Recent polling has indicated that the prospects for Democrats massacring the GOP in the 2018 midterms are weakening.  Instead, they’ll simply take the Republicans’ pants off and spank them a bit, but will stop short of utterly buttfucking them.

For my part, I think that the Democrats will pick up a significant number of seats based entirely on enthusiasm.  Democrats are the party of government and I think that the party’s current almost-unprecedented weakness within all levels and branches of government is screwing with its voters’ heads.  They’re sort of demented over it and are eager to get some measure of control back.

It sounds crazy, but I question if it wouldn’t be a good thing if the Democrats managed to take control of the House in 2018.  I don’t think it’s a good thing from a governance perspective, I just think that having some feeling of control again might make the Democratic base less deranged.  Maybe they’d finally feel like they have some restraint over Trump and could finally tone down the rhetoric in favor of some productive action.

I know that I’m just fooling myself though.  The shutdown proves it, as it was executed for no other reason than to piss in Trump’s eye.  The Democrats in the House would be under unimaginable pressure every day to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump and I can’t be sure that they wouldn’t actually do it.  To me, it just isn’t acceptable to quietly allow the Democrats to regain the majority because I don’t trust them to behave responsibly.

The GOP’s only hope is to recognize that it is as powerful now as it’s going to be for the next century.  It’s do or die.  They need to pass all of the legislation that they can while they can (particularly on immigration reform), pray that most Americans recognize that they’ll directly benefit from the tax cut they passed last month as soon as possible, try not to let any more Roy Moore candidacy’s happen, and hope that the Democrats run the most far-left lunatics they can find in competitive districts.

The GOP has an impossible task in 2018.  It has to convince independent voters–and its own–that it is capable of governing effectively and the Democrats are utterly hopeless.  The shutdown has certainly helped with the latter, but the former isn’t anything they’ve managed to accomplish within recent memory.

Should they fail, I hold out hope that Democratic leadership can be strong enough to let sanity win out.  I doubt it, but I can certainly hope for the best no matter how bad it looks.


  1. This is a lot of wishful thinking. The reason trump will lose his majorities he enjoys in the house and senate, ironically, has mostly to do with not fulfilling his campaign promises in the rust belt.

    He told all those deluded fools he was going to improve the economy and bring them jobs. The unfortunate truth was the jobs were gone well before he learned the talking point. I don’t think there’s one fact you can come up with that makes the tax subsidy (it’s not a cut, as it is purely deficit spending) benefit those blue collar workers that crossed the aisle to vote for him.

    You are under the mistaken impression that trump just hasn’t delivered his message well enough about his work on the economy, but you’re wrong. Trump harps on this almost daily, but it rings hollow to people for him to harp on an overheated stock market they are not a part of, and don’t have raises to invest in.

    The reality of the situation is the tax subsidy is a clusterfuck that no one has really seen the effects of yet, but will definitely be something to bitch about in the months to come. Maybe the average joe didn’t read the bill, but they’ll definitely start paying attention when they find out even if they have a larger paycheck by pennies, it’s probably because they aren’t correctly withholding.

    As for the “blue wave” you’re casually dismissing, I believe it’s very real. This is a great generational shift and I can 100 percent assure you that trump’s stephen Miller induced stances on things like immigration and the wall are absurd and extremist viewpoints in that age demo.

    There were and are things about the he tax plan I agreed with. I personally believe that a corporate tax rate of 11 percent is the right move, and on principle I do not agree with the estate tax because it’s unconstitutional to tax the same money twice.

    Unfortunately, the minute I saw the republicans were going to ram this clusterfuck through without one passing thought to the middle class, and not one fucking word about cutting the budget first and being fiscally responsible the movement was dead to me.

    You know who the smart one was? Rubio. He’s not on this jihad against Mexicans and Haitians and he just used one fleeting chess move to at least bargain for an extra 1000 buck for families.

    The rest of the cucks are packing their bags and retiring like orange county’s two congressmen are doing because they know the butt fuck is coming.

  2. It’s going to be an interesting election. My guess is it’s going to come down to one very vocal discussion – the more nutball elements of the left will claim they will impeach Trump if given the majority in the house. There have already been multiple calls for it by House Democrats and plenty of pundits on the left. So it basically comes down to one thing – does the middle dislike Trump enough to risk an impeachment circus? If the same people who showed up to vote for Trump fear that possible circus, they may show up in higher numbers than usual to vote R. On the flip side, those on the left who want Trump impeached, regardless of him having zero chance of ever being convicted by the Senate (TDS is widespread), may show up in higher numbers than usual to vote D.

  3. Why would a democratic house/senate want to impeach Trump when Pence would turn around and immediately pardon him?

    Puny minds = puny thoughts

  4. I think a lot of states will be toss-ups, but the economy in those areas that Trump won will help the Republicans. A lot of libs are p’o’d at the Democrats over the shutdown.

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