No, this won’t be about what sports celebrity is fighting with a clickbait journalist. Well, not entirely. I think I’m going to do a little variety riff on our open thread here because there’s a few things I’d like to discuss. I don’t want to have to derail any particular discussion that happens to pop up with some arcane blog etiquette. So, without further adieu, let’s jump right in.

Athletes vs. Politicians

I don’t want to specifically bring up the most recent flap between Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Donald Trump. If you’re interested in the contents of this most recent weenie click war, the contents of it are here.. On this particular topic I’d just say that Lebron James is pretty justified in his comments, because, well, it’s his right as an American and his market base rewards this behavior from him. In addition, Ingrahm sounds like a complete dipshit (to me), but I’d like to take a step back and get everyone to the conclusion that she is a disingenuous, disinterested talking head that is simply pandering to her market base. this is also her right. It also appears to be something her market base rewards her for, because she’s employed and in good standing at Fox.

What this leads me to is the discussion of just how disingenuous it is to allow either side to inject politics into entertainment (this means you, Fox bots). Lebron James doesn’t know me, he doesn’t share my cultural identity, my economic situation (he’s going to probably go down as one of the wealthiest sports entertainers in history, if not wealthiest individuals), and he doesn’t represent my politics. Not specifically. We share some views, and if he says something I agree with I say to myself “ok, I agree with that” or not. I think the same should go for Ingrahm. “But, Dredd!! She’s a political pundit, not a dumb jock! It’s her job!!” 

I disagree. Ingraham is an actress. She is an entertainer. She doesn’t give one single f*ck about any of this, in my opinion, and she’d bend down and kiss James ass with cherry chapstick on if it meant he’d agree to do an interview with her. James, for his part, is making these comments at a time that he is under scrutiny for his team’s performance, where he’s going to play next year, and is somewhat sinking in relevance because there are more talented teams in bigger markets taking the front pages of sports bloggers.

Without turning this into a complete tirade, please allow me to just throw a few points out here for shits and giggles:

Disney Bought Most of Sports Recently. In the Fox-Disney merger, Disney gobbled up ALL of the local sports networks, for the most part. They did not purchase the “fox sports” entities of sports gossip like Colin Cowherd, and the rights that particular entity owned, like football.

Fox kept the NFL. Interesting, huh? The news network that told you the NFL players protesting was treasonous, and had a president support the claim actually wanted and retained the rights to what NFL they had. They then doubled down after the merger and bought Thursday Night Football. Why would the “patriot” station want a bunch of ungrateful black athletes that won’t dance on command for the president, won’t stand for the anthem and pretty much stick a finger in the eye of Fox’s very unquestioning audience? Why would Fox want a business they wrote for months had been sacked by bootstrappy, patriotic jingoists that took their stars and bars currency elsewhere? I’ll leave you with one more interesting fact along these lines.

A meaningless NFL game that really is the least important event in the entire genre of professional football, beat everything else in its time slot for views. Everything.

I’ll leave this to you to see if your myopic worldview is the image of your Pepe the frog, MAGA hat twitter account “fighting the culture war” sacked the NFL, or if Ingraham is simply speaking her mind to a stupid athlete to “shut up and dribble” except for their athletes.

Ask yourself “what sport does Fox not have one foot in the water for anymore?” Just throwing that out there.

Basketball’s Continued Evolution

If you haven’t heard of the Golden State Warriors by now, I can’t relate. You are some Fugazi thing to me and not a person, really.

They are not only probably the most efficient team ever assembled in basketball history, they are also re-writing the book on how the game is played. When I was a kid, we admired athletes for the seemingly amazing individual feats they possessed. Jordan could jump out of the stadium, Shaq was the first big man to be a proportioned spectacle of a man and we admired the athletes that slashed to the rim risking themselves for a bucket (and possibly a free throw too).

The Golden State warriors changed all of that. you got a big man? The warriors will pass around him to the weak side, beating the slow clod on the weak side. You don’t guard out to the perimeter? You’d better start. You got 110 points on 65 shots? We’re going to make it a goal to take 100 attempts every game.

