Before we get on with the usual rundown of the week’s corrupt and degenerate lunacy, let’s have a situation report on the state of us.

And yes, I’m in the Gen-X bucket.  Desperately scraping up what breadcrumbs I can right now in preparation for my inevitable descent into poverty during my so-called Golden Years.  I’d be eating Tide Pods myself right now if I thought it could help me forget what lies ahead and ignore everything that’s going on in the world.  Unlike Gen Z, I’m old enough to drink, so I have other means of escape.  I also have a blog to write on, so I have other ways of getting the online approval of strangers rather than this Tom Green-tier shit.

What’s first?  How about the #ReleaseTheMemo craze that’s sweeping conservative media and GOP congressmen?

I’ve been reluctant to discuss this, mostly because I doubt it will be a game-changer or amount to much.  The congressmen who are pushing its release aren’t among those who I consider terribly reliable.  Rep. Gaetz in particular has been calling for firing Mueller for months and anything he’s pimping is going to be subjective.  It’s almost certainly overhyped.

Does that mean I don’t think the memo should be released or that I doubt that any FISA serious abuse has occurred which may have targeted people for political, instead of national security reasons?  Perhaps I have found cause to let go of my many suspicions about the Deep State and accept that our public agencies are overwhelmingly staffed by competent and dedicated, incorruptible patriots.

On the contrary, I can’t wait to see this memo.  That the DOJ and FBI are terrified about it and demanding to see it (even after they’ve been stonewalling Congress’s requests for information) and that the Democrats are already doing everything they can to discredit it makes it irresistable.

But when it’s released, will there be an earth-shattering kaboom?  No.  Most of the Democrat-allied media will either downplay it or try to discredit it, if they don’t simply ignore it.  As Mollie Hemingway says, it’s what the memo will lead to months and years from its release that will be significant.  In the short term, it’s going to be as fairly evaluated as absolutely nothing else is these days.

There is no question that the allegations in the document are a big deal. However, the perception of the significance of the report will vary. For people who know a lot about the Russia investigation and how it was operated, it may seem more significant than to those who are not as up-to-speed on the complicated details. People who have a high tolerance for surveillance or aggressive law enforcement may be more excusing of abuses than others. And people with strong feelings about Trump — either pro or con — may find it difficult to set aside those feelings as they evaluate the facts regarding the Department of Justice and FBI’s handling of their extensive powers.

It’s possible that Congress isn’t over-hyping this, but given how they blew the whole “secret society” thing out of proportion, I prefer not to get carried away in my expectations.

That’s not to say that the Strzok-Page texts don’t deserve further scrutiny.  Most of them still haven’t been released and what we’ve seen so far is concerning.  I mean, that the FBI’s top counterintelligence guy was married and banging one of his co-workers with all of the blackmail potential that brings with it is a big deal by itself.

Was it hugely significant that the texts “went missing”?  I don’t think so, but could be wrong.  The texts were never lost.  The FBI just didn’t know how to recover them right away.  Telecommunications never totally vanish, do they?  I’m more curious to know more about how these officials started using Gmail accounts and burner phones to cover their tracks.  It is more eyebrow-raising.

Does this mean that Trump is obviously gliding toward a clean exoneration?  Watch the above video again, I’ll wait.

Trump instead publicly declared that he would gladly be interviewed in person by Mueller, because he can’t stop talking and making this worse every step of the way.

For the record, I am on the side of “Trump should avoid being interviewed by Mueller”.  Given what happened with Flynn and Papadapolous (and Martha Stewart, for that matter), I think Mueller has demonstrated that he’s more interested in collecting scalps than learning the truth.  I also don’t believe that his team won’t immediately leak anything damaging they can find from the interview.

In principle, I think the president should answer questions about this since I don’t believe he colluded with Russia or was even wrong to fire Comey.  But this investigation is too politicized and there’s nothing to gain from an interview. Mueller is on a fool’s errand, but he should be allowed to finish his investigation and not be removed.

