Alright, I guess I should put a thread up on this, instead of derailing my perfectly good one about black folks being profiled for shoplifting.  So did you watch the SOTU speech or what?

Yeah, nobody’s going to bother watching that.  It’s just there for reference.

I had three major impressions.

  1. It was a strong speech.  Pretty typical of other more “Presidential” speeches we’ve seen Trump give in the past.  I’ve noted that there’s a difference between TV Trump and Campaign Rally Trump.  The former is polished, articulate, and focused.  The other is what terrifies most of you.   This speech though, I give it an “A”.  Trump knows how to communicate well, it’s just baffling that he rarely chooses to.
  2. Whoever in the White House was responsible for selecting Trump’s guests was the real stable genius behind the success of the speech.  Each had a great story that Trump related in detail, timed to come at just the right intervals when the speech seemed to be getting bogged down.  It was moving to see their reactions.  The Warmbier’s in particular hit me hard, as did Seon-ho.
  3. Joe Kennedy III’s White House aspirations were probably destroyed.  I saw memes attacking him popping up online before he even finished speaking.  Why in the hell was he allowed to go up there and speak with that goop on his mouth?

I may have gotten in on the fun.  A bit.

I didn’t take it too far though.  Swearsies.

As for Trump’s speech, it was a massive win for him.   His own party finally appears to have meshed with his messaging.  The 43% of Democrats approving is especially jarring.  I wonder how that’s going to work out for all of the Congressional Democrats who sat through the entire speech looking pissed off?

If the media has anything they’ve been holding back about Russia or anything, they’d best drop it soon and hope it drowns out the warm reception for this speech and The Memo.

What about you?  Impressions?  Opinions?  Need a napkin?

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Anyone playing the 2018 SOTU drinking game is going to die from alcohol poisoning.


Anyone playing the 2018 SOTU drinking game is going to die from alcohol poisoning.

I’m watching, not drinking though. So far he’s been doing a big “fuck you” to the Democrats by talking about how awesome the tax reform is. They’re hating it.


Aaaaaand he just got a dig in about standing for the national anthem. Even I’m getting uncomfortable.

Trump actually said beautiful only a few times, I think. Rightfully touted the success of the economy. Talked about beautiful gleaming roads (more government spending) and if I’m not mistaken didn’t say a whole lot about why we’re still in Afghanistan. On immigration, actually sounded reasonable on citizenship. Mentioned how much we help other countries (even sh*thole ones.) Overall a mixture of vintage Trump and stuff George W. Bush could have said.


Oh, if you want to talk about the substantive points of Trump’s speech, that’s cool. I’m more interested in the outstanding guest lineup with their moving stories and WHAT THE HELL WAS ON JOE KENNEDY’S MOUTH?

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I find the media reaction more interesting than the speech itself.

Fox News – “He’s a uniter! So inspirational.”

MSNBC/CNN/Everyone else – “He’s a divider! So depressing.”

It’s like the idiots in the MSM watched two different speeches.

Given the way the Democrats reacted during the speech, I’m not surprised Trump decided they weren’t worth trying to work with. I think they saw their chances of winning in 2020 evaporate.

I was impressed, he didnt go off the rails, he didn’t act arrogant, he had great guests that reflected the themes he was talking about , and the dems sat on their hands the whole time, looking sour and unhappy.

as for lil joe. oh my god, i saw, .what ever was on his face the instant the video started…


The different reactions even outside the media are pretty amazing. It says something about human psychology that one person can hear an inspirational speech about the greatness of America, and right next to them is a person that hears a misogynistic, racist diatribe not worthy of the office of President.

I was formulating a belief that the media spoke two different languages, and that’s how they could come to two completely different conclusions – I guess that extends to more than just the media.

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