They injected a little moneyball into the game, and really scrutinized analytics of players, more than anytime I can ever recall. Now we want “stretch” players. Combo position players, bigs (4s and 5s) that can shoot the three and stretch the floor. Combo guards are a premium; and guys shooting percentages are every bit a statistic that dictates their success in the league. Teams count on the statistical success of feeding you the ball to plan offenses around, and really who to sign contracts to.

You saw it more with this year’s NBA trade deadline, than with any deadline I’ve ever witnessed. Almost no one moved, except for a gimme (in my opinion) to the Cavs. They moved six players, marginally improving their time by getting younger. Not better by the numbers. What really took precedent this year was a salary cap that has crippled almost every team that signed mid level talent in 2016, when the salary cap expanded. It’s made what’s now becoming a game a golfer might recognize more (an accuracy game, and a game you can look at with numbers) and injected more mathematics into it. Half of the game is off the court now, with savvy front offices doing gymnastics with contracts. They fit together players by statistics, and with very little regard to positions anymore.

This is really impacting the game, because people everyone would’ve jumped at a couple of years ago just simply did not get a sales call at contract time. It’s more economical to let people walk than it is to roll the dice by paying them under a contract. this also is going to make this year’s draft very interesting in much the same way. We’ve got a 2018 draft class full of bigs, and bigs are slowly being evolved out of the game. They are not coveted unless they run fast, can run an offense, handle the ball and shoot from the perimeter. Bigs like DeAndre Jordan just didn’t find a home at the trade deadline, because no one could really figure out what to do with someone whose whole life had been training for a dinosaur’s position.

I don’t know where any other team intends to beat the Warriors by copying their strategy, though. They drafted risky prospects, keeping them below the cap. they emphasized attempts from three and shooting accuracy as a strategy to win with efficiency, and emphasized ball handling over athletic concepts like individual speed. They’ve likely sacked Lebron James career, because like Charles Barkley he’s found himself a victim of his zeitgeist, in a league where a marquee talent isn’t worth as much as five guys that can get into a space on the court where they’re accurate and shoot you out of the court.

It’s also made positions that were legitimate almost useless, and rendered defenses extinct.


  1. It’s not so much the activism that bothers me; it’s the timing. The anthem protests aren’t about police brutality, if they were we’d have seen them during the Obama years, too. That aside, basketball may be turning into the new NFL for a lot of people, game-wise. It’s a sport where the “quarterback” isn’t really the star, it’s the other guys on the court. If it weren’t for basketball you’d have a lot of unemployed tall guys walking around wearing shorts.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to weight in, wvr.

    I disagree about the timing of the protests. The simmering of the racial tensions that caused the protests were entirely born inside of the obama years. Kapaernik protested ahead of the trump administration. In fact, I think the protest was initially almost apolitical. It was more about a perception of who nfl catered to, and who it depended upon for a product. In my view it had almost run its course; kapaernik was unemployable and unemployed and the league had just about squelched anyone else who was kneeling during the anthem. Trump reinvigorated the protest with his twitter account and has subsequently used his SOTU address to keep it going.

    The only angle I’m attempting to expose here is just how disingenuously it’s been exploited by Fox News to benefit fox sports.

    Basketball is an international sport, and I think it’s more tailored now to create proletariat stars the world can identify with. The athletic freaks of nature seem to be mostly an American thing, and the euro leagues/China being the newcomers try to use stroke accuracy and ball movement to compete against it. Despite being an inadvertent strategy that worked for golden state, it’s a strategy that has been able to be a draw for the international popularity of the sport.

    What golden state did isn’t new. Mike D’Antoni saw the future years ago but failed to implement his vision. Now that people see it works he’s doing very well for himself in Houston.

  3. I disagree. Ingraham is an actress. She is an entertainer. She doesn’t give one single f*ck about any of this, in my opinion, and she’d bend down and kiss James ass with cherry chapstick on if it meant he’d agree to do an interview with her.

