I’m doing something different this week.  Instead of sharing my thoughts on the news stories that I missed these past few days because I decided to have a week-long Memopalooza, I’d prefer to take some time and discuss the State of the Us.  This seems worthwhile for RVS’s one-year mark.  Let’s look at what kind of a little community we have and where we want it to go, if you’ll indulge me.

On Friday night, I was up late as I usually am, fooling around on the Internet and looking for something engaging.  I found a shiny object when I saw a discussion in which a guy was asking a question about the FISA Memo scandal.  There wasn’t anything going on here at RVS, because you lame-oes were probably sleeping or participating in active social lives with people you enjoy being around, so I responded to him.

I didn’t throw in anything pro-Trump, as I could tell from his question that he was anti-Trump, but it did not get the response I was expecting.  The guy went off on me.   Repeatedly.  He even started to respond to other comments I’d made that weren’t to him, all with some pretty creative attacks.  At first, I thought about blocking him, but I noticed that he was actually addressing my points.  There wasn’t anything better to do, so I kept arguing with him and not responding in-kind to the insults.

Then a funny thing happened.  As we kept going, he gradually eased up and we ultimately had a reasonable discussion.  Nobody “won” and neither of us had our minds changed on anything, but we were two people who disagreed strongly on an issue of national importance and just asked each other questions and answered them with our own points of view. When we were both too tired to go on, we left off amicably.  He was surprised by it.  I wasn’t.  He probably doesn’t get many such talks.  I do.

That’s the way it is nowadays on social media, most blogs, and other forums where politics are discussed on the Internet.  Thankfully, we’re not like that in public for the most part, but it really is a bloodsport out there lately.  On the rare occasion that somebody leaves his or her echo chamber and ventures into another one, somebody fires off some insults and inevitably gets told to “go kill yourself.”  It’s the norm everywhere, but not here.

Go through some of the threads this week.  CM and I exchanged maybe 50 comments on the FISA Memos across a couple of threads this week.  Yes, there was some dickishness on my part and some weaselly behavior out of him, but nobody got shut down.  Nobody ragequit.  Nobody was told to go blow his brains out.  Then we went onto the open thread, agreed that Deadpool is fantastic, and I let him have a good laugh at my expense over my goof with the Rotten Tomatoes scores for Marvel films.

I like that.  I love being a part of a forum where that sort of thing regularly happens.  What sucks is that there are so few places left where it does or even can happen.  Zoom, JDPS, pfluffy, Grendel, and I started up RVS because we wanted something like it to exist.  We wanted to be able to chat and keep out the toxicity.  One year in, I think we’ve gotten what we were after.  At least, I think we’re on the right track.

There aren’t many commenters here, but I’d much rather spend time with six or seven people who can entertain many points of view than 100 flag-waving Drumpf-humping clones of myself. I know many of you on the Left feel the same way about being around 100 libcucks, all saying the same shit and thinking the same way all the time.  It would be boring and predictable.  Forget that.

It’s for that reason I say everybody here who reads and comments on a routine or semi-routine basis is exemplary.  Most people do not do what you do when you watch us hash out both sides of any issue and then agree to get along.  I will point you to as many comment sections and Twitter feeds as I need to if I have to demonstrate it.  That’s not to say that we’ve created some sort of shining city on the hill.  Even I’m not that full of shit.

A couple of you have told me in recent weeks that my editorial tone has been problematic.  Is that safe to say or does it not go far enough?  The guy I mentioned from Friday flat-out told me that he thought I was a piece of shit because of stuff I had written on the particular site we were using.

It’s not easy to do, but I’ll admit that the critics are right.  I think I’ve gone too far in one direction. It seems that I’m getting dangerously close to worrying more about being right or advancing the interests of one side than having fun and getting the mental stimulation I so desperately need for me to be doing this either.

For all that, I recognize that I’ve been going a full “10” on the Ruthlessly Biased Political Scale and it’s hurting RVS.  I promise that I’ll try to drop it back to about a “7”.  That’s sort of the maximum limit where I think it’s exciting and still welcoming.  You should start noticing a gradual change this week.  Be patient with me.

I’m not the only one though.  Many of us have gotten a bit deranged because we’re human beings.  When human beings get frustrated, angry, or scared we get mean.  We attack viciously and defend stubbornly.  You can’t stop us when we’re charging or move us when we’re dug in.

We get ugly.  Most Americans you see discussing politics these days–both sides–are exactly that.  Not ugly.  Many of us are damn fine.  They’re frustrated and angry about what they see happening and they’re scared of what’s happening to their country.  Most feel this way, but the kicker is that they don’t feel this way for the same reasons. Speaking to those of you outside of the US, I sense that you feel this way too.

Well, isn’t there value in talking about how these big events affect smallfolk such as ourselves?  Isn’t it nice to have someone who you may disagree with but know as a stand-up guy present the other side of the argument and make sense of it?  I get that from many of you.  If these discussions bring anybody any comfort and settle the negativity for even one person, maybe it’s all worth it.

