Here we are, at the end of the first year of the Ridiculous Viking Stuff blog.  By my guesstimate, we have maybe 30 dedicated readers, about 1900 Twitter followers (maybe 50 of whom are real people), and a small presence on a couple of other social media sites.  We are proudly ad-free and anonymous.

We’re small potatoes, as far as blogs go.  But none of us went into this blog seeking great fame and fortune or even a guest spot on Fox News.  All we ever wanted to do is provide a spot for friends to come together and discuss politics and culture as good and decent people might casually do at a bar.  We’re not out to change the world.  Instead, I’m far more interested in getting perspectives on what my friends think about what’s happening in our world and interpreting how it affects them.

Those of you who check in each week aren’t getting any wisdom from the mountain from any high-IQ individuals (I guarantee that).  We’re not big shots who possess any insider information.  We get our information from the same places you do, or at least have access to, and offer our own perspectives.   You come here and comment and you’re on equal footing with everyone else.  Nobody who speaks up is made to be a dumbass, no arguments are invalid, and nobody need have any fear of banning or ostracism for voicing an unpopular opinion.

No one in 2017 knew who we are besides you, but I say that RVS is truly the blog the world of 2017 needed.  No matter how unpredictable and tumultuous our world or how depressing the cable news warp is, you will always have a place where you are welcome and sanity reigns, even when it’s being silly.  Whether it’s just five of us or five hundred, I never want to see that change.

Even though politics and culture are the bread and butter of RVS, they’re pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things.  It’s easy to be a divisive asshole, as the existence of millions of partisan blogs and cable news shows proves.  And Congress, for that matter.  The real challenge, and the more rewarding one, is to build understanding, consensus, and respect.  It is almost totally ignored in our current political environment.

But let’s face it.  I don’t have the wherewithal to change your opinion on Trump or tax cuts or socialized health care or anything like that.  I’m a stubborn bastard and you probably aren’t going to change mine either.  Not quickly anyway.  But you can certainly turn me on to a good book, an informative video, an enlightening article, or other content and broaden my mind.  When you do, I’m a better man for it.

It’s for this reason that pfluffy and I put together these music posts each week.  Neither of us will ever fully agree with each other on politics, but I can’t tell you how many times she’s introduced me to a new song or band.  I’ve come to respect her intelligence and taste and you know what has come of it?  When she disagrees with me on any topic, I listen to what she has to say.  Kevinmkr is a flaming liberal, but damn it; the man knows quality music and beer.  If he has that going for him, I have learned that I can trust his viewpoints to be well thought out and reasoned even when they are in conflict with my own.  Those are just a couple of countless examples.

So the music posts are not the reason for the existence of RVS, but they are its heart and soul.  Our promise to you is that there will be a music post every Friday in 2018 regardless of whether or not I keep fellating Trump continue espousing opinions that don’t align with your own.

This week’s theme is about what RVS has done for you this year.  Did anyone introduce you to any new music?  Did you have a particular theme that you really liked?  Did your opinion of another member of the RVS group change when you found out that he or she liked the same music you do?  Is there a particular song that you think expresses the spirit of this silly place?  Let’s have some feedback.  I’m also interested in any new music you discovered in 2017 from other sources.

No dedications this week.  The New Year is all about starting with a clean slate, for good or bad.

First up is a song that I think expresses the environment we’ve been cultivating all year.  The Cheers Theme.

From Santino, I got a Muse song I hadn’t heard before.  Love this one!  Reapers by Muse.

What was my favorite music post this year?  It was pfluffy’s Biohazardous Crime Scene Edition.  That fucking picture…I swear.  Let’s have some more GG Allin.  Don’t Talk To Me.

Of my own contributions, I had a lot of fun writing the Maple Leaf Edition post.  I need to open up more opportunities in 2018 for you guys to pick a general theme and for me to try to make it work.  It generated some inspired selections.  Coax Me by Sloan.

A major trend for me in 2017 was that I rediscovered my love for Hair Metal.  I’ve been jamming to a lot of it recently alongside Thrill Jr.  He inexplicably loves it.  Primal Scream by Motley Crue.

But did you guys get me into anything new?  You bet your sweet ass you did.  Here are a few that were added to my library after I heard them for the first time on an RVS music post.  Some were also found when I was searching around for something I knew you would like that I wouldn’t normally have been looking for myself.

Change by Killing Joke

Obsession by Terminatryx

Fiddler’s Green by The Tragically Hip

Apologies to Gavin Rossdale.  I know we said we’d include a Bush song every week and I’ve totally lapsed on that.  You’re still our official celebrity and if you’re reading this, I hope you know that we love you and completely forgive you for cheating on Gwen Stefani.  Mouth by Bush.

Here’s an artist I discovered in 2017, that I love.  High Enough by K. Flay.

The Official Song of the Thrill Family circa 2017. Yeah, I drive a Kia.  Fuck you.  Middle Fingers by Missio.

Finally, I gained a deeper appreciation for Audioslave with Chris Cornell’s passing this year.  Shadow on the Sun.

Come on.  Tell me what we do for you.

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I was genuinely touched by your Maple Leaf Edition post.

I think the picture pfluffy posted with the Biohazard Crime Scene edition won the Internet in 2017.

I rather enjoyed zoomwsu’s trance set –

KMFDM was a great revelation to me –

Lil Peep was a pretty good find as well –

keep fellating Trump

This is why I will read this blog until the day that I die.


I got into Death From Above this year. Good to hear some good heavy rock.

Same goes for Royal Blood.

And of course, there’s always Muse. New this year.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Killers next week.

Thrill,. you have tagged me with some really neat stuff. most certifiably music that i would normally never hear. I cant remember whom introduced m e to this band here. Rita May Young- The Record Company. Turns out one of my FB friends knows the gal in the video Katie Sunshine, shes a hooper too. That lead to 2 other bands In Hell ill be in good Company- The Dead South … and Raise A Little Hell – Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band This Queen cover. then there is this chick… and this Norwegian guy that does metal covers. keep… Read more »


Kiss This by The Struts –

Man, I was wracking my brain about that one! I searched high and low for it on RVS. That was one of your 1st dedications to me I believe (maybe it was on RTFTLC?). Anyway, I LOVE that song!

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