    No, I used to listen to Ingraham on the radio. She has been complaining about politics creeping into entertainment for a long, long time. Well before she was a Fox News talking head.

    She even wrote a book on this topic called “Shut Up and Sing” like 15 years ago. She’s not pretending on this particular topic.

  4. What, no discussion on college hoops? I feel so unsatisfied.

    You have a lot to unpack here so I’ll take it one at a time;

    Yeah, I guess you could blast Ingraham for picking a fight with the NBA GOAT over his political views, but as Thrill mentioned, this is her schtick, writing a book over the Dixie Chick controversy several years ago. TBH, I would respect his opinion more if he bothered to mention why he thinks Trump ,”Doesn’t give a fuck about the people”. I wonder if he has looked at the overall unemployment numbers for black folks under Trump, their wage increases and their growing participation in the housing market. Why he thinks Obama did anything to improve the lives of the black community is a mystery. Whether he is ,”Pretty justified in his comments”, that would be based entirely on if you think Trump is legitimate and is doing a good job as POTUS. Lebron doesn’t think so, OK, fair enough, but many other people do. Tell me, would you be so enamored of Tom Brady (another GOAT) when he praised Trump for being effective, or is it only Trump haters that get the megaphone?

    Fox kept the NFL. Interesting, huh?

    I don’t know, they probably figure the NFL players got it out of their system and it will be business as usual next year. Since early in the season when it became apparent that I had a dog in the hunt (Go Eagles) I did nor let the kneeling controversy deter my spectating. Do I think it was ham fisted and divisive, yes. Regardless of their protestations that it was not meant to be disrespectful, it clearly was taken that way by many, thus the low attendance records in the stadiums and the falling viewership. I remember the second to the last week where the Ravens invited a MOH vet to opening ceremonies to honor him, he turned them down flat saying he wanted nothing to do with them because their actions disrespected him and the flag that he bleed for. Does he get equal plaudits for bravery, or is just the kneelers?

    Being a big proponent of competition, I’m glad Fox Sports remained autonomous. You listen to Jason Whilock on Fox Sports 1? All the viewers that are abandoning ESPN over their political rants are looking for an alternative and Fox Sports is benefiting. Whitlock left ESPN because he wouldn’t toe the party line and had opinions not approved by management. Funny, but those pretend champions of diversity don’t take kindly to those holding different points of view.

    On to the NBA. There was an interesting article in the WSJ the other day lamenting the demise of the NBA and blaming the 3 point shot for all it’s ills, hence the snoozer All Star game we get every year where dunks, 3 pointers, ally oops and standing around on defense is the order of the day. But the game evolves, better shooters opening up the floor allows for greater athleticism, and it requires players to do more things. Re: The Warriors, there is an old saying ,”The other team has coaches too”. It helps to have great players (4 on the all star team, are you kidding me?) but you don’t see them as efficient this year, they have to work harder (and lose more games) because other teams adjust. Houston is better right now.

    They moved six players, marginally improving their time by getting younger.

    Oh, I think they got a lot better and in my opinion became the prohibitive favorite for winning the East. It all comes down to Lebron. it always does, but 7 years in a row in the finals, I would never count him out.

    I see Lindsey Vonn is taking a lot of crap on Twitter for not medaling after her Trump rant. A lot of haters out there, too bad.

    Nice post overall, I hope to read more of your stuff in the future, always enjoyable.

  5. Rich Taylor.

    Rich Taylor has arrived.

    Rich Taylor has made an appearance at RVS.

    Rich Taylor, consumate gentleman and among the most respected men of the RTFLC/VO/RVS collective lore, has appeared.

    Rich Taylor has revealed his power level on our humble blog.

    Rich Taylor, holy crap, it is he.

    Rich Taylor.

    We welcome you, old friend.

  6. Speaking of the Olympics…I don’t know what the Russian hockey team have been doping themselves with but it seems to be working.

