It sure seems that way.  There have been enough circumstantial events over the last year or so in which anyone who criticizes Trump appears to invoke some sort of karmic retribution that I’m becoming a tad superstitious.  It happens frequently enough, that there’s a whole blog devoted to the phenomenon.

The latest victim of this bizarre meme is Lindsey Vonn.

Skiing star Lindsey Vonn suffered a back injury during a World Cup super-G race in Switzerland Saturday, two days after she criticized President Donald Trump in an interview about next year’s Winter Olympics…

…The two-time Olympic medalist told CNN in an interview that aired Thursday that she would “absolutely not” visit the White House if the United States Olympic team gets a traditional post-games invitation.

Speaking of CNN, it managed to shit the bed yet again.  This time, it posted a sensational story revealing that Donald Trump Jr had received an email from Wikileaks with the DNC in advance of the public release.  They heard about this through “multiple sources”.   The problem is that it wasn’t accurate.  DJT Jr received the information at the same time everybody else did: when Wikileaks publicly released it.   “Multiple sources” failed to read the date and CNN’s editors did as well.

Curious to know who could have misled CNN?  Well, they’re not saying.  It’s not like the sources did anything serious which might drive CNN to unmask them.

Oh, and then to put a punctuation mark on their appalling week, they let this happen.

CNN is clearly marked.  I wouldn’t stand too close to any of its reporters if you happen to catch one out in the open.  Might be some Final Destination shit about to happen to one wherever he or she goes.

The Mueller investigation is disintegrating under reports about how hopelessly politicized it is.  Most troubling to me is that Mueller knew full well that Strzok’s integrity was highly questionable, removed him from the investigation, covered it up, and then prosecuted Flynn partially on the strength of Strzok’s findings.  I’ve gone from “I’d be okay with Trump pardoning Flynn” to “No, I rather insist that Trump pardon Flynn.”  This is a sham.

Another sham was Congressman Al Green’s effort to impeach Trump this week for being racist or some such noise.  Like the GOP’s repeated efforts to repeal Obamacare (which lasted until they finally had the ability to actually do it), it was a symbolic gesture.  But I wonder if Green hasn’t scored an “own goal” against his own party.  Notably, the House Democratic leadership stopped him from doing this back in May and were against it this week too.

The reason is that Pelosi knows full well that Republicans will turn out for the 2018 midterms with high voter enthusiasm if they are fearful that the Democrats will immediately begin impeachment proceedings if they retake the House.  Similarly, independents will be reluctant to vote for Democrats if they see that the party has nothing to offer policy-wise and intends to put the nation through the drama of another impeachment trial.

Pelosi knew what she was doing in 2006 when she declared that impeachment of Bush was “off the table” should the Democrats win the House.  This time, Green has created a situation in which the Democrats now appear not only eager to impeach Trump, but that they’re willing to do it for no reason that amounts to a “high crime or misdemeanor”.   Pro-Trump Republicans are watching and they will respond.  I have to wonder how much of it shows how hard it is for Pelosi to control her party, between those who want to pragmatically win re-election and those who simply want to fight Trump no matter how futile and unrealistic it is.  They should beware.  The latter hasn’t been working out for CNN.

James Woods is the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse.  There’s War, Pestilence, Plague, Famine, and now Shitposting.

I know I posted this in last week’s thread, but I’m curious to know how everyone in the US fares under the GOP’s new tax rates on the Tax Plan Calculator.  My family comes out ahead by a couple of thousand dollars.  When we get raises in 2018, it’ll fall to a surplus of a few hundred dollars though.

If you don’t want to argue the pro or cons of any of the Trump news, feel free to discuss your position on the Wildfire Bunny Man.

I think what he did was reckless and idiotic.  Fires occur in nature and nature’s creatures no how to handle it.  Or they die.  It’s the way of the world.  Nobody should risk their lives during national disasters for such ridiculous pursuits.  The media definitely shouldn’t lionize people who do such reckless things either.  It’s irresponsible.

What about you?  You want Rabbit Jesus to get a medal?

