The implacable vengeance of the #MeToo movement remained ascendant this week, bringing down yet more powerful celebrities, journalists, and politicians.  Conservative evangelical Roy Moore was told to fuck both himself and the horse he literally rode in on in one of the most conservative evangelical Republican of conservative evangelical Republican states.  We learned that Ishtar wasn’t the worst thing Dustin Hoffman did in the 1980’s.  Tavis Smiley did something to somebody at some point.  Honestly, I don’t know who he is so I didn’t have anything funny to say about it.  Maybe I’ll edit this later.

It’s only a matter of time before this movement starts destroying the lives and careers of complete everyday nobodies as well.  The Patriarchy, or whatever is left of it, is on the fast track to ruin and many will burn in its fiery collapse.

Those days in which an unattractive man with wealth and power could score with a hot chick are already fading away like bare midriffs by the late 2000’s.  There remains virtually no situation or topic in which accusations of sexually predatory behavior can’t be injected and if you can’t see it, you’re part of the problem as I understand it.  I can’t even tell what’s parody or what I’m genuinely supposed to be ashamed of anymore.

So this is our last hurrah.  Our last chance to glory in the good old days of the objectification of women.  Share the music now before it’s banned!

This week’s categories:

  1. I said it must be the ass ’cause it ain’t ya face – Sexism!  Songs about chasing gorgeous women or videos that use them basically as props.
  2. In the midnight hour, she cried Moore, Moore, Moore! – Very similar to the above, but there has to be a creep factor.  Dating high school girls, stalking, etc.  Can be parody or played straight.  As a personal favor, please find me videos with beautiful women acting like they’re attracted to the ugliest, nastiest-looking guys for all the wrong reasons.  There’s something hilarious about that to me.  I don’t know why.
  3. Selfsploitation – Female artists who got far coasting on their sluttiness and good looks with very little talent behind any of it.

The dedications:

pfluffy: She’s hot, half-naked, and totally not into him.  I LOVE THIS ONE.  Wicked Game by Chris Isaak.

Santino: This one may be too on-the-nose.  High School Confidential by Jerry Lee Lewis

WVR: That last one led me to this one.  I don’t know why, but I’ve always interpreted this song as him being in a thing with a younger but sexually curious and ultra-horny girl.  Like that 22 year old guy with a shitty mustache who still dates high school girls–and yet they still think he’s cute.  It’s probably says more about my dirty mind than the Big Bopper’s.  Chantilly Lace.

JDPS: Just how outdated is my knowledge of the rap genre?  It’s this bad.  The video is on par with Tip Drill in terms of fappiness though.

And that’s it.  Easy week for dedications.  I might have to start calling people out.


  1. #3 – This Should Suffice (we will never speak of it again)

    See, this is another case of you and Mrs Thrill agreeing on something where I was less sure. I had a hard time putting Spears in the “no talent” bin. Never cared for her, but I did think she could sing and dance well enough.

    Mrs Thrill just gave me a disgusted look for it. Ah well. Guess I’m outnumbered.

    This one is unquestionable. We shall not speak of it either.

    Here’s one in #2 that’s sufficiently squick for #2:

    17 by Warrant –

  2. High School Confidential by Jerry Lee Lewis

    Which reminds me…

    17 by Warrant

    Which reminds me…

    Okay, now I have to do some thinking of my own.

    A couple from the Beastie Boys

    Does this count as a beautiful woman after an ugly guy?

    Nice on the eyes, not so good on the ears

  3. This one is unquestionable. We shall not speak of it either.

    WOW! I am proud to say that until today, I walked the earth not knowing that Paris Hilton sang. Amazing!

  4. WOW! I am proud to say that until today, I walked the earth not knowing that Paris Hilton sang. Amazing!

    Yeah, if you ever see “Repo: The Genetic Opera”, she has a big part in that too.

  5. Well, there’ plenty of good new rap out there. Here’s action Bronson for Thrill. Not enough fat, white chefs turned rap that have legitimate skills:

    Strictly 4 my Jeeps:

    Baby Blue:

    *props for the Coming to America theme

    From the GTA V sound track (with the alchemist–from Beatie Boys and Eminem fame):

    Actin Crazy:


    For Santino:

    A melancholy winter love song with your morning coffee (DJ Snake-Middle)

    *great video too!

    The Weeknd (ft. Daft Punk): Starboy

    (the Weeknd is the only artist Prince endorsed as an actual talent in our time before he passed)

    (also Canadian 🙂 )

    Justin Bieber x Skrillex x Diplo-where are U now:

    (Another Canadian! Amazing song, believe me! Amazing video! Give it a watch!)

    I am a belieber in his adult career!

    Im making pfluffy’s atm so I’ll have that up after lunch. Give these a listen team, there’s some really good new music out there!

  6. Kiss – (You Make Me) Rock Hard

    Damn it! I knew there was a Kiss video out there somewhere that fit #2. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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