    Baseball season is soon upon us. With a couple of exceptions, you haven’t seen any knee bending. I hope they will get it out of their system in the NFL-I don’t think the fans will take two to six more years of this (assuming Trump gets re-elected)

  7. What, no discussion on college hoops? I feel so unsatisfied.

    I did promise this when we chatted, didn’t I? Well, here’s my hot take: I dint know which end is up in college hoops until I know how this FBI shoe investigation thing plays out. I keep having this mental image of some team taking the court and the FBI shutting the entire March madness down for years behind sealed court orders and FISA warrants (it’s Adidas after all, so why not throw spying in?).

    that said, I think I’ve got my heart set on Arizona this year. I man crushed so hard on Markannen last year that I just can’t give up on them, and I think (like with football) our PAC 12 is getting a bum rap in the ranking here too. You telling me we have two of the top NFL quarterbacks in the draft this year and we can’t even get a face to face with someone in the SEC? Gimme a freakin break.

    I think Arizona has the tools, and they still are reasonably intact from last year to put a good March run together. I guess I can’t blame Markannen for high tailing it into the NBA after the Ball idiot made such a mockery out of the “one and done” trend, but I really wish he would’ve stuck around for one more year and put Finland on the map a little more for the world.

    We’ll see the teams that are pretty much the furniture in the March run, teams like UNC and Duke will always be the apple of everyone’s eye. We’re still going to have Michigan state, and there’s always gonna be an SEC team in there for a round or two but I think the PAC 12 is getting overlooked again. Last year no one paid any attention to Gonzaga, and largely wrote off their record and they rode that all the way to the promised land. I think that this year Arizona means business.

    I kinda fell into the Trae Young trap early. I was like “where did this kid come from?” and let myself get dragged into the hype, but man has he fallen far. The teams tightened up on him defensively and the kid looks like a cancer patient out there. I don’t know what the deal is with all these young guys not hitting the weight room in basketball but its systemic, it appears. that dude needs like 30 pounds on him for me to take a second look at him seriously.

    Whether he is ,”Pretty justified in his comments”, that would be based entirely on if you think Trump is legitimate and is doing a good job as POTUS. Lebron doesn’t think so, OK, fair enough, but many other people do. Tell me, would you be so enamored of Tom Brady (another GOAT) when he praised Trump for being effective, or is it only Trump haters that get the megaphone?

    This isn’t exactly an apples to apples comparison here, though, is it? Personally, I didn’t really give one flying fuck what Brady thought of domestic politics. I never really would’ve paid it any never mind had you not introduced it, but come to think of it, his political views don’t really change my opinion of him either way. If he really is dumb enough to think Trump was a good candidate, he’s at least candid with the view. If he isn’t being sincere Id tip my hat to him for being a great marketer. He knows where his bread is buttered and I can’t fault him for riding the wave.

    With that in mind, I don’t exactly recall anyone in ESPN or CNN calling him out and telling him to shut up and deflate footballs. He’s pretty reviled just based on the team he comes from, the coach he has, and the reputation they have for not playing clean ball but even that hasn’t diminished anyone in the media from slobbering all over him and his perfect life.

    Lastly, I don’t recall showering James with adoration for his take. I even commented that I believe it has a lot to do with him trying to keep a spotlight on him despite there not being much to talk about in his basketball career, as of late. I also went so far as to say that it’s also Ingraham’s right to be a dipshit in her own marketable way as well.

    You and I may be from the time that jocks didn’t wax political. They were just supposed to relish playing a child’s game for millions of dollars and unbridled fame, but that’s not how things appear to be shaking up these days. My entire point was let’s at least be linear with the condemnation. If we don’t wants politics in sports lets not praise one because we don’t like what we’re hearing elsewhere. OR, lets just be honest and say we do like politics in sports, just only when our players like OUR views.

