This week, I’m pleased to introduce a new friend I’ve made online who shares many of our interests here at RVS.  Let’s call him “Andrew”.  We’ve had some great conversations of late and I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of his content.

Andrew is the mind and voice behind the Don’t Be Afraid Podcast and associated blog.  In each episode, Andrew discusses real life stories from history which focus on courage and overcoming great challenges.  Back in December, he posted a vivid narrative of Chuck Yeager’s legendary bravado.

I wanted to highlight this one because Chuck Yeager is still alive and just had a birthday this week.  His Twitter Q&A was freakin’ hysterical and crazy badass, if you haven’t seen it.

Andrew also discusses lesser-known events such as Project Azorian, which I had known nothing about prior to checking out his site.  The most touching episode is Franz and Charlie, which Andrew deems a “fine example of Airborne Chivalry.”

This stuff is like crack cocaine shiraz to me.  Not just the history, which I enjoy, but the positive and inspirational tone of Andrew’s stories.  There isn’t enough of that on the forefront and I like to give it a helpful nudge wherever I find it.

Don’t Be Afraid is primarily centered on Western Civilization, so I’m sorry to say that if you’re looking for tales of the glories of Wakanda, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

He’s working hard at improving production, bringing in more features (if we have any artists, video editors, or animators among us who want to help out, please get in touch with me), and exploring more and more topics.  You’ll be hearing more about Andrew in the coming months, as we have some collaborative projects that we’re looking into.

Anyway, please check out his content.  We’re a small blog in the world and I know how hard it is to get eyes on our work.  The only way to get better content on the Web is to support those who are producing positive and constructive work.

Please leave feedback if you check anything out and be nice!

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