,000 sealed indictments in federal courts all over the country.

What’s the latest business?  Any day now, I’m going to wake up and learn that the Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS to gather blackmail material on Harvey Weinstein to persuade him to send some actresses posing as Russian hookers to try to bait Trump into grabbing their pussies on video.   The plan didn’t work because Trump’s entire campaign staff missed the phone calls because they were all out ice fishing in Yakutsk with Putin’s “nieces” and “nephews” to get some emails the Russians hacked which detailed how the CIA has the ability to make it look like Russia hacked emails when they really didn’t.  George Takei and Roy Moore tagged along, but were disappointed when they learned that all of Putin’s family members are adults in high government and industrial positions.  Corey Feldman will suggest that he’ll make a movie about it if he can raise $20 million.  In the end, everybody will agree that it’s simply easier to blame Donna Brazile for everything that happened and the media will happily run with that narrative to distract from its own professional malpractice.

By now, I think it’s easier just to throw in with Alex Jones and say, “What the hell.  Obviously the entire Deep State, elected class, news media, and Hollywood are doing that whole Satanic pedophilia thing and it’s just going to implode on itself.  I’m getting drunk and waiting for WW3 to bring forth the cleanse.”  We might not have to wait long, if this keeps up:

Meanwhile, Senator Robert Menendez, the one elected official who has actually been indicted for something we know about, must be delighted to see that the sheer fullness of the 24 hour news cycle is keeping him under the radar.

Is anyone still just rooting for Trump to get impeached over Russia or for Hillary to get locked up anymore?  We obviously have deeper institutional problems than either one of them.  Not just our political institutions, but in every facet of the media that either glorifies the corruption for our entertainment or selectively ignores it for its own ideological preferences.

I won’t defend the indefensible, but I can’t see any outcome to all of these investigations that could possibly result in justice that doesn’t leave the District of Columbia and Hollywood in total ruin.  For example, my gut tells me that Roy Moore probably did have an inappropriate relationship with at least one minor.  Yeah, there’s reason to doubt the accusers and to question the timing, but the campaign’s response was far from satisfactory for alleviating my suspicions.  But how can the Senate threaten to refuse to allow Moore, who isn’t going to be charged with anything due to the sheer number of decades that have passed, to join the Senate while allowing Menendez to remain while he is currently on trial?  Why does McCain get to demand that Moore step down when he has plenty of baggage of his own?

Seeing Moore lose the election or withdraw his candidacy would be right if he really did what he’s accused of doing, but it would bring me no satisfaction.  I have no love for Moore, but I fully recognize that he will have been taken down by the creatures of the swamp and they will remain in place to carry on as they always have.  Maybe a bad guy will be kept out of the Senate, but the old, stinking order will win and they’ll have done it with their typical dirty tricks.  I think that sucks.

It’s no different with Hillary Clinton.  I don’t like her.  There shouldn’t be any doubt about that among anyone who reads RVS.  But what satisfaction am I to derive from seeing her prosecuted for any of her corrupt acts?  It doesn’t seem that it will change anything and it may even make things worse by pushing the partisan bitterness right over the top.  You anti-Trumpers must understand that the same applies if Trump is impeached over exaggerated charges of Russia collusion.  I don’t care how real you think it is.  I have serious concerns about the involvement of Obama’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies’ involvement in the election and, honestly, I’ll be livid if it’s all given a pass.  There are millions of Americans who agree and it’s going to get ugly if there is any impression that the law was unfairly applied to to reverse an election outcome that the demonstrably corrupt elites–on both sides of the aisle–didn’t like.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I want people to be held accountable.  It encourages me that a light is finally being shined on DC’s crooked lobbying, shady election practices,  Hollywood’s full depravity and the willing cooperation of the media in all of it.  My problem is that I’m fully torn between my cynicism that anything will really change if the findings don’t go far enough against the belief that if the findings do go far enough that we are really prepared to accept what it will mean.

In the “cynicism” case, will you be satisfied if Mueller completely destroys a few lobbying groups like Podesta’s but declines to pursue the federal bureaucracy and elected officials who benefited from their work?  What if we learn about the full extent of Hollywood sexual abuse and it only results in the retirement of a few of the worst offenders while leaving the old casting couch rules in place?

As for “going far enough”, can you personally handle knowing the complete truth if it means having to accept that the politicians you have been voting for years; who you have believed in and defended, advanced the interests of foreign governments and interests at your expense for the sake of their own power and wealth and sexual gratification?  Yeah, I know you all believe that it’s generally true that politicians are sleazeballs but if you don’t accept that you’ve been lied to and that our own political class is a clear and present danger to national security and decide that you’re going to do something about it, then nothing changes and we’re right back to my “cynicism” stance.  What if you find out that all of your favorite directors and actors have been sexually abusing vulnerable young actors and actresses for years?  Are you going to keep paying to see Hollywood movies and television shows knowing that you’re propping up an evil and abusive structure?  If so, you feed my cynicism.

This is an extraordinary time we’re living in, my bad hombres.  The accumulated sins of our institutional elites are being laid bare and it’s all on par with Bob Guccione’s Caligula. Both in terms of historical accuracy and the production of entertainment industry sleaze.  We have a rare opportunity to tear it all down, peacefully, and do better for ourselves and our nation’s future.  If we can only stop railing against each other and the “other’s” preferred scumbags long enough to bring down all of the scumbags.  If we pass on this opportunity to turn out all of the scumbags–again, peacefully–I doubt that it can be accomplished in the future without a lot of horror and pain.