Shortly after that, it came out that Trump tried to have Mueller fired immediately after he started.

I’m not sure why this was such a bombshell.  We discussed this at length when it happened and I thought it was obvious that Trump wanted to get rid of Mueller but couldn’t.  Only Rosenstein can, with cause.  If Trump fires Rosenstein, then the Senate won’t appoint a replacement.  Since Sessions is recused from this investigation, the next in line at DOJ would take Rosenstein’s place and being that it’s an Obama appointee, Mueller would probably be promptly rehired.

It appears that this was more or less explained to Trump (under threat of mass-resignations) and he ultimately had to bow to the truth of it.  It’s worth reminding everyone that there was a lot of hysteria back in December that Trump was preparing to fire Mueller.  Some still think he’s going to do it.  I don’t see how.  Nothing has changed since Mueller was appointed.

Pretty telling that Mr. “Tick Tock” Hannity got surprised by a revelation that should have been credible, right? Hannity and a lot of other conservatives responded to this story with “It’s fake and even if it isn’t, it’s not a big deal!”  I say it’s probably true and isn’t a big deal.  That’s about it.

Speaking of Hannity getting clowned, his Twitter account was mysteriously deleted for a few hours on Friday night after he posted an equally mysterious tweet about a “Form 1649”.   It’s weird if it was a hack.  If I hacked an account like that, I’d post some hilarious shit.  Taking the account offline in the middle of the night on a Friday when Twitter can easily restore it is a wasted opportunity.  Think of the lulz, man!

That aside, this was a sick burn.

Not quite as grandiose as the Guggenheim’s dig at Trump.  That’s actually the worst I’ve ever seen Trump get roasted.

Leaving aside that this should result in defunding the NEA, I’ll rate this burn “scorching”.

Less effective has been Eminem’s increasingly desperate efforts to get Trump’s attention with his recent bout of ankle-nipping.

Hoo boy.  Eminem isn’t going to lose half his fans over this.  He already lost most of his fans when he stopped being relevant, shocking, or interesting.  Eminem became famous and was beloved by fans when he said politically incorrect things about violence toward women, gays, cultural appropriation, and other famous people.  In other words, he got popular doing exactly what Trump did when he ran for president.

Eminem throwing in with the SJW’s is a career mistake.  He’s not unique anymore because he’s saying the same things almost every other musician besides Taylor Swift is.  If he wants to go back to being the “King of Controversy” and boost his career, he ought to look at what Kid Rock is doing.  Hell, Swift is more controversial at the moment because all she’s doing is not talking about politics at all.  Says a lot about where the culture is and Eminem is very much in the mainstream with his silly campaign to become the anti-Trump champion.  A popular Eminem does not belong in the pop culture celebrity opinion mainstream.

I love that Trump is casually ignoring Eminem, by the way.  Watching him get more and more desperate is funny.  It can’t be easy for him to know that he’s not that big a deal anymore.  Trump’s silence demonstrates it better than any tweet he could think of would.

Back to scandals.  RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn has been Weinstein’d.

Okay, so here’s the list of people who will get a split lip and lose some teeth if they so much as come within ten paces of my wife and kids:

  • Hollywood producers or celebrities
  • Democratic campaign staffers
  • RNC officials
  • Roy Moore  No, forget that one.  He carries a gun and isn’t shy about waving it around.  I’m just staying away from Alabama.
  • Any other politician, really

Isn’t it enough to have tremendous wealth, power, and respect beyond what you deserve in the world without having to abuse it without sexually degrading people who trust you, you fucking delinquents?  Quit making me think #MeToo is a good idea, dammit.

Really, the Scandal Saturation is beyond all belief.  Remember when it was reported that the President of the United States bribed a porn star to not discuss the affair he had with her while married to his current wife…and no fucks were given?