The dude I argued with on Friday night lashed out at me not because he was a bad person.  I didn’t see that anyway.  He’s frustrated because nothing good is happening.  Angry that his country is being run by Republicans he feels were put in place by ignorant bigots.  Scared for the future of his family.  I got all that, it’s just that the facts were on my side on the very specific issue under discussion.  It sure as hell doesn’t mean that they always are and will be if I make the choice to let my own worst emotions dictate my stance instead of facts.

Anyway, I think I’ve been too slanted recently and it’s starting to affect RVS.  I’m not being “exemplary” when I do that and I sure don’t want to be ordinary.  It’s not me and it definitely isn’t any of you weirdos either.  There’s enough of that out there already.  Let’s all be exemplary together even if it’s a small club of incessantly bickering, smug assholes.

Today I’m asking all of readers, whether you’re a regular commenter or a lurker or even a new reader, to help keep RVS suck-less.  Here are a few options:

  • Gripes, Bitches and Complaints – I’d like feedback, good or bad.  It’s hard to hurt my feelings, so give it a try.  SPIN THE WHEEL, MOTHERFUCKER.  This is a good place to also discuss the future direction of the blog, content you’d like to see more of, or whatever else.
  • Are You Guys Being Quaint, Like, Ironically? – Design feedback.  Is there any feature, plugin, or other technical solution we ought to be looking into?  Experts wanted.
  • Ask Anyone Anything – Consider this an opportunity to learn more about RVS, its lore (yeah we have lore, shut up), and its members.  You don’t have to answer anything you don’t want to, if asked, but everyone should take this as an opportunity to resolve any questions without being presumptious.

Regardless of whether you leave a comment or not, thank you for reading this far.

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Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Let me be the first to say I don’t believe you should have to apologize for the way you feel. If this, in fact, the way your feel. I agree with what Jay-Z’s sentiment toward Trump was when that obese cuck first called him out on social media and then slinked away like a coward when Jay-Z accepted his pussy challenge: Don’t let anyone feel safe by shunning them. It’s not productive. The best thing you can do is open the forum up to challenge the viewpoints. So, let’s dispense with opening the forum up to tar and feather you.… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Well, here we are again alone at the dance on opposite sides of the gymnasium. The lights are spinning, the 80s love songs are blasting and the punch bowl is full. Lmao In all seriousness I’ll put a post up this week. It’s disrespectful of me not to get something in. I had all these great football/sports posts but they ended up being fodder for politics so I backed off. However I’ve got a couple on college basketball and the nba I’d like to discuss. No one there seems to want a national conversation so I think I’d be safe… Read more »

No real criticisms here, although I do miss Hal. But I have noticed that people on the Interwebs seem to take everything personally.

Isn’t it nice to have someone who you may disagree with but know as a stand-up guy present the other side of the argument and make sense of it? This should be the tagline of the blog. Honestly, that’s pretty rare, and it’s definitely what makes the blog work. As for the last couple of weeks – it’s not that you’ve gone ‘full ten on the ruthlessly biased political scale’. It’s that it’s quite hard to have a discussion about the subject when there are so many unknowns. You’re a Republican, so you believe your side is telling the truth.… Read more »

I know some of you can’t stand CM Cress and CM provide balance and I am glad to see them enter discussions. I am guilty of not commenting when I enter the party late and all my positions have been covered. I do read most posts and comments though. You should feel lucky that you found a decent conversation online. I just waded through more comments than I care to admit from an article and I swear a lot might have been bots. Same thing over and over, drowning out anything else. I almost did a book review when we… Read more »

Like “Night” by Elie Wiesel

That was one of them! A few of the pieces really stayed with me.

I would love to visit Auschwitz one day.

It wasn’t luck, just my usual bloody-mindedness.

We started out that way. Anymore, just finding someone that talks in complete sentences is a score.

She recommends this because she knows the most depressing thing to pick on any topic:

Yea the kid stuff is rough. Had to watch “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. It was pretty uncomfortable.

I just wish we had more people to bounce things off of…i remember the chaotic and wild days at RTFTLC, and the variety we had.
maybe if we had some more non political issues to throw about. well less R vs D type stuff? .. dunno..

A yeah,. JDPS, the boxer pup is dong quite fine, shes pretty much got our boy wrapped around her stubby tail. and yeah she bonded with me as much as our make has bonded with my wife..

