Next week, the Ridiculous Viking Stuff blog will achieve its first birthday.  February 11th, to be precise.  That is the day that zoomwsu launched the site by publishing our introductory post and it shall ever be the blog’s birthday.  So say we all.

February 11th is an auspicious day in history, according to Wikpedia.  Rich in history, those events which enriched humanity’s collective story, as befits RVS.  On this day in 55 BC, Emperor Claudius died, clearing the way for Nero to ascend the throne.  In 1861, this day was marked by the US House of Representatives passing a resolution not to interfere with slavery where it legally existed in a craven and pointless attempt to prevent the slaughter of the Civil War.  And on February 11th, 2006, Vice President Dick Cheney shot a friend of his in the face with a shotgun.

Really?  God damn it…

Ummm, RVS also shares a birthday with many notable celebrities.  Burt freakin’ Reynolds!  Longtime America’s sweetheart Jennifer Anniston!  Gifted inventor Thomas Edison!  But that’s not all!  We have illustrious political figures including the beloved Sarah Palin, the widely respected former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, and…Alex Jones.

Shit.  I don’t have much to work with here.  You know what?  We’re going right into the categories.  Let’s hope somebody makes it to the party.

  1. Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary – Birthday music.  Let’s all have some cake.  Or play music by Cake.  This one’s straightforward.
  2. It’s My Party – Include music by artists with birthdays in February or music videos that include or refer to notable persons born on February 11th
  3. Age of Aquarius – RVS was born under the sign of Aquarius.  It’s an Air sign, ruled by Uranus.  Also born in 2017, the Chinese Year of the Cock.  Blowing air up your anus with cocks.  Says it all for our mission statement, really.

At the RVS birthday blowout, you get a gift!  Thanks to all of those of you who read, comment, and generously avoid reporting us to the authorities for our often tasteless and offensive content.

spootyjim: Top billed is the guest of honor for winning the Breakthrough Bonus last week.  You got a mention on the cake.  I hope you weren’t expecting any monetary compensation, because our budget is literally zero.  Even our photo editor is freeware.  Here’s the new birthday song:  The Creature Thus Be Formed.

pfluffy: Happy Birthday by the Ting Tings.  When you  posted on the iGeneration a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help but reflect upon how lucky I was that two of my kids were small when Yo Gabba Gabba was on.  Best kid show ever, really.

Santino: You get gay frogs.

WVR: Happy birthday to Sheryl Crow!  I’m not interested in playing any of her songs, but here she is with Kid Rock.

Zurvan: Straight-up #1 with Stevie Wonder.

Grendel: Time for cake….and sodomy.

Speaking of sore butts, the only ones invited to this party were those who hung out with us last week.  You can still crash the party today and add a song in the comments.  Last one in gets the piece of cake with GG Allin’s ass…and those smears aren’t fudge.

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I’d take a victory lap, but old man winter just fucked us with his giant icy cock, so I’m not going back outside.

The Beatles – Birthday Song
The Ramones – Happy Birthday (The Simpsons)
Feliz Cumpleanos


Santino: You get gay frogs.

I love gay frogs! I actually know a few people that believe every word out of Alex Jones mouth.

Happy birthday Lisa –
Happy birthday Mr President –

Happy belated birthday Shakira –


A #1 AND a #2

In honor of the “often tasteless and offensive content” – Justin Timberlake (Born on January 31st, so he’s practically a February birthday) and Garth Brooks (Feb 7th) doing Friends in Low Places.

I hate this song, but my 11 year old loves it for some unknown reason. Unfortunately Khalid was also born on February 11th, so you get to suffer with me. I’ll give you a remix with one of my favorite bands to soften the pain – Young Dumb and Broke.


one of my favorite bands

I have a love/hate relationship with Imagine Dragons. Dudes have some damn catchy songs that I can’t help but like. But the rock-n-roll in me feels dirty about it. Kinda like my guilty pleasure with some N****lb**k songs. Case in point –


Just sort of a solid band but not especially a great one.

One of the things I like about them is that their songs can sound wildly different from one another. Here’s my current “crank up” one. And another that sounds like it could be a different band.


I think of the Imagine Dragons as a modern day Jars of Clay –

A couple of “huh” moments

I’m only a couple of months older than Billie Joe –

Falco died!!?


We should have a birthday party!

Gah, Nick Cave is everywhere!!! 🙂

Some more February birthdays.

In memorium –

For Duff and Axl – (I remember I couldn’t whistle without breaking into Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy)

Happy Birthday, one a day earlier than the specified date:

Ray Manzarek (February 12th)

Gah, Nick Cave is everywhere!!!

Haaaaa! Have some Cake!

Yea you can just call me an asthole now:

Check out the view numbers …


Enjoyed that, thanks!!

This is about the only happy birthday thing i can come up with right now... Mr. President.

I love gay frogs! I actually know a few people that believe every word out of Alex Jones mouth.

im convinced Alex Jones is/was a paid asset of the CIA/NSA. or some such.


If you haven’t checked that band out, Zurvan, you might give them a try.

Ehh, not a big fan. Didn’t really connect to their debut album, and their followup was meh.

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