Speaking of politics and sex, it turns out that I’m probably better-looking than you liberals who argue with me all the time, according to Science.

Well, I don’t know about that.  I would just ask that you progressive orcs not hate me because I’m beautiful.  Hate me because I’m opinionated,  judgemental, and usually right.

I could probably leave off there, but I’m curious to know everyone’s impressions on this Pew Research study on how the US maintains a steady population of Muslims because we somehow turn them to apostates as fast as we import them or have them convert in prison or whatever they do.

About a quarter of adults who were raised Muslim (23%) no longer identify as members of the faith, roughly on par with the share of Americans who were raised Christian and no longer identify with Christianity (22%), according to a new analysis of the 2014 Religious Landscape Study. But while the share of American Muslim adults who are converts to Islam also is about one-quarter (23%), a much smaller share of current Christians (6%) are converts. In other words, Christianity as a whole loses more people than it gains from religious switching (conversions in both directions) in the U.S., while the net effect on Islam in America is a wash.

Is anybody watching The Orville?  This has me curious about it.  I bought the first episode, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I’m at the point that I barely watch any television anymore.  I mean, I cut cable over six years ago and I have only  small number of shows I watch on Netflix and Amazon.  I just don’t have the patience or attention span anymore.  For the past few months, I’d say 90% of my viewing entertainment has come from YouTube.  My kids watch less YouTube than I do.

That’s not to say that I don’t find quality entertainment there.  For example, is anyone else interested in knowing the role of cavalry in the Napoleonic Wars?

Alright, that’s all I have to share for this week.  What about you?  Anything salacious to share?  Preferably something involving cuckoldry.

For you liberal CNN fans, let me just say that even though I am an attractive conservative (but I repeat myself), my wife disapproves of swinging.  Too scandalous, even for me.

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

The thing that makes me feel like I won’t ever give a fuck what any of this group has to say again, is the evangelicals constant cock slobbering over Trump’s past indiscretions. Personally, I’m almost relieved that a person with Trump’s past is in office because I was tired of having exhaustive conversations on people’s morality. It plays a factor to me in a good/bad way, but the dumbfuck cultists that misinterpret the Bible and are there at the coffee pot asking “how many cups is this” can all get a reality show, in my opinion. Well, never again will… Read more »

The golden shitter, LOl. if Trump was the Ass most people expects him to be, he would, use it, and send it back uncleaned…. The memo, ugh sigh i really wish this was the game changer. Its pretty obvious that is not. Come on if it was that ground shaking some Congress critter would have leaked it by now.. The Orivlle , mm not to bad, some of the eps were really good, doing it in way ST would never go. thought the constant dick jokes are getting a bit lame. Any one Watching ST: Discovery…. im liking it despite… Read more »

he thing that makes me feel like I won’t ever give a fuck what any of this group has to say again, is the evangelicals constant cock slobbering over Trump’s past indiscretions. Personally, I’m almost relieved that a person with Trump’s past is in office because I was tired of having exhaustive conversations on people’s morality.

I just dont know how any of them could ever think trump was any kind of Christian, i about lost it when he did that thing with the family bible…

I had a huge crush on “Charles in Charge” era Nicole Eggert

i had to look her up to figure out whom you were referring too….

Woke millennials’ newest target: a fictional spy:

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Yeah this valuing of a “strongman” over integrity is exactly why evangelicals are being relegated further into a political and religious minority. Apparently the dumbfucks decided that watching their numbers plummet decidedly is second fiddle to endorsing a tacit white supremacist. Those low numbers and political irrelevance are going to be only one aspect of the drubbing this year’s going to hold, and with trump openly making socialism part of his political ideology twice now, trump is signalling he’s dumping the Republican Party. They were useful idiots and he’s moving on. You’ll hear it in his state of the union.… Read more »

Star Trek Discovery has gotten better. The latest Mirror Universe episodes have been entertaining. Note: The show is set in the “Kelvin timeline” of the recent films.

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