Grendel shares our posts on social media like a madman, and pfluffy picks up every other DJ thread, heh im hoping that some one that follows me will take teh time to retweet or come in and post something, barring that im hoping that a post i make on Instapundit might attract the attention of the crowd there., As for Thrill and Pfluffys DJ posts, i really do love them, but i feel my self so under prepared to reply some times. and Friday night i usually dont get time to do anything till about 9 pm or so, given… Read more »


You have a 100% customer satisfaction rating from me. I read all the posts and probably about 99% of the comments (my personal favourite is deciphering what Grendel is saying 😉 ). I like the fact that there are differing views between the administrators. I wish I could contribute more, but between work, family, and life I don’t have the required time to put in enough research to even hold a flicker of a light to the well-though out arguments I read on this site. I just ain’t that articulate anyway. I definitely would appreciate more sports related posts. And… Read more »

What ultimately hurt RTFLC was that it was about Lee. People liked Lee. Well, that was the long and short of it; Lee was a good writer and people liked him. Lee was libertarian and he mocked the religious right similar to how dwex does now. He butted heads with liberals and conservatives alike, which is a cross that libertarians bear. I always found him to be very logical. Everyone was welcome there and he rarely moderated. For some reason, he felt that he couldn’t blog from China even though he blogged from China. It all went to shit when… Read more »


Thrill, I’m not really sure where to go with this post. I don’t think you have ratcheted anything up at all. It seems that if a conservative/libertarian argues their point, that it is somehow aggressive or has a “wrong tone.” I’ve actually enjoyed feeling your passion in the posts. You don’t have to do it for all, but on the ones you feel passionate about, do it. It’d be interesting to me to understand who has told you that your posts have “hurt” RVS. I would disagree completely. Frankly, if you lose some of that edge (again you don’t have… Read more »


Hah, you broke the internet. I can get to the RVS main page (at work), but when I clicked o the comments section I get blocked.

Sorry, you don’t have permission to visit this site. Not allowed to browse Adult Material category.

Can you gone it down a bit?

Which is funny, because I can still view it on my phone while using work’s wireless.

I’m curious to know what informs your thoughts.

Toronto Star – http://www.thestar.ca
Mark Steyn – http://www.steynonline.com
Reason – http://www.reason.com
RTFLC (can’t let it go)


Holy crap. I’m part of “lore.” I never, ever thought this would happen to me. I’d like to thank all of the little people that made this possible.

my personal favourite is deciphering what Grendel is saying ) Hell, i cant even decipher what im saying half the time, i think there is some kind of dissconnect between my brain and my fingers… What sites do you guys read on a routine basis besides RVS? Not just politics, everything. Include social media platforms, YouTube channels, and anything else. I’m curious to know what informs your thoughts. Instapundit Libertarian based blog Twitter the Firearms blog i think this one sis pretty self descriptive. Weasel Zippers ..way out there right wing blog, good for knowing what the nutters are talking… Read more »


Other than your deeply flawed opinion of TLJ, you’re doing great. Speaking of which

It’s staggering when you go through the list of fuck-ups and malfeasance.

I have for some time considered that Ambush of Bonnie and Clyde to be straight up Murder by the FBI/police…they were given no chance to surrender, the Feds set them up and opened up on them.

and the FBI was involved in this cock-up. the Twin Peaks restaurant, in Waco Texas,. what might be the cover up story is that a FBI shooter opened up on some of the bikers and sparked a masssive shootout.


He’s an actor that doesn’t believe what he’s saying to America.

You just described every politician since at least as long as I’ve been alive. If that’s your reason for not voting for him, I can only conclude that you were not planning to vote for anyone…ever.


What sites do you guys read on a routine basis besides RVS? Not just politics, everything. Include social media platforms, YouTube channels, and anything else. Recently, I’ve been listening to The Ben Shapiro Show. Despite the annoying ads the guy reads, he makes a lot of sense, and doesn’t let ideology get in the way of reality. Other than that, I’ve got my FB experiment still going on where I “followed” every one of my FB friends. Some of my “friends” are total nutballs when it comes to politics, both conservative, and liberal. I’ve had to restrain myself from commenting… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Zurvan, I completely disagree with that assessment. I will say that I was not a politically aware adult through Reagan, Bush 1, and Clinton but I think you can draw a major distinction between any of them and trump. Namely, a sense of civic duty backed up by experience in the field of politics, first and foremost. Second, for all of his flaws, I think George w. Bush wasn’t blowing smoke up anyone’s ass about his value system. He cared about africa more than any other president I can imagine and he did something very special on that continent, proving… Read more »


My lord, what a thread. Amazing. Santino said: I wish I could contribute more, but between work, family, and life I don’t have the required time to put in enough research to even hold a flicker of a light to the well-though out arguments I read on this site. I just ain’t that articulate anyway. This is me too. I so wish I had more time to research and post. It used to be (at Moorewatch forums for many years over the Bush years and first Obama term I think), and Right-Thinking to some degree more recently) that I’d be… Read more »

I must confess to having met ilovecress though (please don’t hold that against him)!

In a country of less than 5 million people it would be weird if we hadn’t met IRL…


I am glad you jumped in here because I wanted to ask you a question. A few months ago, I had said that you didn’t seem to be familiar with America or that you’d met many Americans. In last week’s open thread, I found that I was wrong about this and you have traveled within the US. What was your opinion of the United States and its people? Was it what you expected and how did it affect your perceptions of us vs how our country is portrayed in news and entertainment? Ok, here’s the start of the long answer…..… Read more »

Recently, I’ve been listening to The Ben Shapiro Show. Despite the annoying ads the guy reads, he makes a lot of sense, and doesn’t let ideology get in the way of reality.

I really do like that guy, balanced….

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