Ah, well.  I suppose that’s a lot of self-righteous and sanctimonious ranting I just dropped there but I’m not going to bother editing it for clarity, coherence, or even sanity.  These are thoughts I’ve had for a few weeks and I can’t really put them together without just “freestyling” it like that.  Take it for what it is.

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Why does McCain get to demand that Moore step down when he has plenty of baggage of his own?

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Quite frankly I’m skeptical of all these accusations coming out now. Most will probably be disproved. On the other hand, maybe we won’t have any more self-congratulatory circle jerks in Hollywood anymore, which wouldn’t be that great a loss.

Cynical? Get your money out of the market and into gold if all of these institutions that you want taken down start coming close. Fantasy is one thing; the reality is millions of non-molesting and non-scandal ridden people will bear the brunt of the loss of these jobs and the ripple effect. Bullet with Butterfly Wings. Yes, it may happen anyway, but I have seen the impact that The Orange One’s tweets have on the market. So far there have been recoveries but one day that will end. I hope they leave his orange ass alone as long as they… Read more »


The Moore case is really simple- conservatives don’t want to lose the Senate seat and that is more important than the veracity of the allegations. A [alleged] child molester is better than a Democrat, apparently.

The Bill Clinton case is really simple – liberals don’t want to lose the White House and that is more important than the veracity of the allegations. A [alleged] sexual molester is better than a Republican, apparently.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

The silence is deafening here! I thought this nothing burger and obvious liberal witch hunt was supposed to blow away by now. What happened guys? This is a crazy world when republicans take sides with pedophiles, the fake news turned into the real news, and even (due to public testimony, unfortunately not minted as gospel on Fox News) the Russian dossier, at least in part, turns out to be true!!! Those durn liberals!! Right on cue, we have the partisan hacks digging out bill Clinton as defense for their pedophile worship. Hollywood doesn’t have shit on republicans. Their cult followers… Read more »

Bill Clinton

1) Bill Clinton would not have been replaced by a Republican. Al Gore has always been a Democrat.

2) I did not vote for Bill Clinton. I have no need to rationalize what he did. I know that I lean left compared to most on this blog, but I am not a Democrat.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter pfluffy he plucked that talking point right from hannity. The truth of the matter is the “what about?” Comparison is chickenshit nothing response. What bill Clinton did is past tense, wasn’t right when he did it, and shouldn’t inform anyone what to do about Roy Moore. In essence even if Clinton were an apples to apples “gotcha” comparison to Roy Moore (he’s not), what he did was wrong but not an accusation of pedophilia. He’s essentially saying you should suck it up about tolerating pedophilia in politics because bill Clinton fucked around on his wife.… Read more »


1) Bill Clinton would not have been replaced by a Republican. Al Gore has always been a Democrat.

I’m talking about the 96 election after the allegations came out. Most of them didn’t hit the public eye until after he was in office for the first term. But the Dems sure didn’t mind keeping him in in 96, incidentally while the whole Lewinsky thing was going on. Whether or not you voted for him, the statement you made applies to both sides equally.

Whether or not you voted for him, the statement you made applies to both sides equally.

As does yours. I’m assuming you didn’t complain about ‘the whole Lewisnky thing’ in 96..

Whataboutism works both ways.


As does yours. I’m assuming you didn’t complain about ‘the whole Lewisnky thing’ in 96..

Whataboutism works both ways.

Whataboutism only applies if you can prove Moore is guilty. We know Clinton had sexual relations with multiple women, and settled out of court with one woman that we know of. If Moore is guilty, he should drop out, and be castrated as far as I’m concerned (I don’t like child molesters). But he should be given the same benefit of the doubt that Clinton received. Thus far there is no evidence, and extremely questionable timing.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

That is an astonishing leap of faith there. There are five accusations of sexual misconduct with teens while Moore was 30 years old and a district attorney. One victim was fourteen years old at the time. Mitch McConnell has gone on record saying he thinks the allegations are true, as have other republican senators. His own townsfolk said it was so well known in the city about his sexually predatory nature of teenage girls that the idea of defending him is laughable. He should at least be suspended with or without pay until this is dissed out. Indeed, Harvey Weinstein… Read more »

Whataboutism only applies if you can prove Moore is guilty.

So why did you bring it up then? if you’re not drawing moral equivalence then I’m not sure what your point was other than to deflect the question.

Whataboutism is about changing the subject so you don’t have to answer the question. It’s happened here – within one comment we’ve gone about talking about Moore to getting people to defend Clinton.

Seriously – I think that the Clintons should do the world a favour and just voluntarily go to jail – that Trump media can’t use the tactic.

There is growing evidence that Moore is guilty of at least skeezy trolling for teenage femme at malls and high schools. He is really not worth defending at this point. There are better politicians and if they get started they may be able to mount a credible write-in campaign. It could work in a solid red state like Alabama.. Of course they have to get Moore off the ticket. Roy Moore will likely not serve much time in the Senate anyway. As for my statement that they would rather have a pedophile than a Democrat; that statement still stands. They… Read more »

If Moore wins, and then the GOP removes him from office… oh boy, that will start a royal rumble. To many in AL, it would signal that the Establishment doenst give 2 shits about voters and will reenforce the view that the establishment is a corrupt plutocracy.


So this happened.

Officials with the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island said one of their aircraft was involved in the obscene skywritings spotted in Okanogan County.

Photos sent to KREM 2 by multiple sources show skydrawings of what some people are saying is male genitalia. Some sources have even tweeted pictures of what they saw.

I want to shake that pilot’s hand. That’s some fancy flying.

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