After almost a year of music sharing among our group, the RVS YouTube account has developed an eclectic recommendations list.  This week, I’m taking it easy and letting the automated tools do the work.

The self-driving music post.  I guess I’ll sacrifice some privacy for ease of use.


  1. Terms of Service: Let’s see what recommendations you have on your own YouTube account or another music service.  If you’re listening and liking songs each week, you should have an equally bizarre mixture.
  2. Pandora’s Boombox: Shuffle your musical collection on Spotify or Pandora or dump all your 8 tracks on the floor and play whatever comes up.

The wonders of Big Data, analytics, and AI!  What could possibly go wrong?

Your dedications, as determined by a server in Utah and a predictive algorithm written by a pink haired SJW (I helped too).

pfluffy: Too Drunk to Fuck by Nouvelle Vague

Santino: 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps

WVR: Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun by Beastie Boys

Lurkers and delinquents are being tracked.  With cookies.  Delicious cookies:

Zurvan: Violent and Funky by Infectious Grooves

zoomwsu: Another World by Chemical Brothers

spootyjim:  Born in Winter by Gojira

Grendel: Demiurge by Meshuggah

KevinMKr: Schizophrenia by Sonic Youth

dakrat: Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos

JDPS: See You Again by Wiz Khalia feat. Charlie Puth

CM: Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers

ilovecress: Tea Soaked Letter by Anna Burch


  1. Silent Lucidity – Queensryche

    Love that one.

    I second that.

    I was DJ for the kids showers last night. Here are a few of the songs I played (not truly random, but it works).

    George Michael –

    Jeff Buckley –

    Blink 182 –

    Muse –

    Oasis –

  2. I was DJ for the kids showers last night. Here are a few of the songs I played (not truly random, but it works).

    Why don’t I get invited to parties like this?

    More library randoms.

    Little Motel by Modest Mouse –

    Apparently I have a shitload of MM, which is odd because I’m not an especially big fan.

    Tracking by Dethklok (from the Doomstar Requiem) –

    The audio sucks on that clip, but it’s the only one with the animation.

    Auf Acshe by Franz Ferdinand –

  3. Great suggestion! An opportunity to explore new stuff as suggested by our new Google overlords.

    Apparently I have a shitload of MM

    Probably my fault.

    Electric Worry –

    Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest –

    Not sure where the last came from but I listen to a lot of weird shit. It lead to this one:

    Honey Bones –

    Maybe psychedelic is back for a third go.

  4. My kids use of my youtube account seriously messes with my recommended list, i got weird ass minecraft videos, game videos, regular show, lego and god help me godzilla monster island buddies episodes…….

    ill turn to my archaic and dilapidated ipod.

    Megadeth – death from within

    george strait – I hate everything

    Toby Keith – Trailerhood

    Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls

    AC/DC – Emission Control

    John Michael Montgomery – Letters from Home

    Megadeth – Cold Sweat

    Mel Mcdaniel ~ Baby’s got her bluejeans on

    Five finger Death Punch – The Devil’s Own

    The Cruxshadows – Winterborn

  5. My kids use of my youtube account seriously messes with my recommended list

    This is exactly why I force everyone in the house to manage their own accounts on everything. Separate Windows logins, separate Gmail/YouTube accounts, separate Netflix profiles, etc.

    Rules by KMFDM –

    Long Gone Day by Mad Season –

    Twilight Galaxy by Metric –

    And another recommendation from YouTube….

    Leader of Men by Nickelback –


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