I took some time off from accidentally eating dog treats (long story) and semi-awaredly retweeting Russian propaganda to read this article from Samuel Ramani in The Diplomat.  In it, he explains the dynamic at work between Russia and Iran, where they oppose the US and why, and where there might be opportunities for the US to split them apart.

For example, both Iran and Russia very much want to keep the US out of Syria (any more overtly anyway).  The Russians think we make everything worse wherever we intervene (usually true) and the Iranians worry that we’ll get in the way of their perpetual war with Israel (also true even though it shouldn’t be our problem, according to me).  The Russians want to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the conflict once Assad is clearly going to win while the Iranians want to kill everyone, particularly the Kurds who are good stand-up people in my book.  Is it too much to ask that we work with the Russians on their strategy since after the war is over, they can help keep Iran and Hezbollah out of Syria?

Sure, I know that the Russians have destroyed our democracy with their #BlackLivesMatter Facebook ads and they totally undermined the FBI by tricking them into lying to a FISC judge by passing raw intelligence to him that they knew was Democratic opposition research even after they knew that the source for it had leaked the same information to the media and lied to them about it.  Trump helped too, I guess?

In spite of that, Russia is still another country and it’s one we have to deal with whether we like it or not.  Even if we try to avoid it, they’ll find a way.  Where I’m critical of Trump–yes, it does happen despite what some say–I see his Administration gradually pushing the US into viewing Russia as a part of or the puppetmaster for this new Axis of Evil: it, Iran, and North Korea.  With regard to Russia Trump is increasing the amount of military aid to Ukraine, much to the delight of the CIA Deep State characters.  I don’t understand why.  We have no business there, as I’ve repeatedly said on this blog.

Trump is trying to back out of the Iran Deal.  Ah, look, I think the Iran Deal was shit but I don’t know what the alternative is at the moment.  It’s like Obamacare.  It’s this horrible, shitty monstrosity that we can’t just end without creating a worse one.

I’d much prefer that we start looking at how we can not start marching to war with Iran on Israel’s behalf.  Yeah, that’s what I think because nobody has made the case to me that Iran is a threat to the US.  We’re not doing it for us, so why are we doing it?  Do you even America First, bro?

The only one of those three countries I’ve agreed with Trump’s approach on is North Korea.  Screw those people.  Yet still, there should be some way to incentivize Russia to help further.  I can’t honestly see how we resolve the crisis without their cooperation.  Russia seems to have seen fit to undermine sanctions against North Korea (according to Trump), which proves that even though they can’t beat us they can sure keep us busy by egging on their clients.

I know some of you guys will complain when I say it, but I’m seeing a more interventionist and anti-Russian foreign policy with Trump in a lot of ways than I was led to believe I’d get during the campaign.  It’s getting into Obama territory, in fact.  But you know, I’ve complained about this before and there’s no point in rehashing it now.  I don’t know how much of a Putin stooge you were expecting Trump to be, but an honest assessment would lead you to see that we’re not getting it.  I’m not saying that to defend Trump either.  I’d much rather that Trump and Putin were acting more like butt-pals.

Oh, I’m sure somebody will note Trump’s foot-dragging on Russian sanctions.  I think there’s a good reason for it that doesn’t involve hookers pissing on beds.  Maybe he’s using it as a bargaining chip (is there anything even left to sanction?) or maybe the Russians have quietly communicated that it’s a red line for them.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that Trump is giving people Russia is fighting advanced weaponry in areas where I prefer we not be helping kill Russians or anyone else for that matter.

I think we need to start examining this supposed Russian web of alliances or axis or whatever it’s being called and start searching for ways to break it up peacefully.  It doesn’t have to feel like we’re plunging into the next war all the time, with Russia pulling all of the strings.  These connections can be disrupted by offering real incentives.  Our greatest “geopolitical foe” isn’t that strong and doesn’t have as much to offer as we do to those countries that are supposedly allied against us.

First place I’d like to start?  Afghanistan.  The Russians would like to see a negotiated peace with the Taliban.  The Iranians hate the idea.  I’ve argued before that we should consider it.  If we can pull it off, we get out of that unwinnable war and break up our bad romance with Pakistan for good.  Russia can help on that issue, as well as others.  Split up the Russia-Iran lovefest and improve our own situation!  Why not?

We can’t because we’ve lost our minds.  I’ve been posting about Trump-Russia-Possible Collusion all week, so I know how ironic hypocritical it is for me to say it, but we’re spending so much time obsessing about our domestic scandals that we’re not paying any attention to anything else we would and should be under normal political circumstances.

We’re all but encouraging dangerous people to unite against us, thanks to hysteria and ignorance.  I hate watching it unfold.

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Get out of AFG, let the Russians Iran and and Pak, deal with that mess. im convinced that Iran wants syrian Broken, and Iraq under their wing so they wont have any distraction for the day they go after Saudi Arabia.


Tajik, a former Iranian ambassador to Jordan, also believes that British-Iranian economic ties need to go beyond trade of goods in order to be more beneficial for Iranians. He said, “Iranians don’t have any problem in importing commodities. They [Iranians] don’t want Britain to increase its role by trading more commodities. They [Iranians] expect it [Britain] to play a positive role in Iran’s economy through its financial markets.

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