The power of suggestion,”Yeah, I do see the image of Jesus in that grilled cheese sandwich”.

A bit ago, that Churchillian thinker Sarah Silverman became the brunt of some vicious Twitter vitriol (she had it coming) when she got triggered over what she thought was Nazi graffiti.  An innocent mistake, I guess. She did herself no favors by using the “I’m a Jew and I get Burn In Oven tweets all the time” excuse. Given the meanness I’ve seen on Twitter, she might be right. But like after the election where Democrats were seeing Russians under every bed, you have to suspend reality to mistake construction markers for swastikas.

You see what you want to see, as shown this week by some Seattle residents who reported folks flying the Confederate Flag in their community;

Over the weekend the Seattle Times jumped at a news tip: there was a Confederate flag flying beneath the American flag in the city’s Greenwood neighborhood, and residents were very concerned.

Only, it turns out, it wasn’t the Confederate flag at all. It was the state flag of Norway, and a group of friendly Norwegians were just trying to show their patriotism and support for their Olympic Team when their very concerned neighbors contacted local media.

As those that have visited Norway can confirm, it is probably the most patriotic nation on Planet Earth. If you don’t have a flag predominantly  displayed atop a flag pole in your front yard, you are in the minority. But come Olympic time, the little nation that always dominates the Olympics turns into sports fanatics and revels in the rest of our disappointments.

Seattle is a great town, been there many times, and I guess this could be an honest mistake {teehee}. In the era of Trump, where a white nationalist takeover is right around the corner, vigilance is the order of the day.

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To be fair, we deserved to be mocked at the Games this year.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

What an insult. Norway was one nation that fought pretty hard against the Nazis. It was Sweden and Finland that allied with the Nazis.

I try to ignore twitter for the most part. I have some follows that are sources for news or topics of interest but I can’t care about what celebrities say. Twitter is a shithole of bots and dumbfucks like our president to show how stupid they are. At least Snapchat will make you look so ridiculous no one will take you seriously.

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