Today, I’m pleased to announce that we have added a new author here at RVS.  That’s right.  Your eighth favorite blog just got better.

The Most Superb and Excellent Rich Taylor!

I think he’s just going to go by “Rich Taylor” though.  His very humility only serves to confirm the Superbity and Excellentness though.  So it’s implied.  Shut up.

Rich met most of us in the RVS gang back on Right-Thinking from the Left Coast, our antecedent site.  Even those who disagree with him on the issues know him as a kind, honorable, and humorous but sometimes downright ornery man.

One time, a long time ago, I got into a heated argument with the late Lee, who was the founder of RTFLC.  Lee ended up banning me.  I don’t think anybody remembers it, but yes, I did manage to push over the line on one occasion.  Well, Rich stood up for me and persuaded Lee to rescind the ban.  It occurred to me that if Lee respected that man, I couldn’t do wrong by respecting him too!

Over the years, Rich has provided me with valuable guidance and feedback.  I’d say he has been a mentor to me, but that would make him look bad, since, well you see how I behave most of the time.  Rich encouraged JPDS and I to start the Victorious Opposition blog (that VO thing we’re always going on about for our lurkers who aren’t part of that old community).  Huh.  I guess it’s Chinese now.  Subsequently, Rich joined us as an author and provided regular content until it was pretty obvious that we were letting it graciously pass away.

From there, he joined RTFLC as an author and wrote faithfully for over 7 years.  He has around 800 posts to his credit at that site, a record any blogger would be proud of considering how most of us are drunken and manic burnouts.  And now, he’s here with us after much shameful begging and cajoling on my part.  Usually, I use blackmail to get people on board but I had nothing on him.  How could anyone?  He’s a saint.

Rich was already exiting RTFLC and the wonderful world of blogging.  I think he wanted to spend more time on the tennis court, but I pleaded with him in an exceptionally pathetic manner to write for RVS.  I pulled out all the stops, but he wouldn’t budge.  It wasn’t until I told him that he wouldn’t have to use Twitter to publicize his posts because I’d do it for him that he finally agreed.

If I seem giddy about this, I am.  Having Rich join the crew is like bringing a long-separated family back together again.  Not only is a fine and experienced author, but he is a good friend.  Stick around, ladies and gentlemen.  RVS just took a level in badass.

Welcome, Rich Taylor!  May writing here bring you as much joy and fun as it has for me.

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Well, that’s embarrassing. That photo you posted is the same one my wife has of me in her office, sans the dart holes, of course. Still pretty accurate, a bit more gray hair, but the sword arm is still awesome, so keep it civil.

You have always set a high bar. For me it’s the reverse of the old Groucho adage ,”I would never join a club that would have me as a member”. Between you, the judge and Zoom, the company alone is worth the price of admission. Thanks for the warm welcome.

welcome aboard!


Hi Rich, hope you’re doing well and the tennis is going well. Can you believe Federer is back at No. 1, at 36, and four years after last achieving it? Is it an indictment on the state of the game?

I certainly will disagree strongly with Rich on many things, but I’m glad he’s here.

Can you believe Federer is back at No. 1, at 36, and four years after last achieving it? Is it an indictment on the state of the game? He is just incredible. The fluidity of his game, footwork and ease of motion, allows for minimal injuries and stress on joints, unlike say Nadal’s game, thus he has stayed healthy. It also helps that the other top 3 are all injured but Federer has been a great role model and ambassador for the game. And old guys like me love him because he is still relevant. I certainly will disagree strongly… Read more »


I love The Fed. After watching him win the AO again last month my wife and I agreed that if he plays next year we’ll go to Melbourne and get passes for all the QFs.
Wow, let me know when you’re coming, would love to buy you a drink.
All good thanks, although super-stressed as we’re going to a house auction in 5 hours and we’re going all out to get it. Gulp.


Good luck, CM.


Thanks, I appreciate it. We have no idea how it will go. Starts in an hour. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark.


We got it, and for a reasonable amount under what we were willing to pay. It’s only a mile from current place but has more than double the floor area. Really happy, we were the only serious bidder. We negotiated a 9 week settlement period via a pre-auction side agreement. Now we gotta sell our place asap! A lot of sanding, painting, plastering, decluttering, and cleaning to do on the next week or so. At least the one we bought needs nothing done.


Nice! Save a room for me to come visit.


Plenty of space.

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