It turns out that The Last Jedi hasn’t generated much interest in China.

While I’ll stop just short of calling the People’s Republic of China a shithole country, I will say that it has a shithead moviegoing audience.  We’re doomed to get five more of those truly terrible Transformers movies and maybe a Warcraft sequel because of how easily dazzled Chinese audiences are by their video game-like gaudy special effects, nonsensical stories, and utterly forgettable and interchangeable characters.  Yes, the world’s most populous country has shit taste among those who are privileged enough to pay to see our shit movies.

I wish they would quit buying tickets to all American movies so that Hollywood would stop making movies for them and focus on us again.  Also, it would help if we could get some more pro-American movies while they’re at it, but I know it’s got to be one step at a time.

It should be mentioned that I don’t share the WCB’s joy over the (relative) underperformance of The Last Jedi. I am a fan of WCB but I disagree with his viewpoint.  Instead, I still maintain that the film is great and that appreciation will grow for it over time.  We’ve already discussed the merits of the movie on another thread, so I’m not going to do so again here.

Instead, I want to say that given what we know about the horrible preferences PRC audiences have when it comes to sci-fi movies, nobody should be taking their low enthusiasm for The Last Jedi as confirmation that the movie isn’t any good.  It’s something else.  Like an American Democrat, I’m left with only option when I need to attribute a cause to something I can’t logically explain.  That option is to suggest that racism is behind it.

I’ve read a few articles and watched a few other YouTubers discussing this topic and haven’t yet seen anyone else suggest that racism is the reason for The Last Jedi’s performance in China.  Most of the people who are highlighting the box office returns seem to think it’s because of the quality of the movie.  But again, audiences in the PRC aren’t a reliable focus group for what is or isn’t a good film.  They just like ‘splosions and Last Jedi has lots of big ‘splosions.

Does anybody else remember back when the movie posters for The Force Awakens actually cut out John Boyega? The Chinese, being Communists, naturally deny that their society has any sort of prejudice whatsoever but I don’t believe it any more than that anti-Semitism didn’t exist in the Soviet Union.

I’m going to say it outright.  I think the PRC audiences were turned off by the Rose (Vietnamese gal) and Finn (black dude) love story.  If true, it’s…well…it’s pretty damn funny because it may be the first example of a studio promoting more diversity in a franchise and actually reducing its cross-cultural appeal rather than strengthening it.

Again, nobody is really talking about this, but what if it’s true?  The first question is whether or not Disney will figure this out before the next movie.  I’d say if they promptly kill Rose off in Episode IX, we’ll know why.  The next question is to what absurd lengths will the studios have to go in order to ensure that they get the proper diversity mix for movies?

Imagine the contortions.  “We want the movie to sell well in the US, so we need blacks, gays, and Latinos!  But the black males can’t be gay because black audiences won’t like it.  We also need it to do well in China, so we need some Asian actors and the black characters can’t be the lead actors.  Also, the Asian actors can’t be romantically involved with the black actors.”

As much as I think The Last Jedi has been badly treated and deserves better acclaim than it has gotten from audiences, I can’t help but be delighted with the SJW’s diversity dilemna.  Anybody think that I’m way off on this or is it a sign of things to come?

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Never spent much time in China, but I have spent time in Central and Southeast Asia, and the Caucasus. I can count on my two hands the number of black people I saw there. It was 20 years ago or so, and things may have changed, but … There is a lot of prejudice amongst the Asian peoples. The Vietnamese and Chinese don’t like each other as an example. Russians looked down on Central Asians. I have no idea what the Chinese would think of a Vietnamese/Black on-screen relationship. Hong Kong may be more enlightened than other areas of China.… Read more »


I still maintain that the film is great and that appreciation will grow for it over time.

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

1.) this guy sounds like an obese, soy milk beta cuck, choking on Doritos and shame in his laughter. 2.) contrary to his major investigative findings, rogue one did NOT do well in China, despite having a major shithole diplomat represented in the movie. 3.) it’s quite possible that this shithole lacks both the patience and desire to WANT to learn the Star Wars universe, AND doesn’t have a forty year history of the universe to walk into the theater with. So, maybe the folly here was targeting a shithole based on nothing but a raw orgy of potential market… Read more »

I’m not saying it’s not the racism thing, but my understanding is that the main reason that the Transformers/Warcraft movies do well in China is that they are just spectacle. It’s the same reason I don’t really watch Chinese dramas, but do like Kung Fu movies. I heard that Transformers is now specifically written with as little dialogue as possible. I can see how TLJ did badly with audiences who didn’t want to rely on dialogue.

A page turner it was not.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Epic yoda reference.


TFA opened to $52 Million in China, Rogue One bowed at $30 Million (with two large Chinese stars in it). TLJ was just over half of TFA, with the huge second week drop.

Of course, it also had a substantial drop in the US, breaking the record for the largest 7 day monetary drop ever (but not percentage wise).

So maybe Chinese audiences also realized that Rian Johnson hates Luke Skywalker.

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