I mean, I did give out some tasteful and very generous song dedications on the Friday music thread but that’s neither here nor there.  I have no commentary on any of the juicy current events from the last week. You have Jill Stein and Russia; Obama and Hezbollah; McCabe and the Dossier; the tax cut and surprise corporate bonuses; The Alt-Right vs The Last Jedi; Trump and tank killing missiles for Ukraine; Senator Scott and tokenism; and Rosie O’Donnell and a public bribery attempt.  No, I’m not messing with it at this time.

Instead, I offer you peace and tranquility on this holiest of holidays in the West.  A rare moment in political discussion where kindness and agreeableness reigns supreme.  Unfortunately, that requires not discussing politics at all so I’m taking Christmas off.

Not that I would presume to tell you what to do, but I’m totally going to do that and suggest that you should stop reading political blogs and go spend time with family and friends.  Or go, I don’t know, help the homeless or some shit like that if you aren’t on speaking terms with loved ones.  Disconnect and go find you some happiness somewhere, man.

Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas Thrill. Thanks to all for the early gift of RVS!!!!

Merry Christmas ya’ll, we got snow for Christmas eve day here , in our new home, we are very happy got family coming up tonight for food and drinks, should be a very nice evening.


Is http://right-thinking.com/ down for anyone else? I haven’t been able to get to it in the last few days.


I can’t get on there either.


Yeah, it’s down. No idea what’s going on. I just let Hal know.


Honestly, I figured JimK finally got around to pulling the plug on RT. That site has been a zombie for so long that it’s way past time for a mercy killing.


Fun trivia fact. Before launching RVS, we initially looked at having JimK transfer RTFLC to us when it looked like the site was finally going to die.

He ended up deciding to keep it going and so RVS came to be.


I found RT right after 9/11, along with Stephen DenBeste and other luminaries of the nascent right wing blogosphere. While I was already conservative I took in many sources to help shape and define what I truly believed and why.

Lee dying was a blow, since he was not a few years older than me – a contemporary. While carrying on RT was a noble experiment, it’s probapast time to turn the lights off.

I’ll give Hal credit for trying to shoulder the burden, but when the magic is gone, it’s gone.


I’ve always read both widely and diversely, and often I seek out sources that challenge me to dig deep and objectively justify my beliefs to myself. I take nothing on faith specifically because I know how awful humans are, so I always want multiple sources just so I can avoid confirmation biases both implicit and explicit. What I don’t need is more posts about how orange literally Hitler is causing the apocalypse by his latest tweet storm. It doesn’t add anything to the conversation. I can get that anywhere. That shit is why I unfriended half of the people on… Read more »

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