Does anybody get the impression that the Parkland school massacre was sort of the Titanic disaster of active shooter incidents?  Everything that could go wrong seems to have from prevention to response and even now into the aftermath.

An officer on the Titanic locked the binoculars for the lookouts in a storage locker and then left the ship with the key.  The captain decided to cancel the lifeboat drill and then decided to race the ship at top speed through iceberg-heavy waters on a calm sea.  The ship hit the iceberg in the worst way so as to guarantee that it would sink.  Passengers and crew under-reacted to the emergency because the captain never gave an “abandon ship” order.  Officers sent lifeboats out half-empty.  The nearest passing ship misinterpreted the distress flares and kept on going.  The one ship that did get the SOS was over three hours away and didn’t arrive until long after Titanic had gone down and taken Jack Dawson* with it.

That’s not to say there weren’t heroic acts performed (read up on the actions of the badass and squared-away captain of the Carpathia sometime), but the acts of sheer negligence, stupidity, and cowardice among those who were responsible for the lives of the passengers and crew is one of the reasons that we still talk about the disaster to this day.  It’s incomprehensible that so many bad decisions could be made that cascaded into one another in such a short amount of time and caused so many to die horribly.

I look at Parkland and I see the same forces at work.

Teachers and fellow students detected the threat from the suspect; went nowhere.  The FBI was warned; did nothing despite the suspect declaring his intent to carry out a school shooting online and under his own name.  Police responded to multiple complaints about the suspect; nothing.  A school resource police officer could have stopped him cold; he was the one guy who could have stopped the suspect, be the John McClane.  He cowardly sat on his thumbs while kids were butchered.  The school’s CCTV system was on a delay, which slowed down responding officers from catching the suspect.

100 years ago, when civilization hadn’t yet given up on itself as it has now, men were held accountable for malfeasance and cowardice.  Titanic‘s captain went down with his ship.  The chairman of the liner’s company, who was on board and managed to survive, was branded a coward and lived out his life in solitude.  The captain of the ship that ignored the flares was turned out in disgrace and spent the rest of his life trying to clear his name.

After Parkland?   The sheriff gets to go on television and complain about private gun ownership when his own poltroon of a deputy wouldn’t use his gun to save helpless teenagers.  We’ve gone from the Unsinkable Molly Brown to Unself-Aware Muffdivey Brown who seems to think this whole horrorshow is the greatest time of her life.

“Oh, no way, you asshole.  You can’t beat up on these brave survivors.”  I apologize for nothing.  She’s acting like a terrible person who is disrespecting her dead classmates with her revelry in celebrity and she isn’t the only one.  This is like Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers world to me.  The media sensationalism and how it warps everyone connected to any atrocity is somehow worse than the crimes themselves.

People who should be seeking grief counseling are instead whoring for the media and blaming the wrong people.  Those who are responsible for “not seeing the gigantic iceberg” are nowhere to be found.  The only one who’s lost his job is that one lowly deputy who did so because he knows he’ll never be able to face that community again.  Nobody is going to be fired at the FBI, are they?  Nobody is going to examine why no intervention was done in response to the suspect’s threatening behavior and hold anyone accountable.

Nope.  It’s your fault, America, with your stupid Bill of Rights.  If the Titanic had sunk this year, CNN would have survivors on demanding that ocean liners be banned.  For those people who believe that only law enforcement should have guns for reasons of safety, you are deluded.  Law enforcement protected nobody, despite multiple missed opportunities.

The authorities responsible for this debacle–and they alone–should be investigated, disgraced, and hounded from public life.  Not one of them should be allowed to work in law enforcement again.  The dead deserve that much justice.

*I did, like, no research before writing this part.

Oh, crap.  This is a music post.  Uh, let’s do something on a violent screw-up theme.  I pretty much ruined your Friday with this heavy post, so even that’s in line with this.


  1. Mickey and Mallory Knox Did It – Songs about mass murder, shocking crimes, and gore.  Sensationalism, nihilism, and glorification of violence is the order of the day.  I have an arsenal of KMFDM .mp3’s and I’m not afraid to use it.  This shit sells because we irresponsibly buy it.
  2. Antichrist Superstar – Artists who are notorious for doing anything for the spotlight or songs about such people.  Quit making assholes famous.
  3. Iceberg, Right Ahead! – Songs about goofing up.  I’d also like this to include career missteps by artists and performers.  The worst-conceived projects, most WTF songs, and side projects which were mercifully swept under the rug.  Disasters from conception.