    Of course, fox is playing sports and politics. I have to suffer through Colin Cowherd here from time to time pretending like he’s ever going to be relevant in Los Angeles. When this dumb ass isn’t tooting his own horn, or spreading around Lebron-to-LA rumors on a slow news day, he always turns to bashing ESPN. “I talk sports, and the other guys mix in politics and they’re suffering for it.” Really? How stupid does that numb nuts think anyone is? Fox is completely manufacturing hot takes, they’re just doing it in distinct arms of their business, so goofs like Cowturd can act like his hands are clean.

    He does the same thing all those ESPN retreads like Whitlock are doing; manufacturing the rumors and then talking about them all day. Fox isn’t above, or reacting to it, or sticking up for anyone. They’re making the courageous outrages and simply sending them by email to Cowturd, Whitlock and skip and Shannon. All of them cut their teeth at ESPN why would they be doing anything different after getting shit canned? Its a formula.

    My angle on the football thing is I don’t leave anything billionaires and shareholders do to chance. Murdoch manufactured the courage on the NFL, let the rating suffer, and then scooped up the contracts for a song when Disney passed. I don’t blame him for it, but I certainly am not going to pretend any of this is organic. Fox readers are easily duped, so next year Fox will report everyone in the NFL got their shit together and can fart the anthem in their sleep and all will be right in the world.

    As for ESPN, I don’t, for one minute deny they put politics in the sports for clickbait and they are worse off for it. However, Skipper got fired and I can assure you there’s some house cleaning that will occur before Disney drops everything behind their paywall this year. I don’t really listen to ESPN for my sports anymore. I got tired of SJW sucks having their way with what Im supposed to think unopposed and moved on, but I damn sure wasn’t going to reward Fox who is ALSO going to this tired well. I listen to the bleacher report, or commenters like Wow that have their own podcasts, because I am only interested in sports.

    I think you’re going to be wrong about the Cars, my dude. I’ve been watching Nance and Clarkson for years, and I can tell you that there’s a reason the Lakers and Pelinka were eager to take out the Cars trash and give away those two in return. Clarkson’s numbers are almost entirely based on how he performed off the bench and the same goes for Nance.

    They’re both hype guys but their games are deeply flawed. You’ll see them both unravel in the playoffs due to lack of experience, and the holes in their games. If Lebron can cobble together a run I’d be surprised and I don’t see them getting past Toronto.

  8. Astute and thoughtful comment, as usual. I’m away from my desk all day, tennis tournament, but will have a response when I get home. Seems like old times 🙂

  9. I’m fine with athletes speaking out, although I’m not really a fan of vacuous statements. But in fairness to the athletes, they are speaking to a pool of reporters looking for a quick quote. I read an article by Steve Kerr in Sports Illustrated, where they dedicated an issue to kneeling in the NFL and Trumps reaction. It was a fantastic read, he showed great introspection, even wondering if him speaking out didn’t play a role in Trump’s win. It was a nuanced approach, and even though I don’t agree with much of his politics I came away respecting him.

    What I wonder is, now that the cat is out of the bag, are the players who speak out against a Democratic president or refuse an invitation to the White House going to get the same treatment by the fawning media. My guess is no. Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins refused an invite to the Obama White House. Here is the Bleacher Report article discussing it.

    Now, if Thomas was a real man, he would have gone to the Boston Bruins management and ownership, returned the money from his contract and quit the balance of it by retiring–so he could exercise his rights as a free citizen.

    Hah, can you imagine someone saying that about Steph Curry?

    Welcome rich!!!

    If Lebron can cobble together a run I’d be surprised and I don’t see them getting past Toronto.

    I’m cautiously optimistic. The Raptors have certainly found a new level this year, and the second unit is off the charts in hustle, which has got them back into more than a few games this year. But I’m with Rich, never discount a Lebron lead team.

  10. Santino, Steve Kerr was studying political science in college so if you can count on anyone for at least a nuanced opinion in the sports genre, it’d be him. In addition to that, as rich pointed out, he’s a pretty damn strategic coach as well. His general iq and basketball iq are through the roof so I wouldn’t mind listening to his opinions either.

