By the time you read this I will be in Paris!  Yep, for reasons known only to her, my Aunt decided to take the entire family to Paris for Christmas and who were we to say no?  So about 10 of us are piling into a barge on the Seine for 10 days. That, and the fact that I don’t have to put up and take down decorations is the best it will get all year.

All the bad news can wait because IT’S FUCKING CHRISTMAS !!!  I am giving it my all this year because I know that I will have to white knuckle the rest of the winter hunkered down like a fucking hermit until the sun shines again. So, Christmas cheer we shall have.

I like the whole thing – Santa, reindeer, songs, gaily wrapped packages, cookies, lights in the neighborhood, all of it.  I have never gotten past the kid stuff of it.  I have been known to have Christmas tree and house lights up until March, when I finally realize that my Mom isn’t taking it all down for me. I have also been known to move the whole thing right to the garage intact except for glass ornaments. Those I manage to get into a box because stepping on little bitty bits of glass while I am still hibernating sucks.

This year, though will be bit of an adventure. I have never spent Christmas away and it has never really occurred to me to since Christmas plays out the same way each year and I enjoy it. I did have Thanksgiving dinner at the Armenian Ambassador’s house in 1995, which was very nice. That was work-related though and my plans changed.  The Christmas lights in Paris are supposed to be stunning.

So, the Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of Hannukahs (I think that’s over?) to all of you that check in for some music sharing and the occasional political scrum.  It will be 2018 before you hear from me again.

  1. Tidings of Comfort and Joy – Play happy and joyful songs.  Songs that make you feel good and, um, joyful.
  2. We Wish You a Merry Christmas – Play all your favorite Christmas songs.  I like them all, from Burl Ives to metal.  I will be able to access the songs on my tablet, just not post.
  3. 12 Days of Christmas- Not this year! No one’s getting shit, I’m saving my money for Paris fashions bread, wine, cheese and coffee. Play some Grinch-y humbug shit and odes to Ebenezer Scrooge.

Here is the Christmas Playlist:

Christmas Dedications:

Thrill – Baby It’s Cold Outside

WVR – Santa Baby!

Santino – You’re A Mean One Mr Grinch

JDPS – Christmas In Hollis


  1. Thrill – Baby It’s Cold Outside

    See, that works. When the genders are reversed, it’s actually sexy and not at all date rapey. I like that.

    pfluffy, thank you for carrying so many DJ threads this year and making them shine with your astounding creativity and superb musical taste! I honor you now with one of my favorite Christmas tracks from a very unlikely artist.

    Little Drummer Boy by Bad Religion –

    Be safe in your travels.

    My second favourite Christmas song for Thrill (just because )

    Yes! George Michael songs are always a hit with me.

    For you, a special dedication from a true Canadian icon.

    Winterlong by Neil Young –

    spootyjjim, I sympathize with you and am an ally in Scrooginess. For you, here is one gift I’ve been saving that brings me joy because I like the song and the girl who sings the backup vocals.

    Africa by Leo Moracchioli feat. Rabea & Hannah (Toto cover) –

    Grendel, I’ve been saving this one for you for a while. It’s not a Christmas song, but it fills me with joy because I can’t decide for sure if it’s really awesome or utterly hilarious or a bit of both. That girl’s voice….

    Pisces by Jinjer –

    WVR, you get something special for being perhaps our earliest and most dedicated commenter. We are most grateful! This one’s from my all-time favorite Christmas album.

    Silver Bells by Twisted Sister –

    More to follow. Let nobody be forgotten.

  2. JDPS, you are one of the coolest motherfuckers I have ever known and a brilliant artist. A high point of 2017, for me, was getting to meet you and take a tour of real L.A.. Only my favorite member of the Rat Pack is worthy of your swagger.

    A Marshmallow World by Dean Martin –

    ilovecress, I mean no disrespect to anyone else, but nobody makes me think and question my own views in discussion like you do, nor do they accomplish it with such wit and cleverness. I’m pleased to share this with you, from Mrs Thrill’s favorite movie (which has become one of my great guilty pleasures).

    Christmas is All Around by Billy Mack –

    kevinmkr, you’re been absent for too long but I know you’re busy. From one dad to another, get your boy into the finest of holiday classics: Nightmare Before Christmas.

    What’s This? By Danny Elfman –

    Zurvan, I salute you as the man I most frequently agree with around here, even though you’re an unwashed heathen who fails to appreciate the genius of Rian Johnson’s vision. You should tell me next time you make it out to KC. Lunch is on me. Now let us reflect one of our finest and most joyful shared experiences in 2017, though separated by days and miles.

    Red Hill Mining Town by U2 (Live in Phoenix) –

    CM, we’ll never agree on shit but I don’t want to be anyone’s enemy. Merry Christmas to you! I just wish I could figure out why you keep accusing me of being a fascist. Ah well. Here’s one of the all time greats.

    dakrat, I know you’re still lurking. Try to check in a bit more often, please!

    Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton –

    brownbag! Don’t think I’d ever forget you. You were the first member of the VO. you are a true Christian gentleman and an unexcelled patriot. My respect for you is boundless.

    Christmas in America by Kenny Rogers –

    And last but not least, our Glorious Super Administrator, zoom! You’ve built us a wonderful home and kept it running all year with nary a blip or a skip. Your technical prowess should be appropriately hailed.

    Christmix by Skrillex and Zomboy –

    God, that was kind of awful. Sorry about that.

    I sincerely hope I didn’t forget anyone. If I did, please chime in with a “Merry Fucking Christmas, Thrill, you asshole” and I’ll give you your due. This is also a good time for any lurkers who would like to make themselves known and be welcomed.

  3. Grendel, I’ve been saving this one for you for a while. It’s not a Christmas song, but it fills me with joy because I can’t decide for sure if it’s really awesome or utterly hilarious or a bit of both. That girl’s voice….
    holy shit!!! wow,. that is awesome.

  4. christmas songs.,.. i generally hate them, why? between modern fake as crap cringe inducing positive reinforcement sticky sweet shit that is spewed by every other contemporary artists every fricking Christmas…. where was i?..
    i do like some of the older ones…
    bear with me.

    Dean Martin let it snow.

    Little Drummer Boy

    Do you hear what i hear?……………………… no i fracking nearly deaf!

    ok i did not know this existed. Metallica— Carol of the bells
    This is the one i wnated.
    the Claymation version is one of my favorites
    Mr. Grinch
    O’ Tannenbaum

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