We’ve been doing a lot this week with the FBI and I’m keeping it going with this angle.  Fox News insists that Obama was guiding the Hillary Clinton email investigation, but I’m not so sure.

In the new text message chain from Sept. 2, 2016, Page mentioned Obama in the context of a briefing for then-FBI director James Comey.

“Checkout my 9:30 mtg on the 7th,” Strzok texted Page.

“I can tell you why you’re having that meeting. It’s not what you think,” Page responded.

“TPs [talking points] for D [Comey]?” Strzok asked.

“Yes, bc potus wants to know everything we are doing,” Page said.

The message suggested that Obama would meet Comey regarding an FBI matter.

I’m not sure why so many people on the Right automatically assume this has anything to do with Hillary.  The email investigation had been closed since June and didn’t get reopened until October, the month after this text chain.  I’d be more inclined to believe it’s probably about Russia, since this is around the time Christopher Steele was putting the dossier together and about to start leaking it to multiple news media outlets.  Obama certainly would have been informed of this and I wouldn’t see anything unusual about this.

I was curious about this one:

Wonder what’s blocked out there.  October 21, 2016 is the day that the first FISA application was filed on Carter Page.  There are a couple of blanks there.  “Andy” is McCabe, if you didn’t know.

I haven’t gone all the way through these, but I found this part significant:

If you’re not sure what they’re referring to, it’s a Congressional hearing with Jason Herring from the FBI.  Gowdy mercilessly ripped the guy for not being forthcoming with information that Congress had been demanding.  Herring got rattled enough that he gave away more than he had intended.

What bothers me about this, and what I’d like to see asked about more, is what the “script” was all about.  The way that text and that video clip look to me is that the FBI was actively planning to avoid Congressional inquiries and have their witnesses clam up as much as possible.  It sure seems to be coordinated obstruction from Congressional oversight on the FBI’s part.  I have observed many people complaining about Congress releasing all of these memos, but it’s the FBI’s own stonewalling, as on display in the video, that led them to do it.

These arrogant shits really don’t seem to like having to answer to anyone and the Strzok and Page texts just further demonstrate how deeply it runs.  What should really drive home the point is that they had these discussions on government phones.  They didn’t think it would ever see the light of day and it almost didn’t, since the FBI claimed they were “lost” for a few days when the Inspector General happened to ask for them.  Was it deliberate?

Maybe not, but I’m as unhappy as that dick Gowdy is over the FBI’s foot-dragging where it should be cooperating.  I’d like to see a few bureaucrats get impeached for stonewalling Congress.  I guarantee that they’d only have to do it to one or two in order to restore respect for Congress.

There are still texts that haven’t been released and many of those that have been are redacted.  I haven’t read all the way through yet, but am slowly hacking at it.  So far, I’ve been most intrigued by seeing how these Deep State people go about the business of secretly running everything that they think our elected officials can’t be trusted to do.

Is anybody keeping up on the FBI text story?   What’s coming from this, anything?  Do you think we’ve already seen whatever it was that caused Mueller to kick Strzok off of his investigation or is the kaboom still on the way?

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yeah nothing going on here at all, just your overactive imagination…………….

yeah that line about a script totally Innocent!

Oh look Gen franco fRump Mc Napoleon, wants a parade! boooooooo hiiisss…

Sadly, i dont think anything is gonna happen unless some solid massively overwhelming evidence is unveiled…

ok, why are many redacted.?…. on whos authority?

Oh i watched that video of Gowdy plowing that FBI guy, When he told Goudy that the Congress would need a FOIA request to get that info, .,,.,wow… that and he seemed to not know anything including how to get the information congress had requested that he bring before hand.

And then there is this, on Uranium One.. which we were all told was just conspiracy theory too.

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