    As for atheletes getting a drubbing for conservative political views my thoughts are this:

    I think we need to get out of this decades old rut that there isn’t any outlets for conservatives in the media. It’s tired and dumb to entertain the point of view anymore. Fox News, love Murdoch or hate him, from its inception in the 80s has become the most popular cable news outlet in the states.

    If you don’t like what you’re hearing on ESPN you have a place on the internet where you’ll be given safe quarter and bowls full of comfort food politics in the fox camp. Murdoch wasn’t being a dumb ass by retaining his news arm of the business, and tearing out the nucleus of his sports empire to move forward with. This is all planned.

    From as early as last year he put his foot down about football and seized the opportunity to own the market, at the same time scooping them up for less money when there wasn’t really anything wrong with the game or audience. It’s no mistake in my mind he’s got his news outlets trashing liberal players in other sports like basketball now that he doesn’t have any alsakt in the game.

    The picture they’re going to paint is for anyone with conservative proclivities to just not watch the sports, or if you do, not watch the highlights on ESPN because the fox sports guys will trash liberals for you. There will be a destination in the sports world now for people that like their sports takes from conservatives and that will be fox sports.

    And that’s totally fine. Those are big boys out there and they should be able to handle scrutiny. What I think is tired and old is conservatives doing the potiful pearl “media is liberal” routine to score sympathy points. No it isn’t because the largest name in news is fox and the second largest name in sports is now fox.

  11. Personally, I didn’t really give one flying fuck what Brady thought of domestic politics.

    Ditto me with Lebron, ditto anyone wrt a celebrity and their take on anything outside their realm of expertise.

    With that in mind, I don’t exactly recall anyone in ESPN or CNN calling him out and telling him to shut up and deflate footballs.

    Yep, I agreed with you earlier on this. He has a right to his opinion and that opinion is irrelevant to his expertise in his field.

    But I have a question for you. I was under the impression, based on all the reading I’ve done, that Foxnews, Fox Broadcasting, and Fox Sports, are all controlled by separate entities, all have different priorities, different business models, different needs, and none interferes with the affairs of the others. Based on your comments you believe that Fox Sports is somehow under thumb of the Footloose town elders over at Foxnews, that their content must be run through the filter of puritanical probity that Foxnews demands, and that Fox Sports must cowtow to their conservative overseers. You know this industry better then I do, Do you really see some nefarious string pulling at the sports channel?

    I have watched ESPN since it’s inception. Any sports fan would. I am a paying consumer and as such, if I think they are wandering off the farm with their political biases I can either switch the channel (which I don’t) or I can complain to the management. Given their rankings slump and sure numbers of viewers leaving, I suspect there are many like me who want only sports talk on my sports channel.

  12. I’m not on the inside of the fox company and I don’t Texhnically have any expertise in macro strategy. That said, let’s conduct a small thought exercise that would closely relate to what you’re hinting at here.

    Disney is the parent company of lucasfilm, Pixar, Walt Disney studios, abc, Walt Disney animation studios, marvel entertainment, espn, and I think you get the picture here. They own a lot of shit, and all have distinct brands that need to be kept distinct or there’s no point in owning them. Disney themselves, or any executive, in any arm of any of these other brands would absolutely tell anyone who would listen they operate autonomously and throw out reasons like “special needs for special markets” or “we operate a different business here” or “our customers expect us not to be diluted by a multinational corporation.” Things of that nature.

    However, having seen how the sausage gets made, you’d have to be pretty gullible to believe that there isn’t a central command, a corporate five year plan, direction and budget allotment from a central command, and shareholders are paid in lump sums (not by success in a brand by brand basis). Many corporate org charts are semi-public, do you think that none of these executives report to iger?

    Ok. Now that we’ve established that, do you think fox runs differently? Of course they don’t – and of course they are directed from a board room and ceo. No way they’d operate like some mom and pop laundromat that expanded into cotton candy next door or the company would be a huge clusterfuck like summer redstone’s is.

