Was Black Panther over-rated by critics or were the audience ratings unfairly undermined by trolls?  This is a controversy I’ve been following and I’m going to have to pronounce it resolved.  Black Panther is legitimately a hit and a worthy addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the professional critics were proven right, and the audience score is rigged.  See it for yourself.

The two outliers on the lower right are Black Panther and Thor.  Those two were rated lower by audiences and they had very low changes from their first weekend to their second weekend box office numbers.  Basically, Rotten Tomatoes audiences said they didn’t think they were that great but still went to see them again and told friends and family members to go see them.  It doesn’t make sense, does it?  Well, that’s what it shows.

You could argue from looking at this that Rotten Tomatoes critic and audience scores have absolutely no correlation to box office performance and you’d be right.  Sort of makes you wonder what the point is, doesn’t it?

For my part, I say that the second weekend box office performance of a film is what solidifies whether or not it’s a success, particularly when one opened with such a strong opening.  It means that people paid to see it and liked it enough to see it again and to recommend it to other people.

Black Panther has both the highest critic score and the best box office performance of any other movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of its opening-to-second weekend legs.

The haters are going to have to eat their livers.  Even without this outstanding weekend performance, Black Panther was guaranteed a sequel after its opening weekend, but this does boost the credibility of the critics.   Audiences put their money where their mouths are.

I can’t write it off to Social Justice Warrior sensibilities.

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Interpreting reviews about anything with a political agenda, real or imagined, can be tricky. Look at the reviews of Milo’s latest book, it’s either the greatest thing since the Bible, or not even worthy of incineration in the fireplace. The director of Black Panther is from Oakland. Just about everyday since the movie came out there has been some feature in the local papers involving the community and some connection to the movie. Local black businessmen have been buying tickets by the thousands to give out to the community, the stated goal is to make this the highest grossing Marvel… Read more »

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