Braveheart Bonus.  This one is too dark this week, folks.  It needs something uplifting.  Yes, terrible things happen at the hands of evil monsters and are made worse by the fecklessness of well-meaning though inept people, but there are heroes in the world too.  Inspire me with music that brings to mind the heroism of unsung heroes.  Captain Rostron.  Littleton Sheriff’s Deputy Neil Gardner (he tried).  My personal hero Rick Rescorla.

Whoever inspires me the most claims the bonus and gets to pick the theme for my next DJ post.

This is an open music thread.  You are welcome to join in and play a song in line with the given categories.  Each selection will be added to the YouTube playlist.

First, clip has a message.  I’d recommend stopping when you hear “pretty girl”, you’ve been warned, and I don’t want to hear any complaints.

Dedication time!  Want your own dedication next week?  You have to share a song this week.

Grendel: Doomed from Birth by Thy Art is Murder

Santino: Playing God by KMFDM

Zurvan: Mastermind by Mindless Self Indulgence

pfluffy: You get something special.

blameme: Sniper by Harry Chapin

spootyjim: Psycho Man by Ozzy Black Sabbath

WVR: Let’s end the dedications on a high note!  Trigger Happy by Weird Al.

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He cowardly sat on his thumbs while kids were butchered.

He was just the school shooter monitor. –

You get something special.

Thanks! Love Dennis Leary.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had any Prodigy –


I’m sick of being down. Going for a Bonus!

David Bowie – Heroes (F it, we’ll do it Live!)

Waiting for Superman (Yes, I went Daughtry)

The Script – Superheroes

Eminem – Lose Yourself


Oooh! I got one!

I don’t know you were going to fold a Parkland discussion into a music post. I’m still new here, can I comment without the music angle?

I’m still new here, can I comment without the music angle?


Anything goes around here –

GEEEZZZ, you want me to sing my college fight song? tough crowd;

Pyscho killer-from the best movie concert ever made

And a bonus, People who died


But back to that cowardly school officer. I watched the Sheriff’s press conference yesterday, usually it’s something like,” The officer was suspended with pay pending our investigation”. Not here, nope, the video evidence along with his statement was so conclusive that he is out. From a liability angle, both the city and he personally will be tied up in court like forever. Like Darren Wilson, the smartest thing for this guy to do is to move out of the city and find himself a secluded piece of wilderness where he can self reflect. If any one of his fellow officers… Read more »

But back to that cowardly school officer.

The guilt must be overwhelming.

Definitely. I feel for the guy in some respects. Not everyone can run into the danger. In all likelihood he would be dead had he engaged, but we will never know.


Some bonus tracks.

A little Bonnie Tyler to brighten your day –

I think we’re all juke box heroes –

How about a song about gyro?


In all likelihood he would be dead had he engaged, but we will never know. I’d disagree with that. Training is more important than the weapon at the distances we’re talking about. But I also consider another aspect – it was reported that the suspect pulled the fire alarm. Chances are there were a lot of kids between the guard and the shooter. By all accounts, the guy is a nice guy, even received an award or two for his service. He’s just a coward who didn’t realize it until he faced real danger. Anyone who has never faced evil… Read more »

I remember a discussion we had years ago at the VO (too bad we can’t access those archives) about a shooting involving bad guys with fully automatic weapons and several cops on a busy L.A. street, I think it was a botched bank robbery. To summarize, where civilians in the area can legally run away and hide, not so with the cops. Even though outgunned, the California penal code requires police officers to engage, essentially to go to the sound of the guns. It is this mandate that adds another layer of liability when police back down or retreat.


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Good choice with Hokus Pokus. Great Milenko is a guilty pleasure. Only ICP album I like.

yeah its a good one,
Years back my lil snot nosed cousin left that CD in my truck one night , and me and my drinking buddie put it in and had a laugh riot, we had no clue what it was but we kept playing it over and over all night as we drank and laughed our asses off.

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