Okay, Americans, let’s see if I have it right.  The President has three former campaign employees and one former Administration individual under indictment.  Another one just accused his son of committing treason and thinks his son-in-law is going down for money laundering.   His campaign opponent is under investigation over her emails again and her most trusted adviser had emails with critical passwords stored on a laptop belonging to her sex offender husband.  His predecessor’s Department of Justice built a case against him and turned the national security apparatus against his campaign during an election apparently based on a discredited intelligence dossier.  The former FBI Director that the President fired leaked confidential memos to the press and his former deputy is also under a cloud of suspicion.  Oh, and the Deputy Attorney General and the Special Counsel he appointed are being sued by one of the aforementioned campaign employees for over-reaching.

Whew.  With that much rampant criminality all over the ruling class, I’m not sure it’s possible for anyone to be over-reaching in investigating it all (though there are concerns about equal enforcement of the law to be considered).

In less-American societies, rampant corruption on the level we appear to be experiencing among the powerful is usually resolved with a military coup or the guillotine, historically speaking.  However, the United States has zero chance of resolving the current logjam as long as we keep pretending that one side or the other is wholly innocent and the other is unquestionably guilty.

It’s time to lock EVERYBODY up.  Trump, both Clinton’s, Obama, Huma, Don Jr, Fredo, Cheryl Mills, every lobbyist, and every member of Congress whose net worth more than tripled during his or her term of office.  No more political witch hunts from the likes of Starr, Fitzgerald, or Mueller.  No more pointless Congressional hearings dominated by personalities from the majority party who are out for good YouTube soundbites.

We need a People’s Tribune to clear them all out and restore the rule of law.

Ah, forget it.  Jeff Sessions is handling it.  Take that, Cheech!

In the spirit of demanding justice be served to our depraved ruling elites, let’s have some music about paying for one’s crimes.  Here are the categories:

  1. Joodjishul Shyshtem! – Really simple.  Music about going to prison or from artists who served time.  Can also include selections about other run-ins with the law.
  2. Department of Corrections – Songs that were so-so when performed by the original artist and substantially redeemed by subsequent ones.  Yes, this is for covers…but try to focus on those that surpassed the originals in quality.
  3. My Own Prison – Are you coming up short on 1 and 2?  You can go “easy mode” with songs about anything commonly associated with prison life.  Isolation, regimentation, lack of privacy, butt sex, bootlegging, homebrew distilleries, showering with other people.  Be creative.

Rock Bottom Bonus.  The mighty doth fall.  Find me clips of performances by once-unstoppable artists when they had clearly reached the end of the ride.  Even the greatest icons may see their voices break, forget the words to their own songs, fall off the stage, or marry a Kardashian.  If ever there was a time to show America that the rich and famous can be brought down, it’s now.

Here are dedications for the condemned:

pfluffy: Captive Honor by Megadeth

WVR: Jail Guitar Doors by The Clash

Santino: 38 Years Old by The Tragically Hip 

Grendel: Prison Bound by Social Distortion

Don’t get checked, bitches.

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I’ll take the cue from your picture – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG0fS4DoGUc

38 Years Old by The Tragically Hip

You’re impressing me with your Tragically Hip arsenal!

#1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXXO9_3gb3o
#2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D9vAItORgE
#2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq32P9xIv9E (probably a tie with Joni Mitchell)

Bonus – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1wGhtOhH2k
Possible bonus, getting attacked on stage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1wGhtOhH2k


You’re impressing me with your Tragically Hip arsenal!

Like the Borg, I just assimilate what I see. I wouldn’t even know about them if not for you.

Very strong lead in there, Santino. I’ll throw down with some System of a Down:

A Jeff Sessions dedication with Prison Song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yndfqN1VKhY

This is crazy offensive, but it always makes me laugh. Nick Cave should keep his day job, nonetheless.

“What’s fat, lives next door and cuts up little girls?”


Some Johnny Cash


Everyone beat me to Jailbreak!

Yes, GG Allin did time for setting a girl on fire.



GG Allin is getting to be our mascot around here.

Here’s a classic.

18 and Life by Skid Row – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O317T6Zlno

James Brown is Dead


Sorry about the duplicate Folsom Prison Blues!

18 and Life by Skid Row

Loved it in my 80’s hair band days.


Sorry about the duplicate Folsom Prison Blues!

No worries! Everyone is delivering this week.

Everyone is delivering this week.

Needs Leonard Cohen



Keeping it moving.

The Tower by Ice-T – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH-Ydt-S-pY



Hah, I’d almost forgotten about that one.



Hah, I’d almost forgotten about that one.

I should be shot for forgetting that one!

Band on the Run



Welcome back pfluffy! Hope you had a good time in gay Paree.

I’m going to stretch this a bit, with the dialogue from Cool Hand Luke.



RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARW! Prepare now for Kay Em Eff Dee Emm!



sorry im late guys…

Prison bound?? LOL,, they’ll never take em alive!!!

well heres my prison song.

Prison bitch.

Welcome back pfluffy! Hope you had a good time in gay Paree.

Thanks, Santino! We had a great time and could have used a few more days. I suppose that is a good sign of a successful vacation!

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