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Tough crowd. Cant even get a liberal feel good from a guy showing compassion for a wild animal? It’s going to be pretty somber and bitchy here early next year when the egg is finally all over your faces from the Russia investigations. 1.) Trump can only pardon Flynn and Manafort for the federal crimes. The size of the bread crumb trail Meuller’s been dropping for state investigators might as well be baguette loaves at a time. 2.) I was very surprised to see Bloomberg and CNN fall for another shitposter, but one read through the stories (even before they… Read more »

At least she only got injured. Hillary would have had people dropping like flies.

Meanwhile, there may be a bright spot for Democrats:

It’s David Brooks, but he has a point-the GOP simply can’t win if it isn’t able to carry over into the next generation who will be voting after they get out of their campus safe spaces. And they won’t be voting for their grandparents’ party.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Who do you think does not understand how congress is elected? Are you trying to be condescending or do you really imagine me ever saying “California and New York will wish a democratic congressional majority into existence”? I don’t know where you think these trump faithful are, because I think you’re the deluded one in this instance. Assuming every eligible person in your household voted next year you’d be outvoted 2:1 in your own home I’d wager, and looking st the most recent elections in Virginia and elsewhere I’m here to tell you the day of reckoning is already upon… Read more »

With the shear volume of people trying to crap on trump, there is bound to be a few that will spectacularly step in it and get splattered. As far as Flynn? Muller has nothing, and seems to be expanding his search to anything everything around him in hope of getting some procedural crime or some vague tax, corporate wrongdoing. Why work a plea deal for just lying, about something that is frigging minor, and not connected to what he has been tasked with, searching for a connection between Trump and Russian intelligence. If Trump was a ruski stooge, you think… Read more »

under the senate tax plan we would receive about 2,500 more back. not bad that pay for my new back deck.

The guy that rescued that rabbit , was foolish noble, but foolish, it will probably get him laid, but the risk was not worth it.

Im still amazed that California still will not address one of the root causes of these fires, the build up of brush, trees in these areas, controlled burns, firebreaks, and selective logging will go a long way in keeping these fires from spreading so fast.
Another thing is the fact that most of southern California is a frigging dessert, or near dessert, and has been for the last 30,000 years.

The leftist loon defeated the creepy loon in Alabama. Sometimes we really do get the politicians we deserve.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Grendel- arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, and Texas all have deserts are we supposed to not live their either? I’ll give you the point about controlled burns but let’s add the caveat for the “hindsight 20/20” superheroes: California had record rainfall LESS THAN A YEAR AGO, followed by yet another unprecedented dry spell the last few months. I say unprecedented because it’s never been this dry in recorded history. Precipitation is at less than 5 percent in the coastal areas (note: not desert. Coast! California shares a Mediterranean coastal climate that is almost uniform from San Diego to northern… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I don’t know where you think these trump faithful are, because I think you’re the deluded one in this instance. Assuming every eligible person in your household voted next year you’d be outvoted 2:1 in your own home I’d wager, and looking st the most recent elections in Virginia and elsewhere I’m here to tell you the day of reckoning is already upon us.

Mark another one up as well. The fifth most conservative state in the nation just did the country a solid and decided to take out the trash.

It’s happening…..

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Heh. Whelp, looks like Rosenstein ain’t getting rid of mueller. Are there any other spittle flecked, howl at the moon, nutty as a squirrel turd conspiracy theories that fox is pushing that we missed?


Speaking of spittle flecked. I’ll just leave this here.

Someone throw NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a life preserver — the average TV audience for games through Week 14 sank even deeper behind those through the period last season.

Amid a national outcry over players kneeling for the national anthem, and criticism over poor on-field play, the average TV audience through last Monday night dipped to 8.4 percent below last year — worse than a 7.9 percent deficit one week earlier.

The NFL is now averaging 15.3 million viewers per game this season, down from 16.7 million last season, according to Nielsen.


The reconciled bill is out.

According to the tax calculator site you linked to, which has been updated with the new bill info, I should save about $5,000.

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