    If I were a Betting man I’d look at what assets remain at fox and take an educated guess. Disney couldn’t take the network because of fcc rules that bar one company holding more than one of the four networks at a time, so keeping that dead weight was the cost of doing business.

    With fox deciding to keep sports and news I’d guess they are moving forward depending on live entertainment to sell ads. That’s two vertical businesses to the layman but when they sit down and talk budgets it’s one check to fund them, so you can bet your sweet ass they aren’t handing off blank checks without a plan.

    I mean, if I were them, I’d just keep growing the conservative market and let them adopt the sports with a conservative friendly slant. It’s right there for the taking and you still have a network at a time when everyone else is abandoning tv.

    Sinclair seems to enjoy scooping up the local networks from them, so you could then build up what’s left of fox products, air them on the network, and let Sinclair buy the network out from under you and be done with the dead weight while still holding onto you chips.

  13. and of course they are directed from a board room and ceo.

    Yes, I understand that there is always someone at the top that is responsible for running the company, but the brilliance of the Fox Brand is that their 2 pronged strategy (learn by the mistakes of others and provide an alternative to the same tired old approach) has tapped into markets that were demanding representation. ESPN, for decades an iconic brand right up there with Coke, McDonalds and Ford, has recently provided a ready made business model of what NOT to do, dilute your brand with a toxic political agenda. I guess you could be right, that Rupert is a controlling conservative ideologue who’s primary goal is to promote his political beliefs, but he always struck me as a savvy businessman who like Gates, Groove, and Jobs, listened to the people and gave them what they were clamoring over, and made a fortune in the process.

    It’s interesting, the machinations and diabolical ills that you accuse Fox of doing, for decades Disney has been the greatest purveyor of political inculcation disguised as entertainment. If you want to have some fun (and blow up your computer at the same time) Google “Disney’s progressive agenda, Disney’s Gay agenda, or Disney eroding family values in their movies”. But warn the neighbors first.

  14. I think you have mistaken my apathy for either as me picking a side here. I have a side on the James dust up; I think Ingraham stepped on her dick with the way she worded the response. I, in general, believe James is right in saying we have a president that just truly does not care about a great many people, mostly the poor.

    I do NOT have a side in who IS allowed to say something for either party. My entire point was along the lines of “they have their spies, we have ours.” James most obviously has a political bias towards liberalism and Ingraham is conservative. They both have outlets that aren’t going to punish or censor them for expressing themselves.

    What I was hoping to get across about this is I don’t believe outbursts like these are organic on either side; James is throwing out some red meat he knows Hannity or Ingraham will snap at. He’s like the guy holding the chicken over the alligator pit to me. He can’t see through the murky water but he can assure himself anytime there will be some giant mass jumping out to gobble up the carrion. Ingraham knows that a comment like this is an open opportunity to stick it to celebrities, liberal atheletes and she took it like a conductor rapping his stick on his podium signaling we’re in for a symphony.

    And like that! We were off! Lebron James spent the entire weekend parading around the all stars like he was king of the bereaved, champion of the black man’s plight, offering clapbacks to a captive audience of fawning onlookers.

    I don’t have a finger on the pulse of fox, but I am sure if I peruse through twitter and Fox News the natives are restless there too. Ingraham (as I predicted days ago) also challenged Lebron to come on her show for an interview, because she is going to stick it to the ungrateful atheists for her proletariat viewers and speak truth to power.

    It’s a charade. All of it. The only thing I wanted to complete the loop on is I see HERE, a propensity for some to not see that the side they favor is engaged in petty clickbait soundbytes, so I tried to show with some business decisions that sometimes ulterior motives tell more of the story.

    I wasn’t in the business of saying right or wrong about it, aside from pointing out that Disney fired skipper and said no more sjw bullshit on the air. Fox SAYS they aren’t cross pollinating sports and politics but when some opportune athelete wades into the river you can see the piranhas making waves in the water swarming in a frenzy.

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